Amber Liu - Other People (Official Video)

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"Other People" out now!
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Other People MV Credits

Directed by Brad Wong and Amber Liu
Director of Photography: Brian M. Tang
Production Designer: Aaron Kee
Hair and Makeup: Yukina Mitsuhashi Liu

Starring: Sam Li and Mike Bow

Mica Burton
Jasmine Clarke
John DeBold
Tiff Del Real
Emily Li
Nikki Limo
Nick VelezRyan Yoo

1st Assistant Director: Andrea Whitlock
Production Coordinator: Sherry Shi
1st Assistant Camera: Jordan Sakai
2nd Assistant Camera: Jiyoung Park
Steadicam Operator: Gio Bardot
Gaffer: Gio Bardot
Key Grip: David Woon
Best Boy Electric: RJ Siu
Production Assistant: Heesang Lee

Edited by: Rade Blunner x What The Pineapple
Colorist: Joseph P. Yao

Filmed on location at Cosmic Cube Studios

Official Music Video by Amber Liu - Other People © 2019 Steel Wool / EMPIRE


  • While everyone is talking about kiss scene ... But oh my God can I say all I could think about throughout the video is her voice is so so so beautiful 😍 I mean it's my first time hearing her voice and oh my God I'm whipped 💘

  • is the 'ex' sam from the smile squad?? XD

  • Lo que me gusta de ella es que experimenta con la música, ella estuvo (o creo que sigue) en un grupo de kpop [f(x)], pero su música en solitario es casi indie alternativo e incorpora más otros estilos, al menos de las que he escuchado, y su voz es tan hermosa que te llama mucho la atención porque ella es hermosa y varonil que en serio no importa si fuese varón la verdad es que ella es hermosa como sea

  • It's been 6 months now and still every time I see Amber kiss him, I get so red. My bisexual ass loves you😅😍😍

  • Here for Sam Li 😀

  • The way Mike grabbed Amber's waist 😳

  • The bisexual in me is SCREAMING.

  • is the dude sitting in the chair, sam li from smile squad? forgive me if i'm wrong, it's just that half of his face looks like it.

  • I love Amber she is like my second mom, Love you Amber

  • For anyone who needs it, the kissing starts in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="165">2:45</a>



  • Amber us the type of person that can get ur man an you whipped for her

  • te amo!!! saludos de venezuela !!! amo esta song xdd

  • Coming back again 🙈😹

  • The guy in this music video (the guy in the chair) looks like one of Markian's friend (the tall guy that has a dog) OMFG

  • Wasn’t she the girl who said a man who got arrested for eating a sandwich in a subway deserved getting arrested?

  • 🥰😍😘😘😘😍😍

  • Muasssssss

  • Is the taped guy is the guy from the smile squad??

  • "we pray for the soul of amber"-Eric & ailee

  • racist

    • @Nicole Chuang can i know what happened ?

    • If you have seen other clips, Amber said nothing about race, she just thought that the man should at least show respect for the police. Because she is Asian, this is the influence of our culture, and she has been in South Korea for ten years. She does not know about the law enforcement of the domestic police in the United States. She apologized for this part.

  • Peniel iconic sentence: HaLf NaKeD mAn

  • anyone notice that the guy whose mouth was taped is markian’s friend?

  • Omfi Mica is there :D

  • I ❤ AMBER 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Always perfect💯✨ 😍💜

  • that’s sam right? from smile with markian

  • I think I might have to clear my watch history...

  • Amber, I really used to admire you. You helped me face my dad whenever he would criticise my clothes, my hair, my body, my personality. You made me feel nothing of that mattered, I realised I don't need anyone's approval for me to be happy. You have disappointed me greatly, and hurt me even more. I'm Mexican, a person of colour, and you have no idea how much it hurt to hear you speak badly of my people and I. To see you "apologise" and then take it back. To know Amber Liu, my hero, is racist. I thought the world of you Amber. Please educate yourself, regards

    • She was never racist and just to add, she never took back her apology. Twitter stans are trying too hard to make her look bad.

    • If you have seen other clips, Amber said nothing about race, she just thought that the man should at least show respect for the police. Because she is Asian, this is the influence of our culture, and she has been in South Korea for ten years. She does not know about the law enforcement of the domestic police in the United States. She apologized for this part.

