Adopting A Baby!

Dipublikasikan tanggal 13 Nov 2019
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  • i live in a small town in illinois and we don’t have denny’s near here and i really wanna try it but i cant

  • 6:09 So cute and wholesome 😍👶

  • Flynn looks kind of like an f boy with that hair but it’s so cute

  • Legit cant believe how old he is now! He was just this little tiny thing and now hes so big!

  • She makes me wonder what pregnancy/childbirth actually feels like. For some reason I wanna know what the level of pain is like😬

  • 이렇게걍빵줘도된다고? 몇살임? 한국에서는 5살도다잘게잘라주던데. 이렇게걍빵 주고 본인이먹게하면머라할거같음(머라함?) 뭐가맞는거야? 아 먹고있으니,어린아이도 걍빵같은건 안자르고먹어도되는건가

  • I’m waiting for the day Flynn starts to speak full sentences

  • So lucky to have your comment section available not long after you made a video and talked about it, it’s not fair that other family vloggers can’t do much for ID-tv to turn their comment back on.

  • I’m so jealous of anyone who can afford a mukbang just for themself 😭😭😭

  • Gosh I love this channel!!! It makes me so happy!

  • Wait.. she’s eating bacon?! I thought she hates bacon

  • I will take him


  • Flynn has traveled more of than me!

  • Flynn is just the cutest little boy ever!! I love seeing you two interact, you can just feel the love in your heart for him and vice versa!! Thank you for answering questions and for all of the hard work you do for charities and for all the sick kids in the world, we need more people like you in this world Colleen!! Give little Flynn a squeeze for all of us!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!!! HUGGS from Lewes, De ;-)

  • 3:15 and 3:17 look at Flynn’s face

  • My aunt and uncle never actually got married but legally if you are with someone for over 2 years and have had more than one child with them legally you are married and so ya

  • Me: Opens a video* Ad plays before the video* Me: OOF 😩 Who else lives the same thing EVERY DAY?

  • I think I figured out the reason why so many people disliked this video. Its because Colleen has an open display of her christmas decorations before thanksgiving.

  • Colleen: pulls out plastic forks All visco girls ever:OOP OOP ❤️❤️😂😂😂😂

  • How old are you?

  • wait he is almost 1 ?! time flies...

  • woaahhh he grew so fast

  • He's so cute I can't 😍

  • Flynn now looks like a grown man now and I feel like Flynn's Grandma because I knew him since he was just born...

  • hes seriously THE CUTEST 😭😍😍😍

  • Colleen: if you don’t like this you’re an alien Flynn: * face of disgust *

  • i want food...

  • I love ya'll soooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • I love how she says she hates eggs then picks up bacon and chows down on that, which she previously hated. 😋

  • Tell jojo siwa she is the best even you are two

  • If you end up adopting what age would you want

  • If you do adopt how old will the child you adopt be?

  • "Do you want some French toast?" *Takes a Bite* "If you dont like that you're and alien" Flynn: Doesnt like it Colleen your baby is an alien 🤣 I'm joking hes adorable really ❤

  • Surrogate ?

  • Poor bubba has crossed eyes

  • Adoption is the hardest journey you will ever do but it is worth it 100% and I am finally a mummy because of it. I am SOOOOOO pleased you want to adopt, the other side of it which I think people forget is the fact that you are helping/saving a child life. What an amazing thing to do, its worth every second of stress you have to go through to adopt. We have friends in America who have adopted and you guy have it much easier than us in England. It averages about 15 moths to 2 years to complete over here. xx

  • Colleen you don't have to say how greatful you are for being able to get pregnant especially since your pregnancy was so terrible for you. We all know how much you love your son. AND ALSO second pregnancies are a lot easier. I had my son at 19 and it was absolutely terrible. 4 years later I got pregnant with my daughter and that pregnancy was a dream, she was also the easiest baby I've ever met in my life. I'm not saying I'm expecting you to try again obviously it's your decision anf adoption is so great anyways. I'm just throwing it out there that every pregnancy even in the same woman is sooooo different.

  • Flynn: was born JackJack just entered the chat

  • omg i'm watching with headphones and the audio transition when she switched cameras Scared me hahahahah