Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov: Special episode of 'Dagestan: Land of Warriors'

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Footage used in this film was shot in October 2019 for the fifth installment of the documentary series Dagestan: Land of Warriors. Due to the tragic death of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, we are now releasing this episode unnumbered, as a tribute to the life of Khabib Nurmagomedov's father and coach, Dagestan’s leading MMA trainer and one of the main supporters of combat sports in Russia.

FIRST EPISODE: id-tv.org/tv/video-l027P8kkQDw.html
SECOND EPISODE: id-tv.org/tv/video--Z9heFkh80k.html
THIRD EPISODE: id-tv.org/tv/video-gUsF35fZuN8.html
FOURTH EPISODE: id-tv.org/tv/video-wag5lRjXcBU.html

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  • какой достойный человек!

  • Abdulmanap looks like an older version of Hasbulla

  • Do that exercise in thatt agE... u will die 😂

  • This respactable man was called Terrorist by Conor, Wt a shame!!

  • Талантливый человек ,талантлив во всём ☝️

  • A great man

  • That is the 2nd place i want to visit,to walk through the streets this man walked once

  • 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼♥️♥️♥️”R.I.P. Sir.” Class Act. Very Good Man. Respect👊🏻☘️🇮🇹🇩🇪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦈🌆🌃🧱💪🏻from SouthWest Quincy\Boston Ma.

  • 07:16 Khabib playing basketball id-tv.org/tv/video-h0bRArx8DpM.html

  • abdulpanamkampf oder technick oder kunst , eine Legende seine Kampfkunst !!und vorbildlicher Vater ! Sieht man am Sohn ,und seine menschliche Einstellung sowie Intelligenz vor der Kamera !!!

  • this is culture and tradition

  • He was right about Islam makhechev

  • The dapper sauce intrestingly mix because chocolate hemodynamically head beneath a psychotic dorothy. nifty, mundane bassoon

  • Good riddance

  • ...we need guys like that in our communities in USA

  • May Allah have mercy on him and forgive him for his sins

  • *Words have consequences* - Conor you are wrong for calling this great man we all get to know, love & respect *A EVIL* this Is the same Man trained and raise such a great champion *Brotha khabib* and share his great & Talented Son to the rest of the world to see how great his son is on the craft he passed on to his kid! *CONOR YOU ARE SO WRONG FOR DIS RESPECT THE REST BEAUTIFUL SOUL OF THIS MAN* he is a legendary coach of all times ! He deserves all the honors for trained the champ and the G.o.a.t of all times Rest his soul in peace 😢😢😭😭 Pls stop talking bad about the people who are no longer with us and can't defend themselves! Pls stop .. its not ok bruh ! *Manners are free aren't for sale*

  • murdered because ufc didnt want to have all dagestani's ruining the sport by being too dominant......... obvious

    • @UFC TEKKERS okay troll

    • @OnceGreatBritain ok bro your actually making me chuckle🤣

    • @UFC TEKKERS why would i not be serious?

    • @OnceGreatBritain 💀🤣🤣😐😑 oh wait your serious? oh god……

    • @UFC TEKKERS its an actual fact

  • Respect🙏

  • Then we know why Khabib is so wise.

  • Love to all my brothers in all of Russia! Create good life and good health! Only positive and away with negative. Love you all

  • a true moral, respectful man he was and still is in spirit. rest in peace sir you are missed!

  • the ones whom disliked this should really look deep into them selves and ask why they watched this in the first place and then give it a dislike ?

  • a true warrior.

  • Guys like him are the real legends, Legends who make legends.

  • Abdulmanap is the man who teach the eagle how to fly.

  • Abdulmanap may allah have mercy hem "he even used to train cats how to hunt thats why he made hes son khabib a hunting hungry eagle that hanted evry one ".

  • You know it has nothing to do about religion. Its about respecting all no matter who you are

  • I wish i had a father like him😔

  • 07:16 I'm afraid the late great man is wrong with his estimation there. Khabib can actually dribble a football, he can hardly dribble a basketball though without carrying or double dribbling the whole way..

  • This man was a saint

  • 1:07 omg it’s Jesse from Mexican martial arts!

  • Почивај у миру јуначе. Rest in peace !

  • Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un is “Indeed, to Allah we belong and to Allah we shall return.” Now he is in eternal rest. Pray that Allah s.w.t. makes his grave a part of the Jannah. Allah will keep him in His mercy and light adobe his grave till the Qiyamah. May Allah s.w.t. grant him Jannatul-Firdaus and forgive his sins. Al-Fatehah

  • Amazing video what a great man.

  • What an honorable and giving Legend! Khabib is definitely able to carry the family name on well and represent a true Martial Artist! Respect, honor, loyalty, and of course being humble. God bless the Nurmagomedov family.