    • Uhh bro, she's not racist. She clearly has friends of different races and not only korean friends.

    • She has never been a racist. I dare u to watch the whole video, not the twitter clip her antis made.

    • Wtf she is not racist she didn’t even talked about the race in “the” video. And if she was racist Soojung would be the first who judge her.

  • ur so hotttt wtf

  • but tbh the song's catchy

  • I was watching jkparty videos with amber in, so decided to check out her videos. I come to this one, and see all the people dancing around her. I see a girl with blue hair and dark brown roots. I think "why does that look like tiff?" so I watch a few more times. I suddenly pause the video at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="187">3:07</a> and shout "THAT IS TIFF!" so I check the description and who do I see listed in the cast? FREAKING TIFF DEL REAL!!!!!

  • 한국인없오ㅜ

  • this is so sexy like wtf i love it

  • They seem like a really good friends

  • When I saw amber now... It make me miss sulli... I miss when sulli and amber moment... They are like sibling... Not friend... But bestfriend forever.... I MISS SULLI 😥😥😥😥😥I MISS F(x)

    • sulli used to call her hyung 😭 they feel like they're brothers 😭

  • all I want is a nice and hot friend like Mike, is that asking too much ?

    • Man, I know how you feel. Let's both just weep knowing it would probably never happen

  • that kiss was not expected by amber , but she sang really well

  • Hey sam what you doing?😂

  • Amber, you are so hot

  • She reminds me Xin Liu from Youth With You 2

  • Wait, was that Tiffany and Nikki??

  • ❤️

  • Literally throughout this entire video all I could think of was Eric Nam

  • Daaaammmmn amber just broke 20000 stereotypes in just <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a>... 😭 I love his mind, thank you amber ❤️

  • I was like "oh it's ok is just a kiss" the kiss started and I went just as Eric "AMBER WHAT IS THIS YOUNG LADY"

  • Ojalá Ambes besándome a mi así JAJAJAJA

  • ı miss you f(x)

  • I thought she was gay

  • Wait.. isn't that the same Sam Li in smile squad of Markian?

  • I'm here to see my girls Tiff and Niki. 😭😭😭 ily guys💙💙💙

  • Does the guy in tape was the guy from the smile squad??? I've been wondering who is he cause he seem familiar. It was him?? Was it???

    • Yes, that's Sam Li

  • I love her sound and her videos are great

  • I’ll pray with Eric and ailee

  • Amber is the reason I’m pan instead of just gay

  • I just realized that the man with duck tape is sam from markian and friends HAHAHAHA

  • Amber found the best way to say goodbye to SM. Write a song, make a video, and move on as the negative feelings are vented away.

  • Im gay for amber lmao

  • i want eric nam to comment. periodt

    • He reacted on this so why still comment??? 😂

  • THIS IS SCANDALOUS - eric nam


    • @AvocaBro and i'm her girlfriend,, CHOURRRRRR

    • That was his Boyfriend

  • This songs like it could work in the background of some high school indie movie when the main character breaks free or runs away or somthing

  • Each time I hear or see Amber, the more sure I am that I'm falling for her

  • Omg this is bomb! 👌🏻I remember Peniel’s reaction with this mv 🔥

  • Waw❤❤❤❤

  • She's p-e-r-f-e-c-t

  • Beso al estilo latino

  • I love sassy llama

  • Love you from Georgia 💜

  • WoW Amber you look fantastic!!! Pity that ex-boyfriend, his 😩 loss is YOUR 😙 😘 GAIN ‼️‼️‼️

  • Slay it QUEEENN

  • Isn't this the guy who does videos with markian and smile squad

  • This is the most feminine amber I've ever seen

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="19">0:19</a> for a second you look like SongJihyo omg my eyes are playing tricks- that visual thoooo

  • It deserve more likes and Views

  • The _scene_ is at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="163">2:43</a>, that's my contribution to society We pray for the soul of amber j liu. - eric nam

  • I saw tongue!! Loooool good song!

  • EW AMBER (this is a joke btw don't take it too seriously)

  • im sorry but amber has so much gay energy that this kiss was just so uncomfortable to watch

    • Lol, everyone probably thought she was full gay. But she's Bi I think. She dated or still is dating Mike Bow (the guy she kissed)

  • Completely fell in love with song when it came out. Also screamed like a little girl during the kiss scene