Animation vs. Minecraft (original)

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Stick figures on a computer find a Minecraft cube.

The Animator vs. Animation series continues, this time without the animator.

Watch Episode 1:
Watch Episode 2:
Watch Episode 3:
Watch Episode 4:
Watch Episode 5:

Music by Sarah Eide

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  • Well what do you know, I actually ended up making it. You're welcome.

  • I came back here to watch this nostalgic Masterpiece Animation

    • I'm too this animations it's awesome

    • Prolly ur first time ever seeing this 😂😂

    • Same here i remember watching this when i was 5 and now coming back as an 11 year old brings back so much nastolgia

    • I'm the 100th comment to complete this mission.

    • same

  • Crazy how one goofy idea changed into a whole series. It's amazing to see how this grew overtime into something you can tell Alan is passionate about.

  • I cannot believe how much Alan has grown and made, from this first animation. He made series because of this, amazingly unbelievable how this got 200M+ views. He really has grown from the past 6 years.

  • This episode alone makes me realize how well Alan replicated like *everything* in Minecraft Even the small details and the things most people don't notice like the way arrows bend downwards and fall when a block that an arrow is on is broken. It's absolutely insane! Especially since this was made back in 2015, which is around 8 years ago.

    • @Automation let me ask you can you replicate this on 2015 on alan beker's shoe ,making like small details and the good animation? do you have the motivation like what FlooferLand said? if so try making one right now post it on your yt.i found this amazing video on 2016 and no im not living under a rock,reason why im amaze is that i can only find a few of those animators on yt back then

    • ​@Automation I don't see *you* making high-quality animations using a completely unique concept, all by yourself. Animation takes a ton of time and effort, especially for a singular person. Being motivated enough to make something like this was already hard enough, seeing this series was made in the early 2000s (2007ish) Alan Becker didn't even have a monetary incentive to make these animations, earning money from ID-tv was basically a joke back then. Animations even nowadays take an entire team of people to make, either that or one single person and weeks, months, or up to years. Anyway, totally my bad for appreciating the extra work someone put into an animation, 100%

    • Why are people amazed and find the small details "insane" as if none of you were alive in 2015. Do you people find remember 2015 or have you people been living under a rock during the entire 2015? I love how people say random stuff as if they weren't alive during 2015 and before. Animations been around since the early 20th century, yet you people act like animations were first invented during the 2000's.

    • keep your mind doing

    • hi I’m skye how are you doing

  • I can't believe it's been 7 years this has to be one of the most iconic things ive seen in my childhood

  • one of my favorite parts of this is how some of the file names correspond to what's happening in the animation, like how during the two creeper scenes there is a doxc file for each creeper both named " ninja ambush " and " ninja ambush (2) " or how when yellow spins around in the air killing zombies, there's a power point called " how to pull off a triple spin combo " behind him

    • There's also "get that zombie for when orange is killing the zombies. And there's "robin hood for when blue is using the bow

    • Yeah

  • This is where it all began. Who knew the lore would become so intense later on.

  • Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how creative this man had to be to make this video

  • I love how when you take your time to examine the surroundings you can see stuff like "Im coming for you" and "Ninja ambush" in the folders in 7:20 its a really great detail.

  • Totally amazing, love the sound effects! It must of been a lot of work to make this, i have no idea how youd put together a video like this without it taking months of editing! Bravo :-)

    • Hello Xisumavoid 😄😍

    • Wow you watch alan Becker?

    • Send hate on my videosssss..

    • Saya nk dh nangis tengok bahagian si merah pukul kawan dia si jingga ):"(

  • You can see how much he improved from here and now, it's crazy.

  • It's been 7 years and I still wonder how oranges can make a stick out of a wooden plank

  • I love how the file names correspond to what each stick figure is doing. Creative!

  • This is not just a video, this is a masterpiece.

  • this is the most creative animation i have seen in a while

  • 6 years later this is the best animated video ive seen in a while so creative

  • Having just seen AVM 29, it is ASTOUNDING just how far Alan Becker and his stick figures have come. His stuff is better that most anything I can think of, and it just keeps getting better! Well done!

  • Hey Alan, I think you should try using the rig feature in animate. It really helps animate and you don’t have to draw a new body every frame.

  • I remember introducing this video to my Computer class teacher during 6th grade when it was just released. Man how time flies.

  • This is 5 years and is still a master piece

  • It's weird to see the stick figures being 4 blocks tall, when they've been scaled down to be just under 3 for so long

  • Quanta nostalgia dá esse vídeo pra mim ainda é digno de virar um filme da PIXAR.

  • one of the best classics of internet, just epic

  • Such a great masterpiece and entertaining video.

  • Hands down one of your best animations Alan!

  • This is a lot of nostalgia. The animations are so fantastic though!

    • Yep it's the kind of Animation that you could always come back to

  • I watched this since 2017 and it is still a masterpiece

  • Came for the fight, stayed for nostalgia

  • Almost 300 MILLION views after 6 years this is still a masterpiece.

  • Just noticed this video came out SEVEN YEARS ago now. Crazy to think, that such a simple little crossover, would not only help Alan grow in popularity, but also help keep Minecraft in the public eye and spawn what is probably my current favorite series on ID-tv right now. How time flies man. Thanks for giving us amazing content Alan, I hope you continue to grow and keep doing what you love.

