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  • 9:10 “I had a lot experience when I was young” ... and he is only 24. This kid is committed.

  • Hahahahaha du müsstest Englisch lernen

  • Arman is a beast !! Easy win

  • Arman let’s gooo

  • Been a fan ever since that tiger muay thai trials doco

    • Those are grueling gives me a lot of confidence in this fight because the guy he's fighting has insane boxing.

  • His level of wrestling is insane. He was almost at Makhachev level last time they fought. A Georgian beast.

    • @Արփինե Խաչատրյան Yeah you right he been living in georgia for awhile now

    • @Dannyboi Eee Yeah but saying his nationality is Georgian is wrong idk, i think he has more ties with Russia than Georgia

    • @Արփինե Խաչատրյան Hurt much 😂😂😂. I’m Armenian but he was born in georgia

    • @Dannyboi Eee Neither his nationality nor ethnicity is Georgian. Living somewhere doesn't change your ethnicity. Hurt much?

    • @Alex Yevian His nationality is Georgian but his ETHNICITY is armenian so he is armenian and always carries armenian flag not GEORGIAN.

  • OH boy, already making excuses. Fading this guy!🤣🤣

    • The sleep thing is the fighters getting adjusted to the time zone. Jet lag is not existent when you fight the fatigue and sleep the next night according to the country's time zone. Maybe you don't travel a lot but i wouldn't fade this guy.

    • The no sleep thing is scary... But skills are skills. Khabib got injured before the Justin fight and looked terrible on the scale... then came in there and dominated.

    • @Georgin thanks for that insight, I did not know that👍

    • Dude, all Armenians have that trait, they just like to look at the empty half of the glass, Mousasi has the same vibe with him

    • Jet lag and sleep deviation happen a lot, you have to awareness of sleep techniques for that to overcome it

  • I wonder if he’s related to the trophy hunter proletarian piece of shit that robbed the country together with its mates kocharyan & co.

  • I hate that 2 prospects are being matched against each other so early

    • @jamal thx bro u2!

    • @Giannhs Tsilidhs yeah true! 50/50 both are crazy talents and the Future of the UFC. Wish you a good evening brotha!✌🏽

    • @jamal it's a pickem fight bro , dog or pass for me 50/50

    • @Giannhs Tsilidhs yes brother he is a world class wrestler and the fight against islam was extremely good. But many people underestimated nasrat he has a huge will and has prepared extremely well. I think he wins too

    • @jamal bro i dont know about that , but that armenian guy is a superior wrestler , did u see him againts islam machachev?