Apple just got REKT by… themselves - Powerbeats Pro Review

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The new 2nd gen Airpods were impressive, but Apple's new Powerbeats Pro are even MORE impressive, especially for active users. But are they good enough to impress non-athletes?
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  • pretty sure 400 is not 50 more than 250

    • M Isa your joke is hilarious

    • M Isa so 300 usd is 400 cad but 250 Powerbeats will be same in Canada? 250 vs 300, Canada= 330 vs 400

    • M Isa what they’re saying is in Canada it’s $400 CAD while in US it’s $300

    • wrr, anys ok

    • Need math tips?

  • just get a pair of comply ear bud tips and you'll have way better noise isolation if that's what you're looking for] also, usually way more comfy than silicon tips, but alas, to ea their own;]

  • God I was so excited to buy the power beats pro got them and was disappointed with the sound quality :( , back to my AirPods for the mean time until something better actually comes along

  • What are alternatives for a bus and courtyard kind of guy??

  • C’mon now Linus, athletes aren’t nerds.

  • Sauna proof???

  • Are power beats pro unhealthy for you?

  • Tell homeboy to clean out his damn 👂 😂😂😂

  • My favorite part is that after 2 years when the batteries degrade to crap like my AirPods have, the batteries aren’t impossible to replace since they’re only soldered with 2 wires (not as convenient as the Galaxy Buds, but way better than the tick welded and heavily glued in ones of the AirPods) and removing the cover over the main part isn’t too hard. Plus the fact that the cells are 200mWh compared to 93mWh means these will retain a decent capacity for many years and it’ll probably be 5 years before they become annoyingly low in capacity. And with the extra sound quality, these are definitely good and I’ll buy them real soon

  • Deep ear penetration

  • beats x are bomb, if you don't mind the cable

  • 2:41 "She tried" 😲

  • Has ANYONE ever gotten 5 hours out of their AirPods?

    • Slevlonder Co i have never used the airpods for 5 hours without putting them back in the case.

  • Who already got the Powerbeats Pro? If you have: how do they are?

    • They very do are

  • $272 w tax. Waiting for mines in July

  • Jk no one has a homepod 😂

  • What about HTC, OnePlus or LG's DAC for audio tuning? Will the headphones respond to the built-in tuning system?

  • Oh I’m def interested in the “Deep ear penetration”

  • They are really good.

  • Skull candy wireless ear buds have 16 hours btw

    • Eddie Hall because if you’re looking at the galaxy buds one I will agree with you they look gay

    • Eddie Hall are you looking at the ones that look like AirPods or the ones that look like the galaxy buds

    • And look gay as fack

  • What is the range of the bluetooth like?

  • 5:29 *heY SiiIrRIIiEeeEeEE*

  • Stopped listening at lightning port.

  • Well doesn’t the money still go to apple?

  • Beats are just for apple users now?

  • The Sennheiser is a $150 more not just $50

  • Stick to the script bro. Your not a comedian. Your jokes are horrible!

  • apple beats themselves

  • Are they comfortable to use over time? 1/3/8 hours?

    • I just got my pair today. I'll let you know tomorrow after work.

  • After waiting so long for these to come out, so Annoyed that they hurt my ears. Have to return them.

  • is the new momentum review there yet?

  • I find my Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones great for working out, but they are a HUGE problem for me when running. They are always coming loose or falling out and it’s the most annoying thing. Will these have the same problem or are they designed better so that’s not an issue?

  • What’s the sound quality difference from the power beat 3’s?

  • Is that a galaxy watch with a fake Gucci strap?

  • For iOS users that have the Powerbeats Pro, you can customize the EQ for Apple Music subscribers in Settings > Music > EQ. That helps customize the sound settings for Powerbeats Pro users. Have Fun!

  • Hey! I have a Homepod and I appreciate the effort not to trigger it :P

  • "Deep ear penetration", my favorite Pornhub category

  • Senhiser ones plz...


  • Why didnt test bose soundsport free

  • If you have AirPods or EarPods (with the wire). No need to upgrade. I had my beats for a week and found myself using my earbuds instead! Just more bass with the beats. For $275 the beats were just not worth it! $275 vs $29 EarPods which is actually louder, go with the AirPods or EarPods.

  • Maybe one day he will disappear... just maybe...


  • I use the Bose Sound Sport.

  • Yes do the sennheiser review again pls

  • Where’s that review of the Sennheisers? I would like to see it. I have an over-ear set of Sennheisers that don’t work so well for the gym so I’m looking at the Powerbeats Pro and the Sennheiser Momentums

  • Bellend

  • do the Bose ones

  • I just returned these yesterday. Nothing beats my Plantronics Backbeat FIT headphones for sound and comfort, and they last a week with a one hour workout every day, or about 7-8 hours continuous which is more than enough for sports earphones.

