Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW

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Batwoman is coming Sundays this fall to The CW! Stream free next day only on The CW App.
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Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW


  • 2:04 is where is all goes to pot...

  • It’s not bad yes, But no one can replace Batman and that’s a fact I am not saying don’t watch it it looks ok but where is Batman at the time will he be in the movie why is the security of his cave just a elevator that anyone can find easily

  • im choosing sonic.

  • Why does everyone hate this? i honestly dont understand

    • Two reasons; First; Batman is an 80 year old character that has a fan base of over 1 billion people. Men and women love his character and all of the lore that surrounds it. Most people dispise this trailer because CW has not created anything in this character. They have taken everytthing that is batman, killed him, replicated him and turned him into a virtue signalling lesbian feminist. Its your typical feminist metephoric message for the call to replace men, specifically white men (the people who actually created marvel, dc and all the characters in them). Its so predictably absured, since white men represent about 80% of the global fan base and buy all the stuff. Second; batwoman is a DC character that has been around for years also but CW is not using her. The Origional Batwan is not a lesbian, not a feminist and not a virtue signaller. She also has her own story and doesn't occupy batmans world nor wants to replace him. Hope this helps..

  • The villain Alice is Kate sister Elizabeth, so now you don't have to watch this rubbish! Read the comic instead.

  • This is the most sexist man hating piece of garbage I have ever seen. Imagine if the gender roles were reversed, this show wouldn't even make it to air but because it's women bringing down men its fine, it's just female empowerment. Gross.

  • I hear Hellen Ripleys clone is on her way back in time from the year 2750 to put an end to batwoooman and show what a true strong Female Lead Character is..... Ripley Vs Batwoooman? Who's next for the rath of Ripley!?

  • Someones Child is gonna watch this and hate batman cuz his cousin sucks

  • I am confused where is batwoman all I see is an angry 15 year old boi

  • CW took a rectum stretching dump and stamped 'Batwoman' on it.

  • 오 여기도 한남 양남 콜라보로 쿵쾅쿵쾅&자들자들 거리네

  • Who else came here for the comments? 😂

  • SJW at it again....

  • Soooooo just because we're cousins I'm entitled to walk into their house uninvited and help myself to any and everything in their house even if I haven't seen them in years? Cousin literally means nothing in this day and age.. I mean just ask all them Alabama folk how they feel about cousins.. LOL

  • Get Woke, go broke.

  • The dislike ratio just keeps getting higher.... Thank you.....VERY much.🌎🤡👌

  • Its funny. It was always the BAT part of batman that was the thing.... this should be called batty woman insted


  • She is more like Catwoman

  • Now this is Batshit Craziness

  • My comment was deleted,I wonder why....

  • Garbage

  • If Batman appears in this show even for one episode it would be awesome.

  • This trailer looks like they found the dumbest feminazi there was, killed her, then gave her a pen then just said have at it.

  • A lesbian Batman, cool. What's next a transgender Robin ? You guys never stop to amaze me.

  • Why exactly does the CW keep getting PC? It’s like they’re thinking “hmm all these people complain about to much PC in our shows what should we do? Oh I got it!!! Let’s make a show basically revolve around it!!!” Like honestly I can’t wait for this show to flop and them asking what went wrong.

  • Those lines. It's obvious this show is meant to push an agenda. And she said she is not going to let a man steal her work when she literally stole Bruce Wayne's suit and symbol.

  • Instead of saying Ha Gayyyy it’s more like Ha Trashhh.

  • Not funny

  • This is just so *forced*. I really hope that this trailer is misleading and it actually turns out to be good. Who’s with me?

  • Cringe woman trailer

  • Almost 400k dislikes. You're fucked CW. 😂😂😂

  • falure, I will not even try to watch this show. So sad

  • After 2:43, I'm thinking: "You broke into Batman's office, entered his cave, stole his suit, and impersonated him while having people thinking you are BatMAN."

  • Garbage.

  • no one asked for this and i hates it

  • The worst part is that ........ Supergirl was actually good and batwoman is bad and there made by the same network

  • "I am not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work..." I am only going to steal his his fortune, his house, his car, and his suit, oh yeah and his legacy... :) Funny

  • Like if this trailer is dipshit 😂😂

  • "Get woke, go broke" they'll learn eventually.

