Bahamas - USA | Highlights - FIBA AmeriCup 2022 Qualifiers

Dipublikasikan tanggal 20 Peb 2021
Enjoy the highlights of the game between Bahamas and USA of the FIBA AmeriCup 2022 Qualifiers Window 3!
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  • Where is Michael Jordan and Pipen? Oooooohh the video quality reminds me in 1996😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Big fan of Bass when he was still playing for the Celtics

  • Joe Johnson still balling

  • I want ISO Joe and IT here in manila for the world cup 2023.🇵🇭

  • Great highlights from Team Bahamas.🌎🇧🇸🌎🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸

  • I’m so confused what’s goin on here? Why are these guys playing for team USA

  • What is this cup? Is that a woman playing with Bahamas?

  • Thank you and God bless.


  • I don't know any other players besides Thomas

  • 242 to the world. Even tho we got blown out, its good to see the dot on the map representing.

  • I was expecting something like 147 : 69,

  • Why is USA team playing during NBA regular season? NBA players are not under contract?

    • Thats ok .The Bahamas did have some huge highlight plays in spite of our lost to 'The Great 'USA' . I'm most impressed with Team Bahamas.

    • everyone on this team is a free agent, so players under contract could play... that's why the usa didnt win by 400

  • Whaaa Brandon Bass is here!

  • 惠特股票代號6706,後勢看好要買要快。

  • Клубы из какой лиги представляют игроки сборной США?

  • IT deserves to still be in the league

  • Why is refreshed to watch this match ? I mean they were competing less drama less rigged (i hope). U can see better defense unlike nba nowadays and felt super scripted any matches in nba. Damn i missed this type plays

  • Yupppppp!

  • I see king of the fourth, I click

  • Any way we could get linups in the description?

  • Can anybody tell me why NBA players aren’t playing? Besides the fact the season is in progress.

    • I mean that really is he only reason lol

    • No because it's just that, none of these guys would be playing if they had an NBA or even G league contract. Most of the time contracts prohibit participation in things like this when the season is going on.

  • The video quality looks like it was taken in 1996

    • you have experienced 240p

    • But it says 2022... so it’s from the future.

    • @Jomer Moredo 👍

    • @David Layton c'mon. Don't take exaggeration too seriously..

    • I know you'll say you have, but that's sounds like something someone who has never seen a VHS recording would say.

  • mavs phenom

  • Team philippines 🙏 Soon.💪

  • They are lucky Buddy Hield wasn't there

    • @Caiden Petrie periodt

    • @kelan cameron asked

    • @Caiden Petrie Who?

    • @da realist who still couldnt compete with the actual us team

    • you guys are lucky lebron james, anthony davis, stephen curry, kevin durant, james harden, etc. werent there... buddy hield is almost nothing compared to them

  • Former BROOKLYN NETS💪🏿❤

  • Imagine it and joe johnson is on their primes

    • Too OP

    • dude that would be fun to watch

  • Bahamas vs Bahasa

  • Its so good to see isaiah thomas playing again

  • Daniels nagfoul last minute former import ng aces ksama dn pla xa sa us team

  • Chris Daniels former import of Alaska Aces!

  • 🇧🇸💪

  • Nice to see IT again

  • Bahama gg, i see basketball is more equal on national teams level

  • Iso Joe

  • Bahamas was so good.. Playing physically.. But they runing out a gas..

  • indo mana niii

  • Iso Joe is still playing??!

  • Jimmer Freddette and Tyreke Evans should be on team USA

    • @SlaM Ù That's cuz the nba doesn't allow their players to play for their national team in a middle of a season. That's the reason why USAB selected players that are no longer in the nba cuz they are the best players outside the nba.

