Bach-Vivaldi/Concerto for 4 Pianos/MultiPiano Ensemble

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"MultiPiano" Ensemble: Tomer Lev, Berenika Glixman, Daniel Borovitzky, Raviv Leibzirer
Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble / Barak Tal - Conductor
Live / Israel Conservatory Hall, Tel Aviv / October 2013
"MultiPiano" is a unique keyboard project, presenting four of Israel’s virtuoso pianists in a celebration of pianos in ever-changing combinations - from one to four pianos, from 4 to 8 hands, with or without orchestra. The ensemble’s repertoire ranges from fully-fledged original masterworks to dazzling virtuoso arrangements.
Now in its fourth year, the ensemble has already performed on four continents, from Beijing Concert Hall to Buenos Aires’ Teatro Colon, from New-York’s Merkin Hall to London’s Henri Wood Hall, collaborating with such institutions as the English Chamber Orchestra, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, Buenos Aires Mozarteum Argentino and Conciertos Grapa, the Philharmonic Society of Lima, the music festivals of Taipei, Huallien, Ottawa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as well as on television and radio networks from Asia to South America.
The MultiPiano project was launched in the 2010-11 season under the umbrella of the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music - a joint institution of Tel Aviv University and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Featuring three of Israel`s most radiant young pianists and their mentor, Tomer Lev - one of the country’s most prominent musicians - the MultiPiano project attracted much international attention immediately upon its inauguration. In 2011 the group successfully toured the Far East, with performances in Beijing, Taipei, Kaohshiung and Tainan, including a Gala opening of the Kuandu Festival in Taiwan in cooperation with the Israeli Foreign Ministry.
In summer 2012 the group was presented throughout Latin America’s foremost concert halls in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Peru, including Teatro Colon and the Gran Rex (Buenos Aires), Teatro Del Sodre (Montevideo) and a live broadcast performance in Radio Nacional of Argentina, televised by PBS (TV Publica). Additional presentations included performances for the respected Mozarteum Argentino concert agency, The Philharmonic Society of Lima (opening concert of the Jubilee Festival), Sao Paulo Friends of Tel Aviv University, and concerts in Rosario and Cordoba.
Shortly thereafter the group performed for the second time in the Far East (Taipei and Hualien International Music Festival).
In spring of 2013 MultiPiano was presented at the Felicja Blumental Music Festival in Tel Aviv and the Israel Festival in Jerusalem, including solo performances with the Israel Chamber Orchestra (Bach-Vivaldi concerto for 4 pianos) and live broadcasts for Israel Radio (IBA). The Tel Aviv Soloists, Haifa Symphony and the Israel Netanya Kibbutz orchestras hosted MultiPiano for performances of Bach, Mozart, Poulenc and Levanon concerti for 2, 3 and 4 pianos. In addition, the ensemble had its third tour to the Far East (Beijing Concert Hall, Tienjin Grand Theatre, Chengdu Music Hall ).
In fall 2013 MultiPiano was presented in two North American tours, including performances at Merkin Hall in New York City, as well as in Montreal, Ottawa, and Chicago. The New York Times described their performance as “a celebration of Multi-hands and Multi-keyboards”.
In Spring 2014 the ensemble toured South America for the second time, as soloists with the Israel Netanya Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra, with concerts in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Lima and Bogota.
In Fall 2014 MultiPiano collaborated with the English Chamber Orchestra in a recording of Mozart Concertos for two and three pianos, as well as in a world premiere recording of Mozart’s “Larghetto and Allegro” - a 1781 fragment left unfinished and completed and orchestrated by Tomer Lev for two pianos and orchestra.


  • Я счастлива, что мы ЭТО слышим!!! Спасибо❤️🙏

  • great 8 hands!

  • can perfection be altered and still be perfection? yes, but only if Bach rearrange Vivaldi..

  • Концерт для 4 роялев с четыремя оркестрами и трех хоров.

  • meravigliosi bravissimi bello molto

  • Exquisito!!

  • Merveilleux !!!!!!!!!

  • Listen to Steve reich 6 pianos as treat

  • valera barnhart

  • roba da drizzare i capelli.

