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UFC Lightweight Champion, holder of the longest active undefeated streak in MMA, two-time Combat Sambo World Champion, and Mike's AKA teammate, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Skypes in for this episode! He and Mike talk about his training camp in Dubai, staying focused during fight week, his thoughts on Michael Chandler, what's in store for Justin Gaethje at UFC 254, if Conor has a chance at a rematch, Team Khabib's next superstar, and so much more. This is the one you've been waiting for, so show us your support by subscribing and click that bell for notifications!
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00:00 Welcome to the show
00:46 Training camp updates
1:57 Coach Javier is getting cocky, and the guys don't like snakes
3:13 UAE is on a different level
4:08 The reason they didn't have their camp at AKA in San Jose
5:42 A typical training day for Khabib
7:12 Fight week is all about the mental game
9:54 Khabib's go-to cheat foods
11:07 Khabib would fight Michael Chandler with only standup
16:06 Justin Gaethje has to be ready for everything
17:29 What makes Khabib so dominant and successful?
18:51 Everything Khabib has built is on the line in UFC 254
20:03 GSP and Floyd Mayweather are fights that motivate Khabib
21:10 How Conor could get another shot if he beats Poirier
22:21 There's something good on the way for Islam Makhachev
23:12 Umar Nurmagomedov had to drop out of UFC 254
24:06 Khabib thinks Islam Makhachev is the next superstar
24:53 Advice for young fighters who want to be the best
26:16 Khabib fights for his legacy, not money
27:26 Why is Abubakar called Manap?
28:20 Khabib wants to finish Justin Gaethje
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Khabib Nurmagomedov:
Mike Swick:
Mike Swick is a 15-time UFC veteran and a former top contender in two weight divisions. He is also the founder and CEO of the AKA Thailand super gym in Phuket, as well as the owner of Swick Savage™ and Savage Life Media™.
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Host: Mike Swick
Guest: Khabib Nurmagomedov
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  • Cheat meal. Tirramasu

  • "Nothing works like hard work." So much meaning coming from him mashAllah.

  • “I told Conor I’m gonna make you humble, after 2 years people understand what I meant” .. Khabib Nurmagomedov

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  • the greatest undefeated, undisputed p4p legend,29-0 never one cut, never been dropped, never lost a round in my book, retires on top! mike our boy did it tonight!! i cried like a baby last night. I'm happy he decided to go out on top, and sad we won't see him fight anymore, but I'd rather have it this way, now it's Islam's turn. i wish someone would make a movie about khabib's life from the beginning to the end it's like a rocky movie but real, and i think a reality show with him and dc would be awesome too. congratulations champ.

  • Deep inside him said : "hitting some one face is ⛔" in Islam. Now he is Free & full of Joy. Alhamdulillah. Khabib Nur Muhammagomedov.


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  • Khabibs first words as a child were: SMESH SMESH AND SMESH

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  • eat like Champion, sleep like champion, repeat like champion.

    • of those 3 technique, like a grinding machine, simple operation but perfect in grinds everything, and the Juice is served :D

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  • His mindset is the same as Demitrious Johnson. So humble but yet years beyond the competition. Glad he is getting respect an not over looked anymore. Like DJ. Bring the dub home my mans got this. Dope role model for the kids too. True definition of a champion all the way around.

  • Another great interview by Swick. But please, stop with the Khabib vs. Mayweather talk. If that isn't the biggest most obvious money grab in the history of combat sports, I don't know what is. And it's very hypocritical coming from Khabib, bc he always says he doesn't fight for money. If he wants to box, than box another MMA guy in a ring or something.

  • Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagamedov 2: “HERE WE GOO!!! Green trunks for the southpaw, The Notorious Conor McGregor, black trunks for the championship Khabib. Conor relaxed and smiling, OOOHHHHHH!!! CONOR SLEPT HIM! AND NEW, UFC LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!”

    • And oh shit it was a dream

  • Justin beat Tony and looked great but everyone seems to forget Tony cut weight twice. That wasn’t the Tony we all know. Now people think this fight will be close. Unless Justin catches Khabib Justin will get what every other person that fought Khabib....he’ll be mauled.

  • From Angola, we love Khabib.

  • I thought the special surprise Dana had already kind of leaked that he was hoping to have Khabib and McGregor coach Ultimate Fighter - and Khabib shot that all the way down.

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  • You know this guy khabib is the guy whose brain is locked in locking you, he is not take any pressure about anything, whether you big a** puncher like connor, khabib gonna come to your face and than lock you, you will try get up, you will try trick, but again he will lock you, lock lock lock AND STILL.... This is something like Master IPs style, he says 3 technique is enough he knows and he can beat any technique with his 3 techniques, because he always practice these 3 technique and he is not a master but a Grand-master of those 3 technique, like a grinding machine, simple operation but perfect in grinds everything, and the Juice is served :D

  • This is human nature, human chase for better and better. When you are better everyone with you, but when you are not better and someone else is better you are a thing of past. No appreciation of human effort and the blood, only Allah true friend and appreciator of human effort.

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    • We're glad you found us and hopefully we'll see you here soon! Don't forget about our special pricing here akathailand.com and feel free to email info@akathailand.com if you have any questions!

  • Khabib wins by submission. Better take that +200

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  • People Gaethje is a guy that has 19 KO's to his credit thus far! Let that sink in! 19 times he has knocked out different guys in his fights! Do you guys think that Khabib will withstand Gaethje's KO power when he makes a solid punch to his chin, or better yet makes Khabib's head swivel after he strikes him? No. A thousand times no! Khabib will go down like a sack of potatoes and that will be the end of the fight!

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  • Islam most likely beats everyone in the lightweight division except Habib. That is exactly why he cant get a fight.

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