A Comic I Made In The Third Grade

Dipublikasikan tanggal 15 Sep 2018
I used to make tons of comics back when i was little. Heres one I made in 3rd grade and even sold. Also.. Im sick!! :D
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Songs used:
Kevin Macleod


  • Adam you are one fine piece of ass

  • Fire boy 2 fire boy 2 fire boy 2

  • is it it just me or is this a reference to water girl and fire boy hmmmm?

  • (Pain noises) on the right 2:13

  • You have them old pewdiepie background

  • Help

  • I Sawyer song

  • Of course of course of course of course of course of course

  • Hi

  • Nice vid and feel better Adam☺️☺️☺️

  • He looks AND sounds like Markiplier

  • My name is Jerry and I’m actually one of the nicest kids in school and I’m actually really popular

  • I used to be a copycat to captain underpants in the 3rd grade

  • Yo I live in Australia!!

  • This book made me go through so much pain

  • I’m callin bullshit on that

  • I mean... It’s better than my writing in 3rd grade

  • I made a person named luis the fire bender

  • Im from sweden

  • Adam, I’m sick too

  • 0:01 nice impression of jacksepticeye adam! But did you have to add 'skraaa' (its funny tbh)

  • i have a massive story quite simular to this like a hero i did itwhe i was 9 and it was uhhh ok for a 9 uear old

  • This is a Really Great Video! I love your Videos #somethingelseYTisawesome

  • I third grade my comic book hade a flip o rama

  • LOL 😂 the video is funny

  • 2:16 hey it’s kinda like deku and all might’s hair!

  • Until it went RIGHT IN HIS BODY ME:so frickin ASOOoMeEe >:3

  • I love coughing

  • I am a Ozzie and not don’t piss off a Ozzie

  • i was sick when i came back from Toronto last summer

  • Oi crikey

  • I feel guilty because he almost says bad word but doesn’t so I feel like I should not be watching this on my moms phone when I’m 9

  • Fire boy should be in Avengers

  • Adam Ortiz Junior. Sounds so royal

  • I felt kinda cringed up.

  • I love Dav Pilkey and Aaron Blabey

  • How to make a sonic the hedgehog story:

  • *_PewDiePie will buy this book-_*

  • im sick to man. i have been having a hurt throut and my head and neck hurt so much and i fell your pain.

  • All it needs are some new illustrations and a few tweaks in the writing and your set!

  • Adam can I use this as a reference for my comic XD

  • 98% of what u learn is a waste.

  • Add more

  • This should become a movie

  • Best comic ive ever heared

  • I cant be the only one cringing in sympathy ;-;

  • So like you became Thor’s girl friend?

  • Dude I lov ur song I am something else

  • Its literally a "and then everyone clapped" story. "oH nO i hAvE thE crYstL inSidE me"

  • Did u meet lazarbeam?

  • I remember when I drew comics I made a few comics called the adventures of music girl and fire boy fire boy was a name my five year old brother picked out and music girl was because I made my powers to where I had shock waves every time I clapped and that was enough for the school to let me put them into the library and a lot of kids checked them out I think they're still in there if I would go to my old school XD


  • I used to make comics to bro

  • Why do you sound like markiplier?

  • Your friend "Jerry" is my brother in real life xD


  • Anybody else get BERD vibes?

  • I'm from Sweden and have never seen it on a site or anything.

  • ADAM Hewo..

  • 3:18 it says he didn’t want to tell his parents that he had powers so he hid his secret to society