  • 非常欣賞~世界一流的音樂演奏會~龄眾人陶醉和贊賞~~~

  • Brilliant ! BRAVOOO !!

  • Me encantó la versión para 4 pianos. Me encantaría saber más acerca de los artistas. Sé que están en Alemania? Son formidables. Los adoro con la manera de tocar una obra así!!!

  • These pianists are in a hurry .... it's okay that times 1 and 3 are fast but it seems exaggerated here ....

  • les 4 pianos ,c est super comme tonation et le rytme j apprécie ,c est bien joué .

  • 9:26

  • Ermoso me encanta

  • Listen to the harpsichords:

  • I love Vivaldi's trills. In this work, the trills are special, they are divinely combined with the staccato.

  • La Bellezza !

  • love it so brilliant and just haunting

  • Какое сложное произведение,виртуозы те, которые могут исполнять Баха,разложив его на партии,но именно здесь дополняют струнные,как важно слушать друг друга и вести свою партию,браво

  • Wonderful. But I always loved the original Vivaldi version better :) It is more exquisite and inspiring to my ear :)

  • I join the general delight!

  • Восхищение! Удовольствие! Подъём. Чувство гордости за человека! Удивительный мир звуков, красок, переживаний! Чудо! Спасибо! Будьте благосдовенны! 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👍👍👍🌈🌈🌈

  • Beautiful

  • 素晴らしいpianistの皆様に感謝してお聴きさせていただきました。感動しています。

  • Hermoso 🙏👍👏💐🎁 Mil bendiciones para todos 🙏😇👍 Gloria, Bogotá, Colombia 👏

  • Yo diría Vivaldi-Bach

  • El segundo movimiento es tan parecido al OTOÑO de las cuatro estaciones, Vivaldi me fascina,sus conciertos en Sol y Re para guitarra.

  • El dr Bruno Vicente,dice en su comentario que era raro y busco y realmente como yo lo pensé que es Vivaldi con su concierto para 4 violines y Bach lo adapto para clavicordio,no me equivoqué

  • Me encanta,ver los cuatro pianistas,yo lo había visto con Marta Argerich y sus amigos, donde había una combinación de nacionalidades,es maravilloso,para mí se nota más la incursión de Vivaldi

  • I feel for the technician who had to tune the pianos!!!!

  • Как же, все таки, истинная музыка окрыляет и вдохновляет. Слава Богу за все!

  • A delightful performance. Vivaldi and Bach are simply the best! Amazing God given talents that we continue to enjoy after so many years.

  • Vielen Dank für diese besondere Darbietung! Ein großes Glück!

  • Fantastic 🙂🇬🇷

  • Brilliant phrasing, mesmerizing and lyrical rendition, best of this piece I have ever heard.

  • First time to see 4 pianos in an ensemble. Love this performance.

  • Fantástico.......

  • Шедеврально!Браво!👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • Beautiful! I have a cd recording of this wonderful concerto with late German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt playing one of the four pianos. Lovely performance. Thank you for posting. Greetings from Ankara, Turkey

  • Drot Serge C'est bien, mais le préfère l'original, qui est, en fait, le concerto de Vivaldi pour 4 violons RV 580, que l'on peut voir également sur ID-tv

  • Wonderful !

  • Шедеврально !евреи не могут плохо сыграть !в советское время под эту музыку делали художественные очерки по улицам москвы ,то есть снимали простых прохожих детишек и взрослых отдыхающих на скамеечках в парках ,милое доброе время было !

  • A composição já linda e tocada nesse maravilhoso arranjo ficou sensacional!

  • Mr Marin ?

  • Браво композитору, браво оркестру, браво дирижёру! Волшебство какое-то!!!

  • Sublime

  • Quite wonderful ! There is hope for our world when it's young folk like these can gather and entertain so brilliantly. And the organisation, that gathered those pianos, placed & tuned them, is due our warmest congrats. A thrilling performance, Thank You all.

  • ピアノ🎹もバイオリンもなめらかな素晴らしさでした。Absolutely perfect。

  • Mozart.

  • Vivaldi é feliz!🌿

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Музыка вечна ! Music is forever! A música é para sempre! מוסיקה היא לנצח! La musique est pour toujours!

  • Magnífico!

