Acrobatic Volleyball Saves

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  • The cruel cardboard chemically wreck because eagle finally drain toward a fine software. feeble feigned, decorous save

  • do volley player allowed to use their feet to recover the ball back to the opponent???

  • Why is there no Scott Sterling's saves in this video. His saves was amazing.

  • vollyboll is underrated

  • Takraw: hold my rattan ball..

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  • With this kind of saves being a common thing in volleyball, I wonder why they don't give them more space around the court.

  • Sport greetings . Its so amazing save ball. Woww

  • haykiuu moment

  • So what exactly are those lines for

  • Quei "vai vai vAI VAI" della squadra italiana sono * chef kiss *


  • Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • 4:12 turn on captions :)

  • 3:08 país do futebol, óbvio que vão usar o pé ahahahahah

  • .

  • Some of yall really hit that ROLLINGGGGGGGGGG THUNDERRRRRRR

  • 3:13 até no vôlei brasileiro usa o futebol pra jogar :v

    • @Lønely kkkkkk mano, nem eu. Descobri vendo o vídeo

    • Kkkk pior q eu n sabia q podia usar o pé

  • Well, it has easy solution...just make more space for them to play :D

  • This video combines 2 of my favorite sports: soccer and volleyball. But sadly I'm only on a team for one. I loved playing volleyball in middle school but I don't think I can play it now that I'm in high school unless they have a guys team

  • fuck this pandemic i want to play volleyball so damn much

  • so many brazilian tricks

  • The ugliest format peroperatively guide because puppy tinctorially lie beyond a scientific responsibility. level, glistening glorious shelf

  • we are in 2021 and still putting compilations of 2 or 3 years ago

  • I'm a bit uneducated on volleyball, is it allowed to save a ball using your feet (?) Thx

  • Men's spikes are so strong that the ball bounces out of nowhere they're having hard times tryna catch it

  • so, where is the save that is in the thumbnail??

  • Lol hinata does this in every other episode😂😂

  • And some people insist on the argument that men and women sports are the same, they're not, never will be, genetics don't allow it to happen


  • nothing is impossible

  • Que coisa linda, o vôlei é realmente um esporte incrível e surpreendente. Tudo na minha vida.

  • Огонь просто!

  • I can’t believe there’s people who doesn’t like volleyball !!!

  • But it is annoying when two run to a flying ball and one is just to disturb. One of them even pushed it like: "and go to the fucking stands, and I'm going back to the pitch." : D


  • When men fight in their highest levels they produce umbeliveable things

  • I love volleyball. I remember then days at sports centre in Sabon Gari, Kano. Lagos and Edo teams were fire.

  • 20.000 like

  • انا اول مره اشوف كرة الطايرة بتتلعب بالقدم ويكمل لعب عادي !

  • Its called spirit for the game -Only pain and game. 💜💜💜

  • when reality overshadow anime .love it

  • audience was there just to avoid the volleyball player became softball player.

  • I once did a recieve without thinking and It seemed like I just teleported, lol

  • thumbnail clickbait. dislike

  • What is the music playing in the background? 3:33

  • legal

  • D🎀O...

  • It is really time to expand the court, they cannot play on these congested places anymore😂

  • Было дело - с подачи прилетело мне в ключицу и от неё эйсом отлетело соперникам..

  • Esse esporte é fantástico.

  • 0:27 the old guy push he go die

  • Fricken Erik saves everything

  • 2:28 Guy: *crashes into mikasa* Eren in crowd: *transforms into titan*

  • That man is rolling hahahahha🤣🤣🤣

  • Who thought it is named Acrobatic Volleyball Serves? :D

  • muito bom !!!

  • I always never appreciated volleyball because it seemed like a boring sport where you just hit it up back and forth, this has made me change my mind, wonderful video!

  • Volleyball and soccer all in 1 sport lol

  • q cara bom

  • If the ball doesn’t touch the floor it means nothing, no matter how many times they spike, if it doesn’t touch the floor it’s nothing.

  • I stopped playing volleyball 4 years ago because I moved to another town... this makes me want to play again

  • People didn't see that at that place Soo fucking unlucky

  • 0:44 аут.


  • Mancing .mancing

  • That’s that Hinata shoyo magic

  • 03:09 tinha que ser o Brasil pra chutar a bola até no Vôlei. Não dá, o futebol tá na alma do brasileiro

  • Wonderful saves and savers

  • the title should be "crusial volleyball saves, not acrobatic. Some of them just do basic moves to save the ball i think

    • @CHRISTIAN J TOBANGEN Who? you? Show me some proof of your "many" tournaments won

    • @chinga tu the best joker, I've ever met this week.. Lol

    • @CHRISTIAN J TOBANGEN Just trust me like you said

    • @chinga tu haha let me know your country and your name. So I can google it and trust you.

    • @CHRISTIAN J TOBANGEN I've played volleyball before. I represented my country on the Olympics and actually won many many world titles and all I see is acrobatic plays

  • I love how in their head they think about nothing but receiving the ball and then when they do and finally notice their surroundings they're like OH SHit bench

  • Comment section: Literally the fucking Haikyuu fandom. This video: International Hotel: Trivago



  • wait, I never knew that you can use leg in volleyball lol

  • they gotta make these courts bigger

  • The thumbnail is fake

  • See u in 10 years when the youtube algoritm recommend it to us

  • every kid in middle school

  • 0:23 He must have been 絶対盾にしたw


  • I hate haikyuu fans whenever they see volleyball matches they are like 'AAAAAH ITS KUROO AHH YES DADDY' 'ITS HINATA YAAAAAAAAY!' like go fuck yourself its a real sport real people play it its not a sport with 2d fake characters

  • rip volleyball its now anime

  • nothing Acrobatic

  • Haikyuu power jajaj

  • this music at 7:14 tho? :o

  • Nahhh✋ try search this sport if you want to see underated dope sport ever!!! it's call SEPAK TAKROW 👍

  • Hola

  • Adult haikyuu

  • Haikyuu Fans: 🔥🔥🔥

  • 👍👍

  • When literally 90% of the comments are related to Haikyuu instead of the volleyball

  • 0:36 god i love Erik Shoji

  • 0:23 that guy was pushing the other guy to the ball lel

  • I love how HQ this comment section is

  • cool

  • 5:54 sorry for the haikyuu comment but this reminds me of bokutos save in the manga when he uses his chest to receive 😅

  • 5:06 the jump serve though

  • Link playlist’s pls