  • Linus has a crush on Apple...he claims to hate them, yet cant stop talking about them...

  • I wish this has also noise cancellation. Mm

  • I didn’t see the t shirt in this video on your Merch shop. When will it be available ?

  • Do they go into idle mode if placed in pockets but not into the charging case? I would like to place them in a pouch in my pocket and pull them out throughout the day and leave the case at home or in my bag only for charging overnight. If

  • AHAHAHAH 250 bucks for earbuds to listen to MP3 compressed music. Okay. XD Guys, buy decent headphones and a CD player for half the price.

    • Shendue I don’t wanna carry cd player while playing soccer

    • Shendue I can’t use a cd while I’m playing basketball lol

  • 4:42

  • Great review

  • I'm the kid of athlete who runs marathons in FPS shooters

  • I'd rather take the time and money to buy a pair of Bose or something nicer, and get a custom mold of plugs made. Even with a custom mold, they still come in as a cheaper alternative with the additional benefit of having easy to replace parts.

    • PaddyLCubed you must not hit the gym often.

  • "5 min charging = 1.5h listening 15min charging = 4.5h listening" No shit.

  • no such thing as impresx or not

  • Ummm they do isolate sound wdym

  • 2:40 she tried ?

  • stfu and go do ur windows shit

  • That case should charge your phone twice.

  • I was wondering: Can the Powerboats Pro be paired to a 2017 LG OLED 4K TV?

    • justsendit yes you can I have the same TV

  • Yep. Definitely will buy these :D

  • AirPods: nothing AirPods: absolutely nothing Power beats pro: hold my earlobes

  • Sennheiser follow up please

  • What about armor hedphones and jabra true wireless headphones?

  • 06:38 That's what she said. :D

  • When you figure out that apple owns beats

  • Are the earbuds standard? As in if i have a batch of powerbeats replacement earbuds will these work with the powerbeats pro?

    • olly miller you can probably use anything. I lost my powerbeats 3 eartips and I just use eartips I bought from amazon. So they’ll probably work with any eartip

  • I would love to see a review of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless once they come in! I've been somewhat partial to Sennheiser for some time now and would love to upgrade my standard cabled in-ear momentums for some wireless ones.

  • Hey great review. Just a question. How have you found the durability of the hinge on the Powerbeats case?

  • She tried? 🤔🤔🤔

  • if Jamie from the progressive commercials and David Tennant had a kid it would be this guy

  • Linus has a jibe at people who wear cargo pants whilst he's there with his socks and sandals!

  • Apple is always great true as trashy can

  • Not really if you use Beats with apple

  • Are you laughing at my cargo pants?

  • You actually annoy me

  • I'll take one Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless full review please.

  • Nice review, but why does everyone always alters their voice when they say “hey Siri”? It has a voice recognition. Siri isn’t going to pay attention to anyone else. I don’t understand.

  • i watched this video in 360p and the quality was incredible, looked almost like 720p. The new av1 codec is actually great, i'm convinced now

  • I have a HomePod 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • I'm not sure why I'm watching this since I don't like headphones that you have to remember to charge. That said, these aren't terrible.

  • Does powerbeats pro gives you cancer like AirPods

    • DeepCupsChan119 Anything which requires Bluetooth connection do. Also you shouldn’t worry about cancer just don’t use your airpods 24/7 and you’ll be fine

  • i like how everything these days is huge. guess you never had the hi tech sony walkman or discman or heaven forbid a boom box.... dam im old

  • What do you mean too much bass.!! U're a different applehead breed 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

  • Linus making fun of people with cargo pant - is Linus. :P

  • Well flossy carter crowned them his favorite so I’m sold

    • Floss approved 🆗

  • I mean I'm not happy losing ports but there are some impressive offerings for TWS earphones. I think it would be great if you could do some comparisons between the big brands' offerings and the smaller ones, like the PAMU slide or the EarFun free, that are quite significantly cheaper with only a few sacrifices and see how they stack up

  • " i guess size does matter " Lmaooooo

  • Hi! Are u using samsung watch?

  • Stop saying rekt you look 40

  • Cool click bait. Apple slaps the beats name on everything... That's why you have the title you do? Fuck off

  • *Size doesn't matter* i gotcha bro

  • kkkk. dip ear penetration. Yup that sounds like apple stuff

  • Hi! Can you store music in the headphone alone? Thanks!

  • Way too big still prefer my airpods 2