Apple iPhone 11 hands-on

Dipublikasikan tanggal 10 Sep 2019
Apple’s iPhone 11 is a worthy successor to the iPhone XR. It includes a new dual-camera system, a night mode for night time shots, and extra hours worth of battery life. It’s arriving on September 20th, priced at $699.
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  • Ok

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  • iPhone XR user here. I was going to sit out this upgrade cycle...until...they announced the wide angle lens on the 11. Had an LG G6 a couple years ago and it was my favorite feature. As soon as I heard wide angle lens, I pre-ordered. Sure, there are other bonuses such as more battery life, gigabyte LTE, and speaker updates, but the additional camera features got me. Thanks for your review!

  • Is the iphone 11 the same size as iphone 8 plus?

  • Anybody see ur average consumer

  • So your camera has a phone! Big deal! Catering to the technology-addicted, selfie-obsessed, self-indulgent, attention-seeking social dependents and narcissistic society... or creating it and feeding it? So big deal, it has a new camera! Does it have new adult features like a more business oriented calendar?

    • That has nothing to do with the phone, that's in the software.

  • Bro I feel so left out I’m still stuck with an iPhone 6s😭😖

  • Trading in Ip7 to get 150 buck discount. Worth it for 700? Definitely no. For 549? Definitely yes

  • Why Nilay only reviews Apple products?

  • 1:32 "the iPhone 13" 😆

  • Where is the iphone? 90% of the time i see this dude...

  • Hi, I am confused about which iPhone should I buy according to the price. Currently, the price of iPhone XR 128GB is $649 meanwhile the price of iPhone 11 128GB is $749. But, the thing is that I have a very limited budget. So, the actual question is that "Should I compromise with the storage capacity of an iPhone in order to buy the latest iPhone 11 64GB instead of iPhone XR 128GB?” because the price difference margin between 128GB iPhone XR and 64GB iPhone XR is much lesser than the price difference between 128GB iPhone XR and 128GB iPhone 11. I would need to pay $100 more in order to buy iPhone 11 128GB and if I buy the iPhone 11 64GB, I would need to pay $50 more to buy the iPhone 11 64GB. Also, my second question is that is it right that the iPhone with 64GB is too less storage for a person who would use the iPhone for around 4 - 5 years?

  • Boring 😴

  • It's an iphone. With a camera. That's it.

  • Where did you get the Apple Watch strap?

  • do you think iphone xr is better or iphone 11?

  • 1:32 iPhone 13 😂

  • Lack of innovation!! 😥😢

  • Just remove the notch already so i it might pique my interest to buy an iphone if ever they will release one. Jk I won't buy an iphone im broke af

  • its a trap buddy don't buy immediately, just wait for their "iPhone 11s" i'm pretty sure that 11s is now under development because its unusual that apple jump into "Pro" version.

  • Anybody else that already has ordered this??

  • Better than goggle

  • They might as well make an Apple camera if they want to focus on making better cameras

  • They should have changed the screen 6.7 I will buy it.

  • Look at that back ground guys 2:02

  • Yup nope ,not upgrading I’m happy with my xs max

  • wait a minute iPhone 13, did I miss something? 1:32

  • Nice try Motorola 🤔

  • زربه عليك مافهمت شي

  • 1.20 @SuperSaf is that you ? 🤣

  • Stupidest slofie ever

  • Pre ordered the yellow one

  • 720p display maximum? smfh

  • This phone will have bugs just watch it? 😆

  • You said the iPhone 13

  • Lord I waited 8 months for this!? A three eyed iPhone? Might as well add 6 more cameras aye?

  • Why did they leave the notch on the phone engineer in department are idiots

  • iPhone 11 has optical zoom? Please reply

  • Whats the name of the game? 1:52

  • tbh the iPhone 11 looks better than the iPhone 11 Pro back camera wise

  • “The iPhone 13...”

  • Only good thing is selfie camera upgrade. Rest all upgrades isn't worth at all .Not sure how many of you gonna use ultra-wide camera lens. This phone should be priced less than 600 USD.

  • I will wait the iphone 2030

  • Camera bump is the only let down.

  • So it’s just a camera upgrade.

  • I think its really a matter of time before people start complaining about failing crucial group photos, when handing their iPhone to others for a photo of their group, and the person thinks that the entire frame, including the faded out area that indicates how wide it can get, would be captured. (or please tell me if I'm wrong, it just seems such an easy mistake to make for lots of people)

  • Nope.

  • annoyed at how you shot the slofie. We didn’t see her hairflip!

  • Is this iPhone 11?

  • I’m waiting for an iPhone with.. * 256 GB * (technically what iPhone 11 Pro max has except the camera design) I want the design to be prettier.. And that’s basically all.. iPhone is great. I’ve been using the X for 3(?) years now and it’s great. It’s simple, easy, and pretty. I love apple.. I basically have everything.. I’m a little bit disappointed on the GB..

  • what colors are you guys planning to get? black is always a nice option, but i want to try a new color. The product red one this year isnt as appealing to me because the red seems a little too light for my liking.

  • If they add 4 cameras on the 12 I swear....

  • Going to push my £620 iPhone for 1 more year

  • Steve jobs would not be impressed

  • Do I have to wear an anti static bracelet while using it?

  • iPhone 11 Pro = iPhone XS iPhone 11 = iPhone XR Apple are masters at marketing and deception. They know its fan base are too brainwashed to notice.

  • I think i just watched a camera hands-on video :)

  • APPLE : COMMENTS disabled ! LOL. Why ?

  • Look than not better iphone x

  • Are pole now so lazy they can't just move back to get wider view? Most useless camera ever this wide view thing