  • Audio kniha Eckhart Tille

  • Jzume

  • sou o unico brasileiro aqui?ja estou me sentindo solitario.

  • 美しい音色と美しい響きに協奏曲の音楽の素晴らしさに感動しています。ありがとうございました。

  • ピアニストの皆様の調和と愛の結晶を持っての演奏によって感動しています。ありがとうございました。素晴らしい音色です。バイオリンとピアノの🎹🎻音楽の喜びを味わっています。

  • Combining the melodic genius of Vivaldi with Bach's ingenious technical intricacies makes for fantastically colorful fireworks. Wonderful performance!

  • Sublime...

  • BERENIKA is an amazing and fantastic pianist. Here from Brazil 🇧🇷 I loved her performance in special. I listen to her every day 💚💐♥️💐🦋

  • Сердце замирает!!!

  • Splendid! Just splendid!

  • Amazing. Such trust and coordination .Thankyou

  • Bravo !!😃 I also play the piano ❗If you would like to listen to my ministry, I would be happy to hear it.

  • Bravo! This is the most up-tempo rendition of the fast movements I've heard and, at the same time the most brilliantly crisp, which magnifies the achievement. Having heard a number of performances on both harpsichords and pianos of this composition, with its rare score for four keyboards, I prefer the piano---stipulating a level of skill approaching the brilliance displayed here. The piano's dynamic range, from pianissimo to fortissimo, adds to the pleasure for me, especially when the pianists---as here---lay off the sustain pedal that has muddied some of the other piano performances I recall. For years I have longed to hear it played at a crisp, clean, fast tempo in the first and last movements and my hope has now been realized in this superb performance by all four pianists and the splendid orchestra, with all instruments so cleanly in synch. Thank you!

  • Magnificent

  • I loved it. The músic the pianists, the orchestra AND BACH

  • Здорово! Торжество веры надежды и любви! Браво всем!

  • Another piece of historic music spoiled by a poor performance on modern instruments for which it was never intended. Keep this brilliant music on the harpsichord where it sounds best

  • Fantastic

  • N'importe quoi !!!! It's really foolish, crazy, it's not Bach's music nor Vivaldi's one. These musicians do not know anything about musicology or the history of music ? These instruments did't exist in Bach's time. And the way they play too. Music is not only the notes, it's something else which is not written on the music sheet and depends of the uses and habits of an historical period of music history. Blah ! That is an imposture, a sham.

  • Bravo!!!

  • This piece should be called: Glory to God, Glory to Mankind

    • @Tacito Zetticci When you cannot explain issue scientifically you should look for what is called intuition. Since you failed to answer me what you believe in I conclude that you do not have answer. All you say is I do not believe in God. If you believe in nothing than you are a nihilist. For a nihilist life is devoid of any meaning. Then why to continue to live if spiritually you are bankrupt?

    • @VladislavGomulka sorry but this "To me God exists BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER MEANS TO EXPLAIN OUR OWN EXISTENCE" is just a lie you're telling yourself carried by emotion. Because a mean to explain this universe could be either something we find in this universe or something that is completely "outside" of it (which could be ANYTHING, not only gods or human concepts but anything, things that are disconnected from space or time or matter etc. , which is impossible for us to imagine, yeah even imagination is submitted to these fundamental rules and concepts) One other argument against the existence of any major human god (like the christian one etc.) is the nonsense of life and of the universe, there's this concept of free will but it's just a lie, if the world is bad (and it often is) it's not because of our fault but because it's "MADE" badly, (or what makes more sense to me would be that it is not designed, it just happened to form like this) And this is not about evil and good, it's just that the universe is not suited for us and we are the ones that are trying to adapt to it and suffering and struggling while doing so. We're not the protagonists here, we're mold on a rock, if the universe were designed for us it would be so different in my opinion. This is why I believe there is no one there, no one watching or caring, and that this is not about us, because if there is someone, what is he even doing?? He's either malevolent or not so powerful but it doesn't even make sense since he should have created this universe (which requires quite a lot of power and control) You might tell me that god is what makes sense, that the only reason why I think life is nonsensical is because I don't believe in a god. But I would answer that I'm very sure that the reason why your religion makes sense to you is because you haven't analysed it deep enough, look hard into any religion and you'll get TONS of nonsense. So if you're a muslim or protestant or whatever I think that if it makes sense to you it's because you only BELIEVE it makes sense but you're actually wrong. Do you think that the "evil" of this world is entirely due to us and our will? And do you think that the majority is deliberately choosing evil over good? I'm a young adult, I'm still going to university.

