Anti-Bullying Short Film "The Birthday Bully"

Dipublikasikan tanggal 3 Okt 2018
Written, Directed & Starring (then 10y/o), Kennedy Jordan; 5th Grader from Arkansas.
OVERVIEW: Mia is the new girl at school. She gets invited to Ally's Birthday Party and believes she has found new friends... or are they "frenemies"? #ItOnlyTakesOne
#TheBirthdayBully is appropriate for all ages, especially Elementary & Middle Schools.
The film has screen at numerous Film Festivals from, Hot Springs, AR; Brooklyn, NY; Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; Yonkers, NY; Fayetteville, AR; and televised on Sept. 28th on the Arkansas Educational Television Network during the Young Filmmakers Selects.
It was also mentioned in the N.Y. Times, as a "Top 5 Thing To Do Over The Weekend in NYC" May 2018
The film has been included as a part of Fox16 News Anchor, Kevin Kelly's "Step Up & Stop Bullying" campaign. He delivers this program to Central Arkansas schools. We estimate that over 15,000+ students have watched TBB as a part of his program.
The film has been featured on both CBS Ch11 KTHV & Fox 16 outlets.
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