    • @Spider man ….almost. It was released in December 15, 2015, almost 2 weeks before 2016.

    • He's been doing this... For. 7. Years. This guy is a minechad

    • "Uhm, actually, it's 6 years, not 7 yet" -🤓

    • Do you know this week about four months ago

    • @Insert_Name_Here Well, that must be just you then Friend.

  • This is a classic, it brings a tear to my eye

  • i like how the stick figures can know the recipe while knowing the game for the first time

  • Watching this masterpiece again after 6 years still it's best one ❤️❤️

  • That was awesome. The creativity here is amazing

  • *they managed to beat someone in creative mode while they were in survival mode.* _outstanding._

  • I love this masterpiece. I can't believe it came out like 7 years ago.. and it has turned into series! ( Or a season ) (I love turtles btw)

  • I wonder if anyone saw this: - Orange kills a zombie next to a .txt file that says "get that zombie" (5:58) - Yellow does a spin combo to kill a zombie close to a Powerpoint that says "How to Pull off a Triple Spin Combo" (6:02) - Blue uses a bow to shoot zombies close to a Photoshop Document that says "Robinhood 2.0" (6:06) I'm not sure if this is intentional or just an funny coincidence.

  • Ah 6 years has passed this animation is still the same good old masterpiece animation

  • I love how this started all of their 'elements' in Minecraft

  • When a stick figure can build better than you

    • @Garba200 the second coming is that orange stick figure who came to my pc(I SWEAR ITS TRUE BUT YOU CANT POST A PICTURE IN YT COMMENTS AND IM NOT ALLOWED TO POST NOT EVEN A SINGLE VIDEO ON ID-tv) and i can also animate him! of course like clippy but i accidentally animated him to use his green lasers(see the showdown ava shorts ep4) and aimed it at the computer icon so i got a bsod anyway.

    • A.K.A me

    • yep

    • Ha

  • Imagine if that's how Minecraft physics work 3:28: Red is just gonna grab some spawn eggs 1:35 3:54 7:23 10:53 12:53 14:52 15:45 16:00

  • Almost July 2022: been watching this channel for about 9 years. Ty for making my childhood.

  • I like how the stickmen are literally about the same size as a warden XD

  • This is my childhood favorite videos to watch. Now that I’m older…………… Still love it

  • After all those years, it is still a masterpiece

  • Lesson of the story: Minecraft is addictive.

  • This video sends goosebumps through my body.

  • I've been here since 20k subs I've seen his other videos and his animation skills has greatly inproved

  • I wish combat in Minecraft was as cool and fun as this animation interprets it

  • Completely entranced for 16 minutes. This is a masterpiece. Thank you!

  • This animation will never be forgotten.

  • This is the most well animated Minecraft video I've ever seen. I didn't understand it back then but seeing it today, it made me cry. ;(

  • nostalgic is hitting me hard. thank you for this piece.

  • Dang, this masterpiece is almost reaching 300M views

  • 246M views. Let that sink in just how successful he’s gotten though all this hard work. Mad respect :)

  • I watched this like 5 to 6 years ago and came back to re-watch it every year again and again lol

  • Nostalga at its finest. :)

  • Your animations inspired me to make a whole book series called “stickfight.” Waiting for book four to be stapled right now at the time of this comment.

  • Man the music at the start really starts the nostalgia

  • I wanna go back to when everything was much more shiny and colorful

  • The windmill must have been very hard to animate!

  • The lore of these little stick figures is wild

  • Yall, that hug at the end is the most replayed clip in the whole video! How wholesome.

  • Can we take a second to say how this man was one of the few to raise us without any help but a couple of Stickman and his heart.

    • @Beacon GM people rewatch things you know

    • @مروة صالح ہی ہ ہ ہ ا لازمحتیاط کی ہ احتیاط لازم88ہ

    • @TimX Gaming yuuu⁷

    • Click

  • its basically a time honored tradition to come back to this video

  • 6 years and this video has 292 million views congratulations Alan you deserve every single view and more

  • So nostalgic this is the best animation I’ve ever seen

  • Eu vim do canal do t3ddy e vc manda muitooo bem parabéns pelo o seu trabalho,agora vou madruga assistindo o seus filmes séries etc... parabéns 👏

  • Hands down the best Minecraft related video i've ever seen in my life!

  • Alan Becker's Animation Video's Help Shape The Animation/Gaming Experience's We Have Today and It's Amazing 😄😁😃😍

  • This video is better than most Manga or Anime plots

  • god I still love this it’s just funny and amazing. After 6 years I still watch it💪‼️

  • We need to get this masterpiece 300m views

  • This was the coolest thing I've seen on the internet.

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  • Το βλέπω ξανά και μου φέρνει πολλή νοσταλγία γιατί αυτή η σειρά με σημάδεψε.

  • What an absolute classic

  • Nostalgia this was the beginning and an incredible series

  • Well well it's been 6 years you're animation still so good

  • It's been exactly six years since this masterpiece was created. It lives on, even to this very day.

    • @Wang Ling I'm not really sure...

    • Yeah ID-tv's gonna take it down for no reason

    • @Jaroslavs Sakurovs I'm not Russian.