Alter Ego vs EVOS Legends Game 2 MPL ID S10 | EVOS vs AE ESPORTSTV

Dipublikasikan tanggal 15 Sep 2022
Alter Ego vs EVOS Legends Game 2 MPL ID S10 | EVOS vs AE ESPORTSTV MPL Indonesia Season 10 Week 6 Day 1

Alter Ego vs EVOS Legends Game 2, EVOS Legends vs Alter Ego game 2, AE vs EVOS game 2, EVOS vs AE game 2,

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  • Congrats Evos for having a brilliant coach.

  • Nice Evos !! Congratulations 👏🎉 Feeling strong 🤗🤗 lol.

  • Zeys a true genius!🤫🤭😁😂 Keep up the good work Zeys! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Instead on working out to overcome language barrier, they demoted Dlar to MDL and not even using him there. Just look at teams like Onic BTR Geek (MPL ID) and even SMG (MPL MY) BurnXFlash (MPL Cambodia), they all have PH imports and also have comm problem but they try their best to make it work out. I must say this is hard karma for Evos, you don't treat someone like that man.

  • Ae kalo sekalinya kuat ,kuat banget yaa wkwkkw,Gila moment council Betrix di End Game

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA cuteness overload NXPE and EVOS Warriors

  • So sad that Dlar did'nt play in mpl ID & demoted in mdl. Nice Plan coach zeys. 😅


  • Dlar must be in mpl and should be trade with pentagon

  • EVOS deserve this LoL

  • Next would be Evos vs Rebellion if they will be defeated by Rebellion I think they'll put Antimage and Rekt back lol ...they deserve it after what they did to Dlar...

  • Dasurv. Karma hits hard for what they did to Dlar and Ferxicc.


  • Seperti yg dikatakan pada chanel jonathan liandi, AE ini tim yg susah di tebak, kadang lawan tim atas kuat banget, lawan tim bawah malah kalah, naik turun lah.

  • AE klu lawan tim lemah kadang ngawur picknya seakan dianggap remeh beda klu lwan tim kuat picknya bagus2...mungkin itu yg buat AE gk konsisten

  • Dlar should go to Geekfam. I think he will be valued there.

  • Ko delwin asal main AE sama tim kalangan atas pasti dia selalu hadir, tpi tim kalngan bawah dia tdk hadir 😁 semngt AE GOGOGO

  • Ngeri tim alter ego

  • Akhirnya yin keluar juga di mpl aku sebagai user yin berterima kasih kepada celiboy

  • This is a EVOS new era zeys said stronger 💪🏼 than m1?😂😂😂😂🤭🤭🇵🇭🇵🇭🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