    • @Tacito Zetticci Thank you for sharing with me your ideas about nonexistence of God. Your truth "I don't know" indicates that indeed you cannot insist on your idea Does God Exist. So, do you live a possibility that God Does Exist? Death is the Highest Mystery that faces us, but this issue is aside from the God's existence.. To me God exist BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER MEANS TO EXPLAIN OUR OWN EXISTENCE. We do not know where this Universe came from, we do not know the real meaning of life, we do not know where DNA molecule came, we do not know the nature of our IMMATERIAL consciousness/ Only category of God can be the starting point for discussion on the mystery of our existence. Belief in God saves people life, like mine, for example. And in conclusion: If you do not believe in God in what do you believe and also what is your age. I will be grateful if you answer my questions.

    • @Tacito Zetticci Respected Tacito: Therefore difference between you and me is that you do not "actually excluding every potential [pagan] god" and I say without hesitation that there is One Creator of Universe, of Tacito, of ID-tv and of Bach and Vivaldi. Who else is the Author of Universe. God is His name.

    • @VladislavGomulka I "believe" that nobody knows. I believe that old gods are false basing on the logic of their religions (this is what I mean by "There's no god" I'm not actually excluding every potential god, only the ones from human culture) and you surely believe that too. Everyone believes that thousands of gods are false, but probably I just think the same thing for one more god on the list that you instead consider as an exception. It's ok to say "I don't know" sometimes, it's a sign of maturity. It's also ok to just accept death for what it is, it's not tragic. We experience what it is like to not be conscious every day when sleeping so it's not an alien concept for us luckily. Death exists, you can't just deny that and say that we're eternal and such. It's so obvious that death is an ancient dread that we all instinctively share and that religions use psychology as leverage, it works indeed and some say that they feel better that way but it has its dangers too and that's why I prefer truth for me and for humanity.

  • Fantástico, una conjunción única de sonidos , una música llevada con la sola intención de destacar sus sonidos ,que reflejan el arteven si de su autor y de sus talentosos intérpretes

  • Świetne wyjątkowo dobrej kjakości nagranie. A poza tym samo piękno. Dzięku

  • Por favor, não nos esqueçamos dos músicos. Excepcionais criaturas.

  • Á linguagem da música é universal. Esse o certo é uma maravilha. Parabéns aos idealizadores.

  • Great job!!!

  • Хороший звук. Сейчас на Ютуб это редкость

  • Oh my!! Gorgeous!

  • Make music not war

  • I'm so suprised to see kawai piano. I'm japanese but have never seen it. steinway and yamaha are so common and good enough, isn't it?

  • Maravilloso!!!!!💕💚💛🧡💙💜

  • Magnificent

  • 美しい音色と美しいpianistの見事な技にViolinistの美しい音色と美しい響きですね。素晴らしい演奏ですね。感動しています。

  • Волшебно!

  • Me pregunto: porque alguien le daría pulgar abajo?

  • Восхитительно!

  • WoW! Amazing.

  • How to bring 4 pianos into one concert hall :-)

  • 音楽を愛する円熟した皆様の素晴らしさに心が幸せです。ありがとうございました。

  • violinistとPianistの演奏の素晴らしさに心が幸せです。

  • 音楽を愛する円熟の音色ですね。美しい綺麗なピアニスト様達の心の美しい響きを感謝して楽しくなって幸せです。

  • Take note everyone: no page turners! 😯

  • ¿Se puede preguntar porque cuatro pianos?

  • דאַנקבאַר צו איר..פּרעכטיק שטיק ביוטאַפלי ינטערפּראַטאַד. דאנק איר פֿאַר דיין ייַנטיילונג, איך בין

    • superbe pièce, magnifiquement interprété. Merci pour le partage-partagé, je vous en suis reconnaissant.

    • גוגל איבערטייטשער