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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

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thank u, next (Official Video)
Song available here:
Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
Produced by Brandon Bonfiglio
Edited by Hannah Lux Davis & Taylor Tracy Walsh
Production Company: London Alley
Executive Producers: Brandon Bonfiglio, Luga Podesta, Andrew Lerios
Colorist: Bryan Smaller
Featuring (in alphabetical order)
Colleen Ballinger
Jonathan Bennett
Matt Bennett
Courtney Chipolone
Jennifer Coolidge
Gabi DeMartino
Stefanie Drummond
Elizabeth Gillies
Toulouse Grande
Kris Jenner
Alexa Luria
Daniella Monet
Victoria Monet
Scott Nicholson
Tayla Parx
Troye Sivan

Music video by Ariana Grande performing thank u, next. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • Thank u,next

  • did y’all see her shirt “a little bit needy”

  • Ariana..i like u..please visit my chanel n subsribe..

  • wait wait, who else remembers that it was being viewed so much that we couldnt see the comments?

  • Thanks You next i love song

  • My little brother love the blonde hair!

  • Imagin her as a mom and having short hair...

  • Yess space

  • **15 February 2019???** :)

  • Ariana I like your songs

  • Omg it says seven rings on the license plate😱😱

  • Get reported hub

  • this is maybe the worst song ive ever heard. stop trying to be taylor swift writing crappy diss tracks to your exes and stay with your original content.

  • Gabby

  • I don't recall the clovers being ghetto and twerking, but ok I guess...

  • mean girls, bring it on, 30 flirty, and legally blond thoses are all the movies that are in this video

  • Hi


  • Buena amor ariana grande te acuerdas cuando isimos el 😗😗amor mi celular +593968095235 me agregas en whasap

  • Thank you next bitch love it

  • 2:04 Robbie from victorious


  • thank u, next😻

  • 0:24 so, the girl that she met in “break up with Your girlfriend, I’m bored” was Aubrey ?

  • No escucho pop en inglés solo trap sobretodo de paulo londra y canciones de acd y queeen y de artistas españoles pero reconozco que está canción me encanta

  • OMG is that gabi lol

  • Porque la mujer del minuto 1:20 se tocaba los melones🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

  • Love

  • For Mac Miller?

  • Alguien habla español y le gusta la música de ariana grande V":

  • Brasil? Alguém????

  • The lady from 3:24 has horrible botox and lip fillers

  • Ariana grande sucks. I would beat her up

  • #7Rings

  • My mind had blown when this song came out.

  • Ariana I your first fan

  • Que hino porra

  • ꧁R̾e̾a̾l̾ H̾a̾s̾t̾a̾ L̾A̾ M̾u̾e̾r̾t̾e̾꧂

  • I like her in red top she looks soooo cute!

  • The tone of the intro was from the 7 rings.. 😁😁 it's a hint

  • is just me?but i am nostalgic abuot Sam and Cat

  • Mean girls Bring it on Leagally blonde 13 going on 30

  • is that ag lee?

  • 👍

  • At 1:05 u can see "NEEDY" on her shirt..which is her new song..just wanted to share 😋

  • go girl

  • Thank you next b****

  • One time my brother told me it sounds like she's saying bacon n eggs... And now I can't unhear it..

  • At the start it isn't Ariana it's gabi

  • Shout out to all the people named Malcolm, we're angels

  • I never seen this episode of victorious

  • U gay,🏳️‍🌈

  • 4:59 she did the middle finger

  • So ariana is the bitchiest bitch in the world or something like that because if i was in the same school as her i would smack her weak ass of the stair and walk on her bitchass head

  • Cadê os brasileiros ?? 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Am I the only one that saw that it says 7 rings on the car tag at 3:03

  • Ari with them 7 rings clues though👌

  • Sound Like,Thank You ,X,

  • 0:01 sounds exactly like 7 rings (Only the beginning)

  • Mariah Carey fan here to support Ariana 😊

  • yuh

  • yaa yEE

  • bacon eggs.

  • im so grateful for my eggs

  • thank u, next.

  • Her shirt says “ a little bit needy “ OH MY

  • Anyone else waiting for kris Jenner to say "You're doing great sweetie" ? Just like the meme lol

  • Linda diva maravilhosa

  • Does anyone realize the beginning is 7 rings

  • Am I the only one who thinks the 13 going on 30 Ariana looks AMAZING on her?!

  • The Christmas scene is from Mean Girls

  • Whos here BEFORE 304 mil views😂😂

  • arianna grandes music is so vanilla, default, boring, the same and average but so average that is becomes trash

  • 15/02/2019??

  • Kris is WAYYYY to hype..

  • 2 0 1 9 ? 💍👑💍

  • *Are any of you guys wondering how to do this and make it black well all you gotta do is put a little star shape like this**bad DA bing badda boom*

  • Mean Girls references OMG.

  • R.I.P. mac miller

  • Who is here before 1 bill views 😊?

  • So many icons in this video that my childhood is shook. This video actually makes me happy.

  • Os beautiful


  • She curse now

  • Isn't the red haired girl the actor from victorius?

  • thank u next awesome fucking gracefull for my ex

  • The modern day Mariah Carey.

    • Not even close. Mariah's attitude and personality got worse as she got older, but she will never reach Arianna's level. If hell was real she would be going there no doubt. Voice wise i guess they are pretty similar true.

  • Bacon eggs

  • LA CANCION sigue siendo pegadiza

  • I Actually Knew It All Along! ❤

  • Thank u, next bitch!

  • my song

  • 0:32 Oh Hello There.

  • ISABELLA😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 300M vieus ?? 😗😗😗 I love you Ariana grande ❤❤❤

  • *Cat Valentine had a huge glow up, what if this song was meant for Tori because she wanted all the fame? 🤔❤*

  • Excellent but fans be sensible not vulnerable by acting out of contex

  • 1:54 Robbie from victorious

  • just realized song in the beginning is 7 rings lol

  • Did yall notice how much hints she gave? One of the first few scenes here top said NEEDY which is the name of one of her songs, and the car plate was 7 RINGS! 👏❤😱