    • @kelan cameron they don’t cause I’m so confused watching this. Bunch of nba players that I haven’t seen in years playing for team USA? What is this tournament? Or what am I watching here

    • @reignmans Team USA has no association with the NBA

    • @reignmans he took PEDs for his bad knee lesson learned. It will show how we persevere from hard lessons learned and come back as winners regardless of the platform. He would Reke Havok on FIBA just like Jimmer does the CBA.

    • a guy banned from the NBA for violating the anti-drug program should be on team USA? thats would be a lil bit contradicting wouldnt it?

  • Dominic Bridgwater of The Bahamas is clearly the best point guard in the tournament.

  • Celtics doesn't deserve IT.

  • usa basketball team has to do their best to defeat bahamas... something is changing

    • This entire USA team is full of people that can't even make it to the NBA G-League. If they were in the G-League they wouldn't be allowed to participate because their season is currently in progress, same with the NBA.

    • 🇧🇸

    • The whole bahamas team is probably learned basketball in the US..perhaps some of them even have double citizenship

    • USA qualifiers teams have always been a team of older former NBA players and overseas players because the active NBA and even G league players are in season right now.

    • @capitan cerveza played. No longer in the nba and hasn't been good in the nba for a couple years.

  • The amount of high quality American G leaguers & Americans playing overseas is abundant. I hope one day we'll see a WC or Olympic squad comprised solely of them. Good to see USAB (& FIBA) giving these guys a chance to wear 🇺🇸. Go USA

    • Um no LOL

    • @BallinBoxer exactly

    • Why would yousend in non NBA players to the Olympics? We've seen last Olympucs when the best US players don't play, the USA team loses.

  • Damn. Fiba. Why cancel fiba asia qualifiers?

  • En que clubs juegan los jugadores de Bahamas?

    • Algunos en Europa otros en Sudamérica

  • IT with Joe Johnson & Brandon Bass..

  • En comparación con lo que se esperaba, fue un juegazo. Bien por Bahamas, sigan mejorando. Nos vemos en el juego por la clasificación.

  • How good could the Bahamas have been with Buddy Hield, Klay Thompson (if he had not made himself ineligible by choosing to play for his mother's birth country), Magnum Rolle and Deandre Ayton all playing at same time without injury ?

    • @superbman We are the most beautiful Nation of Islands in the World . What point are you trying to make.

    • @superbman Well of course, 300,000 people vs 360 million, 50 miles away at the closest point and the number 1 basketball country in the world. But for such a small country, the Bahamas has a lot of talent per capita.

    • All of them Bahamians learned everything they know in American colleges

    • @DIMP11 tf? Klay didn't want to play for the Bahamas because that's not his country. Sure he has roots in Bahamas trough his dad but that's not where he grew up in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Klay chooaing to play for the USA

    • @BallinBoxer The USA will always win with or without the Klay Thompsons and Hakeem Olajuwons of the world. It is better to make a difference for the small country you are also eligible to play to reach levels they have never reached before. In hockey, Brett Hull did the opposite, he played FOR the USA instead of Canada in 1996 and they won the World Cup but that is the kind of example. Help someone new reach the top.

  • I.T can still play in the NBA today..

    • @ZIN MC anyone under 6 ft in the NBA isn't respected tbh unfortunately now more than ever....

    • @ZIN MC jc is croc

    • @Chris Chan DMitch could probably avg close to 30 if he was a Westbrook type! But he's a team player, a playmaker and EASILY the best on the team.

    • @Aye Wat the only difference is their height. JC is 6'5" while IT is 4'11"

    • @Aye Wat"JC scores a little.." lol😂 Hes few points shy to D.Mitchell as a top scorer of Utah. hes not even a starter

  • bahamas showtime

  • Damn, whole USA squad is a bunch of washed up dudes, no offense 😂😂😂

    • The best USA players are in season with the NBA right now

    • Washed for nba but noooot for c.american & s.american leagues and euroleague or eurocup

    • @TheBasket-222 fr iso joe still got it

    • Still some of the best basketball players in the world

  • Damn IT4