Aung La N Sang vs. Reinier De Ridder II | ONE Championship Full Fight

Dipublikasikan tanggal 29 Apr 2021
History was made in the main event of ONE on TNT IV, as Aung La N Sang rematched Reinier de Ridder in a World Champion vs. World Champion showdown for light heavyweight gold!

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  • Who's NEXT for the winner?

  • De ridder ? 🤣👎

  • သူများကို့ကိုချုပ်သလိုကိုပြန်ချပ်ပါလား

  • Ouch 2-0

  • Good job AungLa

  • De Ridder made a whole continent go mad, even Chat was disapointed by seeing his superstar being dominated.

  • This guy is in love with Aung La

  • Wzyz

  • aungla stand up to the rear march

  • aungla know nothing in technique...he should learn much more in fighting

  • aungla is no much to reniere riddiere

  • aungla is lampa

  • OSCARS Aung La N Sang. He will be Actor in Future.

  • The real pyhton

  • fighting Aung la

  • Fight like a man ,

  • Worst fight ever...🤮

  • Aung la must learn yo counter the grappling of ridder

  • Yes i see ridder the winner

  • Missed that twister. it was right there.

  • Needed to see more fury from Aung La after he got himself free early on. Or drop a knee on those take down attempts. Such a great fighter though love to see a rematch.

  • Aaung la can beat this guy so easy he nothing to him but at of the day is business all about business rich people bet money that’s why who even in the charge to aung la have to los this first but

  • အောင်လညာဏ်တုံးတယ်

  • you sus lol

  • Aung La, please try to do fast action and ground defense. Challenge him again and become winner.

  • တတောင်းစားခါးပတ်မရမချင်းထိုးနေတာ

  • what a great grappler and jiu jitsu stylist . all rounds to de ridder. that's how you negate the force of the burmese python . put him on the ground all the time . even if there will be another bout for these 2 warrior, i can still see De ridder as a winner. you dont need a knockout to win all, just focus all your techniques and skills to the ground. 5th round was frustration on La Nsang .

  • I am curious if De Ridder could make it to a decent level in the UFC when he improves his standing fighting game

  • နောက်ဆက်ခေါင်းနဲ့ မျက်နှာ ပြန်ဆောင့်ပါလား

  • နောက်ဆက်ခေါင်းနဲ့ တိုက်ဆောင့် ရနေတာကြီး အတာလားနတာလား

  • ပေါင်လရုံးရင် nldရုံးတာပေါ့

  • NSANG Trận này đánh hÆ¡i tá»± tin.Không hạ thấp trọng tâm chống vật.Có ai Việt Nam Fan A N SANG nhÆ° Tôi Không

  • 2 thằng sao giật lộn ko vậy

  • သက်လုံနုတာေသ ခြာကြည့်

  • Boring 🥱🥱

  • Kalo udah kalah ya kalah,,diulang berapa kali ya the Raider tetep juara

  • Aung La n Sang shouid excert more effort to make more points because can not ko jis opponent.


  • The face of aungla looks like hot cake hahaha..

  • 💪💪💪

  • keep hit his leg

  • break his leg

  • this kind of battle,u need to focus on hit his leg

  • You can't knee on your grounded opponents.

  • 지저분하고 얍샵하게 하네 개~~ 종일 속터짐 반전한방 기대햇건만

  • 5:23 backsound bobon Santoso wkwkwk Server indo meronta mendengar ini wkwkkw

  • 💪☝👍

  • That man de ridder he is steriod man hahaha the check your mma figther if they are not cheating 💉💉💉

  • De redder grappling skills .... awesome!

  • Astonishing endurance from the wrestler! Great fight.

  • To be honest Aung La, Weaknesses jujitsu💯👍😀

  • ခ်ိန္နည္းနည္းထပ္ရွိရင္ ေအာင္လ ႏိုင္ၿပီေပါ

    • စိတ်ဓာတ်မကျပါနဲ့ bro. အမြဲအားပေနေပါတယ် ထိပ်ဆုံးမှာပန်းတိုင်ရှိတယ့်လမ်းဆုံရင်ရွာရောက်လိမ်မယ်ဆိုလိုသလိုပေါ့

  • Ds is rared fighter of the universal record music

  • And they say UFC has bias commentary😳

  • Элитный жополаз завалял элитного ударника.

  • What's wrong with the guy who gave him his belt?

  • De Ridder showed an overall mma performance which is not just about finishing the opponent but performing at the excellen level. respect to both fighters.