  • This guy your Father was a lion amongst men RIP abdulmanap

  • No sabía que Jorge Vergara seguía vivo.

  • Rest in peace ABDULMANAP 👊🏻👊🏻

  • This man deservers thunders od appreciation what a man 💫🤙🏻💫

  • How many 🦅 took him home - one and that is his son 💗 God bless you khabib thank you father

  • Alah akber.. he left this world in great way.. i hope God forgive he's soul and grant him he's Jana

  • L E G E N D

  • The best documentary I have ever watched

  • Buy bitcoin

  • Amazed by a people so close each other something few Know about it ” lojality ”

  • I would of like to meet this man so much knowledge

  • He was right all along

  • This man created a dynasty that is straight out of the movies. Nothing but respect for what he did for the younger generation, the example he set, and what he's been able to accomplish

  • ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • This is honestly amazing. Feel bad for the loss man.I can see why others who weren’t part of khabibs immediate family would get angry after conors comments.

  • Why did Khabib‘s dad move forward so young? I know he’s not afraid to go and use accomplished a lot in this very connected person spiritually and psychologically etc. but why did he go why did he move forward so early curious?

  • Mad respect for this guy - Great person , huge legacy.... 🙏Respect from Poland

  • OG

  • _“The Almighty will solve all our problems, if we do not lose touch with Him, there are no ideal people, no matter how hard it is, in any situation, we just have to hold on to this bond, if we lose the Supreme, we will lose everything.”_ Khabib Nurmagomedov

  • *"He has not even shown us how good he is, he has shown us how much better he is than everybody else, he has not shown us how good he is"* _Chael Sonnen about khabib

  • *“The most important (thing) for us is to stay connected with God, (it) doesn’t matter what happens with you, you always have to pray. You always have to stay humble and stay focussed and stay connected with God. This is very important for us.”* Khabib Nurmagomedov

  • Cant imagine where Khabib gets it from? Lol. This man is in his 60s and could still whip my ass lol

  • Thank you for the knowledge and lessons you have given us.

  • Real man you assholes!!! RIP

  • May Allah swt gave jannah tul firdos this man

  • Allah y lahmo Mestre de la lutta.... the legende

  • I have been raising my son since he was a year old. He is now 11. Our society has become so detrimental to our children. I’m so worried he’s going to miss out on the most important things in life. I miss growing up overseas. I think we will go to Dagestan n start training the right way. Rest In Peace Sir!

  • What an amazing man, coach, mentor and leader he was. Rest in respect 🙏

  • a great man... wish he would of trained me to wrestle when I was young.

  • Rest in peace you raised a very respectful and valuable son. Amen 🙏

  • shit... the old geezers take soccer seriously. They are genuinely upset....I wonder if they made a wager

  • Very wise man

  • That cat will be next UFC Flyweight champion

  • الله يرحمه و يغفر له He is very good person n a coach .. he supported his son BUT he wants/plans for his people to do well n win title

  • Khabib, if you're watching this and happen to read this comment. Alhamdulillah, you're the greatest and God has blessed you accordingly.

  • Respect to this Man for everything he did, had done, n everything he passed on to the Next Generation he will truly be missed by Alot of ppl who all loved him n repeated him very much.. R.I.P

  • Russians are serious

  • Alfatihah

  • 6:22 people in whole world are same fighting for a goal .

  • Dagestan fighter

  • Dagestan fighter

  • Amazing. Rip

  • I can see why Khabib turned out the way he did.

  • R.I.P Abdulmanap, such a great man.

  • RIP

  • Top man.

  • I dont understand how this healthy man can die from covid

    • Covid attacks the vulnerability in a target. Healthy or not doesn't make any difference.

  • Памятник в Дагестане надо поставить

  • What a legend and what a legacy he leaves behind. An example not only as a religious person but also as a human being. May God grant you the peace you rightfully deserve. Now we know why Khabib is such a great guy.

  • Пусть место его будет в раю .Достойный человек вырастивший и воспитавший хороших спортсменов которыми может гордиться Дагестан и Россия !Аллах Рахмат Эласин .Жойи жанатдан булсин.

  • The moments 7:48 they wil miss him

  • rest in peace for for khabibs dad he is the best dad aver

  • Seems like a very good person and a good role model. Rest in Peace sir

  • Allah yerahmo🤲🏽

  • Rest In Peace much respect to this man


  • ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️🤲

  • It's sad to see islamophobic comments in the replies, just mind your belief and we'll mind ours "for you is your religion, and for me is my religion" Qur'an 109:6

  • The Yankees hat just shows how big they are around the world

  • R. I. P legend!

  • I feel his authority, but see kindness in his eyes.

  • Watched that video 30 times and i still like it.Abdulmanap got some serious moves in footbal

  • The ultimate man