Anthony Albanese announces his leadership bid

Dipublikasikan tanggal 20 Mei 2019
Speaking at a press conference at the Union Hotel Balmain, Anthony Albanese announces he will be a candidate for the leadership of the Labor party after Opposition leader Bill Shorten announced he was stepping down as leader after Labor's loss to the Coalition
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  • Federal election 2019: Tanya Plibersek will not contest Labor leadership ballot ►

  • The Labor party is stuffed. I'll be voting green.

  • This fuckwits going nowhere. ...

  • Please all refugees and asylum seekers for permanent resident and without english test citizenship. "Give Australia Think Australia Love Australia" Regards Morshed Khan 0469708694

  • bull shitten was going to TAX YAX TAX TAX TAX TAX the aged into the grave and import more terrorists

  • When will the Guardian Media Group relocate from the British Virgin Islands so they start actually paying taxes in the UK? I ask because they criticise everyone else for it.

  • Much better candidate and a far better choice than Bill Rorten...

  • He seems like a sleazy disgraced geography teacher.

  • LEADERSHIP WOES!!!! Penny wong for leader ALP she'll get things done lickety split.🤣 Seriously though, this just exposes the lack of depth for senior ministers at the coal face pun intended ,,, Plibersek admitted that she doesn't have any time because she's a committed mum, like wtf,,, if you can't be the PM alternative then why the hell do you want to be the deputy 2 IC ??? BOWEN??? Chalmers??? Anybody?? Huuuhhhh, We sure dodged a bullet with this mob not getting their hands on the steering wheel.

  • is he reading off a teleprompter?

  • Ditch Shorten and move Penny Wong to the lower house. She's a winner. Eh, Eh, Eh!

  • Anthony, you are the man for the job.

  • I'm not a fan of the ALP. But I really like albanese. He would fit well in Kath and Kim.

  • No Bowen please

  • Research - Rome Treaty - Lima Declaration - Australia Act 1986. Labour - Cancelled Our Constitution and sold all Government Departments to Private Companies. Departments of Government are not Corporations, registered in the USA.

  • They need his get up and go ❤️❤️❤️

  • Should've called him Anthony Albawheezy. Because I was standing next to him in the toilet at a Labor function about 4 months ago, and he was just wheezing and wheezing and just uncontrollably wheezing harder than anyone I'd ever seen before. There was so much wheezing going on, I thought he was going to turn himself inside out.

  • LISTEN CLOSELY from the people, move far away from the left And go back to your roots . The working class. And remember some working class are making decent money And your party wanted to tax us even more . All the minorities you pander to don't work . There out harassing people who do . And we the working class are sick of it .

  • he will do very well. bombastic, fiery, eloquent, confident, and a tried and tested labor warrior and the best suited opponent against morrison. i just hope he gives compassionate left policies and a real vision of hope and some real climate change action in the next 3 years. he is a shoe in.

    • @Ymiraku but he is better able to counterpunch than shorten and more charismatic, honest, has an air of authenticity that bill lacked

    • completely agree. but im sure the liberal party will demonise him on the media even worse than they demonised bill shorten.

  • Red lights are flashing already.

  • If you saw this guy on the street in casual clothes with a latte in his hands you'd put a gold coin in the cup before you realised your mistake. Tanya is the only hope for Labor and the incipient misogyny of Labor makes it impossible for her to even run - things have to get totally desperate before the kind of man who belongs to Labor will hand the job over to a woman. Anthony has put his dentist into a bigger house, but he as zero chance of putting Labor into government.

    • Colin McKerlie Tanya is the only hope for labor? All I have to say is “Lol”

  • I don't see leadership qualities in you, sorry.

    • why because he isnt loud and obnoxious like scott morrison and donald trump? people have a very warped perception of what a strong leader is these days.

    • watch him in action he destroys the opposition

  • Go Albo

  • Richard Di Natale should be the leader for the Labor party

  • Doing it in a pub too.

  • Who else now has a craving for Hot chips and buttermilk fried chicken? :-D

    • Me! We can crack open a few cold ones. X

  • People, chill out we will be back at the polls before three years. Scott Morrison will have a difficult time getting his agenda into legislation. If Albo becomes leader, Scott will be a short-term pm.

    • Scumo and albo both fuckwits

    • @Branok Erdene What, he's disappointed about the election? Yeah, like half the country is.

    • @Reuel T You really think it's that simple? No one cares about his marital life but you, mate.

    • @Mountkosiosko Great News! ALBO is another divorcee and in 119 years history NO DIVORCEE ever gets elected as PM. e.g. ALP divorcees Beasley, Latham, Shorton - lost their elections LNP divorcees Peacock, Hewson also lost their elections. ALBO is also unelectable so ALP is doomed.

  • Just what Australia needs is some Italian style politics where the man who touches the most women in the village sexually is named mayor. WTF!!!

  • Why bother telling Australians who the leader is until the election is called !

  • The right-wing Chris Bowen was mainly responsible for Shorten' tax agenda which must go down as yet another suicide note in Australian political history.

    • @C L I was describing Chris Bowen. The fact that you think he is right wing in any regard or a neo liberal shows that you have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Adrian Pritchard calling it ‘slightly to the right of Marx’ shows that you don’t

    • @C L Yes. More so than you.

    • Adrian Pritchard do you understand what neoliberalism is?

  • Laying it on with a trowel, Anthony, and you were a part of the failure. You seem moreover favoured by the Murdoch Press. I can't see anything left-wing about you unfortunately.

    • He grew up to working class parents in a ‘poor’ socio-economic environment - he’s from the left wing joint of the ALP, historically pro gay marriage, pro environment and pro support for minorities. He has a strong voice and not an easy target personality - he or Tanya will be great leaders

  • Trotsky Tanya's policies are the same ones the Australian people rejected

    • Shorten, the moderate, lost the election man

    • Liberals lie with the help of Rupert Murdoch