  • Aung La N sang 👎👎👎

  • de Ridder is so boring during this fight, he only wants to fight aung la on the ground because he knows it’s the only way he will win the fight

    • Just accept defeat lol

    • Nice job Aung la . You are the best fighter champion in my heart❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • De ridder so very dirty,, boring figth

  • Luta ruim.

  • De Ridder showed an overall mma performance which is not just about finishing the opponent but performing at the excellen level. respect to both fighters.

  • လက္ေဝ့ထိုးပါတယ္ဆိုမွ...လီးလို..... လႏုက္ပက္ဖို႔ပဲေခ်ာင္းေနတာ

  • De ridder is a very smart he knows what to do he's my idol now 😳🥰

    • Chat was upset, just like Dana when their favorite priced fighter screwed up😂

  • Na pakahusay ng BAGONG campion magaling

  • De Ridder dont know how to hit or what? Only hugging from behind all time. You love Aungla so much uh?😁😁

  • စိတ်ဓာတ်မကျပါနဲ့ bro. အမြဲအားပေနေပါတယ် ထိပ်ဆုံးမှာပန်းတိုင်ရှိတယ့်လမ်းဆုံရင်ရွာရောက်လိမ်မယ်ဆိုလိုသလိုပေါ့

  • Myanmar fighter's weakness are Burmese python moves

  • Next winner's will be same ..

  • Aung La, you are the best fighter. Aung La defended Ridder's blockade. Ridder could not defend Aung La's attacks. For example, in the last round. That is the truth.

  • ရိုက်နီယာက သက်လုံမ​ကောင်းဘူး ​​နောက်ပွဲမှာ ​အောင်လ​ရေ အနီးကပ် တိုက်စစ်ဖွင့်​ဆော့ပါ ဗီရာနဲ့ ပွဲလို​ပေါ့။ သူ ငါ့ကို ချုပ်လို့မရဘူးလို့ စိတ်ထဲမှာ ခံယူထားပါ။ သူ့မှာ ဒါအကုန်ပဲ။ ​သူက အနီးကပ်မ​ဆော့ပဲ ခွာပြီး​ဆော့တယ်။ ​နောက်ပွဲမှာ ​အောင်လနိုင်မှာ​သေချာတယ်။

  • Aung La အများကြီး ကြိုးစားထာမှန်း အရမ်းသိသာတယ် ​အောင်လ ရှုံးသွား​ပေမယ့် ​အောင်လက ဘက်စုံ​တော်မှန်း လူတိုင်းက အသိအမှတ်ပြုကြတယ်။ ဂျူဂျစ်စု မှာ ​တော်တဲ့ ရိုက်နီယာ ၅ချီထိ ချုပ်လို့မရဘူး။ ​အောင်လ ​အ​နေနဲ့ ရိုက်နီယာ ဘယ်လိုဝင်လုံးမလဲဆိုတာ ​ကြိုသိ​နေဖို့လိုတယ်။

  • worst game !

  • Nice job Aung la . You are the best fighter champion in my heart❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • ရူံးပြန်ပြီ😁😁😁

  • Buti nga pinag bigyan ni Brandon Vera yan.

  • Iba na ang laruan nya bumagal at di na agresibo di gaya sa mga una nyang laro. Defending champion say dapat maintain nya laruan nya.

  • aung la

  • Chat was upset, just like Dana when their favorite priced fighter screwed up😂

    • အျပာကား

  • Funny how the end bossman just puts the belt on his shoulder and walks off, l think they were hoping Aung would win, makes the victory even sweeter

    • That single leg trip at the start of round 4 was beautiful!

  • aung crazy

  • The only python that got constricted..

    • A python fighting a Titanoboa

  • Tang ina mo de ridder! Wala kang kwenta kalaban.. Gago!

  • De ridder = Super glue

  • I hate wrestlers they are scared to fight honorfull in stand up

  • L

  • Give Aung the third fight, when he still loses, he should just consider retiring

  • Anyway AL enough hit to RDR

  • I don`t understand.RDR cant do more. Why he win??.

  • Good

  • Sang có lói đánh quá nhàm chán

  • Chatri handled this like a full blown amateur.

  • ကိုေအာင္လ ဒါေလမ်ားမႏိုင္ေအာင္လုပ္ေပါ့

  • Plus chiant comme sport c’est difficile... vous avez vus le premier round ? Vous les avez tous vus...

  • To be honest aung la doesn't seem fighting here on this fight he's more likely trying to survive the whole fight

  • An sang my hero of Myanmar

  • 1:00 that's so high level!!

  • Aung la. Fighting

  • BOA vs pHyton 🤣

  • De Ridder... me ha gustado su técnica...