Adopted By CUTE BEES In Minecraft!

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I was ADOPTED by Minecraft BEES!?
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  • Ii😶😌🤑😨🤕🤒😧😷🔊🎹

  • I'm,g Ask Meow

  • Fun fact: boy bees don’t work they breed with the queen

  • pierces beehive umm it doesnt look like a beehive

  • It does not stop in the air

  • Aphmau You will fly the way you look It doesn't stop when you hit the ground it stops

  • And she didn't get stung that's good!

  • Yay for Aphmau She caught her 1st bee!!!

  • Man this video has alot of bee puns HONEY haha

  • Picton

  • Plx

  • see1000000000000000000 Op0000000000000000see0 0000000000000000000000

  • “Ok look! She’s got somethi- ah-“

  • Can i join

  • It's always Ein's bed that aphmau falls asleep on

  • Why was noi in the baby thing for afmu??

  • Noi just looks like a normal bee

  • Okolkok.k,l,,, U.

  • I like ID-tv.

  • take a deep breath ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  • I Like watching here vids!!!

  • O1

  • For real though- Noi can't sound sad. Like omg I love NOI HES MY FAVORITEEEEEEE (No offense to Ein, Aaron, Aph(you), Pierre, Zane, and Kawaii~Chan!) I just really like Noi's positive energy.

  • Aphmau’s big breath is so funny 😂

  • I like honey 🍯❤️

  • I like bees a lot 🐝🌻

  • I like your videos thanks for the video aph

  • Hew Can a baby drive a boat?

  • 1:27 epic save

  • After I love your videos I've been watching them ever since I was five I love your videos so much but how do you get all that stuff that's not regular Minecraft stuff how do you do that is it a special mod how do you do it your videos are so cool how do you do it I want to know how to do it cuz in a couple days I'm going to have Minecraft for me tablet I want to know how you do it please tell me please I love your videos so much but I want to become just like you I'm such a big fan I even know your real name your real name is Jess that's how I prove I am your biggest fan and I haven't been watching these videos since I was five I've been watching them since I was one years old that's how big of a fan I am I've seen your first video I've seen all your videos I've even seen your jealous one and you getting adopted by wolves and dragons I'm really big fan I want to become just like you Jess

  • (

  • Reree

  • |

  • Aphmau do you read comments

  • I Love your video

  • Aphma why is ein Saying gold honey is that real

  • .

  • Wow 10 million subscribers already

  • That cool thing

  • You don’t get adopted by Minecraft bees fucker

  • I love being ein this one and he's finally good for something cuz he made that thing for apmau To fly in but he is good for other stuff too now that I think about it😊😊😊

  • 孤独的比赛结束想好想好好的呵护和代表大会代表喜欢的话好多好多互动活动很好的承诺才能不吃奶粉奶粉

  • Bees are very important bcs they spread pollen and what does all plants where we get oxygen have? Pollen so they spread pollen to get more air so they do there part! Don't kill them

  • The pollen is collected not eat ed but ok

  • 😊😊😊

  • *why in every “I got adopted by” she always picks Ein’s bed?*

    • Ye

    • Well Eins the one who doesn’t want to adopt her soooo yeah

  • Silly little girls she’s a human she doesn’t eat flowers

  • In all of the adopted by whatever she always steals eins bed🤣🤣

  • She always steals eins bed 😆 😂

  • Hi

  • Aphmau is BEE-utiful

  • Thank you fans i love you guys

  • aphmau is a babee gitit

  • XD lol

  • Ein is a lazy bee

  • Arson

  • 🐝🐝

  • Plan bee

  • 🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂 i am rolling

  • 😎🧨➡️💥

  • Ya like jazz?

  • Bee safe

  • Bzzzzzzzzzzzz


  • Eugene Hthhhh 6. Ygmghhhhyidghvvafbh

  • Beecarefull

  • How can you get all of these animals mods like the dragon and bee wolf uneconomic were you can get the mods

  • Noi giving food:flower Aphmau:uhhh I can’t eat it

  • If I am an bee I will fall pierce in a lava

  • I will never let you danceing

  • Why would you hit it with a stick ahahahahahahahahahehehehehahahahah

  • I like watching you and I like Friday night

  • Theravada🏆🏵

  • Me: Mia aka my dog Nono bite Mia: BARK *NO* Me:EXUSE ME!

  • Nice~ bee puns i subed to u :3

  • Cc:Ian No Cc:ein

  • Aphmau : I'm getting hungry... And I have no food...! The hunger bar being full : excuse me?

  • Aphmau its cute were reban

  • Wow look so good Aphmau😀🎉🎉🎉 IM like Aphmau!!!:D🎉🎉🎉🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Why is Ein always unlucky in your video’s

  • OMG I am planning a plant and my plant is Orange

  • ILovu

  • Gunnar,Smith

  • There was just a new Minecraft update!😺

  • (Aphmau) you bee awesome

  • Bees eat neactaer

  • aphmau i mean

  • 1:56 Ein being dumb for 4 seconds straight

  • Bee's eat honey she will not make and will not be healthy

  • This is true thomas riggs. Ein is unbeelievable.

  • Bee saved Aphmau take Aphmau in to bee honey house everyday thinking about Aphmau

  • Look at this orange guy, he is lolbit in another universe

  • wiat if she alloaway a baby... that mines she is the babby irl lol

  • I saw your video on an ad for addons for Minecraft, MCPE

  • Ok

  • 👋🏻

  • I love bees bees are like they make our air for us they make a honey for us they make our flowers for us to make our trees for us and I just love them🐝💖😘🥰😍

  • lol i laughed so hard when aphmau cryed it was so werid lol and loud she was like : WAAHMAHMAMAHAMAHAMAHA

  • Noi has griffind