Adopting A Baby!

Dipublikasikan tanggal 13 Nov 2019
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  • Her voice when she said “ CuTE bayby😂

  • Aw, this was when Flynn’s hair was sticking up, and he couldn’t walk. 🤧

  • When Colleen says ‘’he’s my best friend’’ Cory whitest editing: eScUsE mE!

  • Omll that pancake with banana and chocolate on it looks so freaking good

  • In the first part Flynn is zoned out like 'who is mommy talking to

  • I love your channel 😁❤️it is the best

  • 0:21 wtf was that colleen 😂

  • Imagine u loved Coleen and she adopted u !!!

  • Hi

  • Eric seems like such a good father and husband

  • *me running away from my parents to be an orphan* 😂😂

  • .

  • It would be so cool if Colleen sits down with Flynn and reacts to his own birth when he’s old enough

  • Remember in Rachel’s mukbang and she didn’t eat anything other then chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks and she said she doesn’t like eating breakfast foods anyone

  • Filin hair

  • It's so cute that he learns so fast 😀😀

  • I have a question for you how did Flynn get the Addiction for his cars

  • Did anyone else notice at 7:36 that the pancake kinda looks like a chick. Like if u did😊

  • colleen:*looks at flynn*he's my bestfriend. cory:AM I A JOKE TO YOU

  • If you want to adopt please watch my video (I'm an adoptee):

  • If you have a baby calet colleen jr

  • Your eating bacon what????

  • ALSO did any of you ask any of these questions? I’d be shook if she acknowledged meeee

  • I’ll follow you if you follow me!

  • My dogs birthday is on Flynn's birthday

  • Does Eric only have 1 brother or 2??

  • I thought she didnt like bacon tho hahah

  • I thought Colleen didn’t like bacon??!

  • So true people who have no kids have so much to say about having kids it's crazy

  • I love your videos and your an amazing mom to little Flynn

  • Awwww the moments where it’s just Colleen and Flynn 😍 that’s so cuteeeeee

  • Thank god flin is not an alien 😂

  • Colleen: “Adopting A Baby!” Flynn: “aM i A jOkE tO yOu?!”

    • Flynn: #### WHAT AM I? A ROACH!?

  • 3:12 "If you don't like that you're an alien" Flynn: *makes weird faces*

  • 0:21 You kinda sound like Jojo there

  • Awwww your family is so cute!!!!!!

  • Ur babys so cute i wish i had a baby like this 😍

  • Hi

  • Omfg. Denny's french fries are sooo good

  • I’m 20 but you can adopt me 😂

  • Tbt to when his hair stuck straight up to the heavens. Oh the good days

  • Flynn’s hair is everything 💫❤️❤️

  • that is so true about the mom community like moms are iconic. it’s so weird because whenever we are at like a public pool or something like that if there are young children who are struggling my mom bolts over to them to make sure they don’t drown and it has happened on soooo many occasions. we call her like “mom instincts” and it’s j really bizarre that she j is able to spot it and j knows when something’s wrong.

  • why did that stroller look like a microphone for a split second

  • No pregnancies are the same if you got pregnant again maybe that pregnancy would be amazing


  • are you really adopting a baby

  • This is how many people miss Flynns hair | | \/

  • Omg Flynn is so cute😁

  • no no plz don't adopt plz I will be realy happy

    • Why can’t she do what she wants to do?!??!?

  • awwwww so cute

  • Awwwww. He looks like a little man!

  • Ahhhhh after this corona virus 🦠 crap, every time colleen touches her face and wipes her nose makes me freak out a little bit. Not gunna lie

  • 5:45 she sound like that girl from wreck it Ralph 🤣🤣

  • You are an amazing mom!! And the fact that you want to adopt is so spectacular because a lot of kids need homes. But I would suggest getting a little older of a kid because they have a harder time getting adopted.

  • Hold up. She’s eating bacon?!

  • You have got a cute guest

  • cuteeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved this video

  • Adopt meE

  • Flynn chocking 5 seconds later looks at collen as if nothing happened

  • Is it just me or when ever I am with a baby you have a different voice or is it just me

  • Flynn is so cute 😍

  • Flynn is the CUTEST 😍

  • 6:50 turtles in the ocean be like

  • You are putting people in categories. Not all non moms don't care for children and not all moms loves kids.

  • Hold up, does anyone remember when she was on good mythical morning and she didn't like bacon, but she's eating bacon. Ps love you Colleen

  • For your childhood cancer fundraiser please send some of The proceeds to live like bella

  • She’s eating bacon! :D

  • in the middle of talking colleen go's "are you eating my FiNgI!!"

  • Who else noticed the Miranda face on the tree

  • You know what's SOOO weird? That Coleen is dating Miranda's ice cream man

  • You should try adopting 2 days after the baby was born ps:I'm was adopted 2 days after birth

  • I could have sworn in Good Mythical Morning she explained how much she hated bacon lol I'm contused

  • Lmao deliver a baby with a Denny's bag

  • i thought colleen didn’t like bacon

  • i'm not sure if it's true that youtube disables comments carouse there are children in the video butt if that do HAHA flynn's a kid hAh

  • Flynn is sooo cute!!!!

  • i littraly wanna die and come back as a baby so colleen will atoped me

  • You could get a surrogate

  • what is your insta???