  • Whatever this is: Exists God: Noah, GET THE BOAT

  • The music is kind of terrible.

  • So the Anti SJWs just erased Captain Marvel/Brie Larson and just penciled Batwoman in... HILARIOUS!

  • Purchase Alita battle angel when it comes out on blu ray.

  • Why she gotta be gay..?

  • Wait your boss is your cousin so does that mean you maybe the same age so what happened to Bruce do you mean he’s your uncle or something

  • "Batman gave up on us" I wonder why?

  • Looks terrible omg , who tf makes this movies ? Does theses writers and producers have an artistic motivation or a political one ?

  • lol if she´s supposed to be (again) this strong female character ....why does she try to look like a boy? or is she a lesbian? ...I think she should be black / asian / hispanic too to fit all the opressed groups ......

  • dat music, dat dialogue, dat acting, dat stock sound effects, dat forced agenda. I plan on watching this with friends, just so I can point and laugh at it.

  • I always come here to check the dislikes LOL

  • I like how this is so clearly pushing a feminist agenda

  • "fans don't like it because it has a strong female lead" Okay. Let me ask you this: what about the entire alien series? Every single one has a strong female lead and everyone loves those movies. Or what about the fact that marvel fans have been BEGGING for a standalone Black Widow movie ever since she was introduced into the MCU in Iron Man 2? The problem isn't the "strong" female lead, it's the feminist propaganda.

  • I mean from the trailer it looks alright, I don't get the whole women hate in the comments

    • Hellen Swamp no one hates it because the lead is a woman

    • first of all, she doesn't represent a woman but some kind of travesty-lesbian wierdo second of all, actually no one is complaining about she is a woman or better said the main protagonist is a woman it's a stolen thing it's a political bullshit fest it's forced af it's empty it has no real acting and probably no real story as well it's sexist it humiliates women because it promotes the idea that every girl needs to steal all property - including clothes from a man in order to become "someone" it's cringe af this is why people hate the show already now, try to understand what people want to say

    • @strawberry milkshake I'm sorry "I don't get the whole hating on batwoman for being unapologetically a woman comments" Does your brain understand now?

    • where is a comment about hating of women in this thread? are you borderline or something?

  • Miley Cyrus impersonator vs. Not Joker?

  • 396k dislikes proving that gender-studies is about as meaningful as a 1970's Pet Rock.

  • Imma lmao if this show gets cancelled before it even airs because of how badly this trailer was received

  • 2:00 Yea... Sorry to ruin it for you But if u came for this specifically, your welcome

  • So...she’s a it ✍🏽🧐

  • First femmes destroyed ghostbusters now Batman

  • I hate cringe videos. Oh wait, this is actually a show?

  • cant wait for that scissoring

  • We thought that nothing could go wrong after Ghostbusters, but nope! This proved us wrong. #Stoppushingfeminismdownourthroats

  • Oh my god.. Did the flash fucked up the timeline again?

  • #socialagenda

  • I am really hyped to see the work batwomen is going to do.....cause she is batwomen and she did so much more for the city then batman....batman dosn't deserve recognition cause he's like a nobody didn't even stop one criminal or idk what

  • I'll pass. Lame script

  • I love democracy

  • “I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work” Yea that’s great and all but uhh... isn’t she like using Batman’s cave, suits, and gadgets.

  • Don't hate the trailer wait until you see the show then you decide whether it bad or not.

  • Is me or people get mad when she says" I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work?

  • I look forward to this show

  • This is dogshit

  • Why the hell did they cancel swamp thing and replaced it with this feminist crap

  • To all these stupid companies making superhero stuff....the majority of your viewers are men. Soo if youre gonna make a movie or comic or series revolving around and imposing woMEN better than men bullshit...its is unlikely going to succeed. Unless youre marvel

  • Here I was hoping D.C wouldn't disappoint me like Marvel did, but no they cancel Swamp Things and made this garbage.

  • Fox's Gotham is triggered.

  • So I'll just be rewatching Gotham on Fox.

  • This is awesome😍why shouldn't we a have a tomboy heroin😍I was waiting for something like this

  • best show evaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Lesbat

  • CW is a complete garbage

  • I was kinda excited about it... Now I just wish I never saw really, what is this? Why can't you just stick with the story of certain characters?

  • Ruby Rose looks like a crack head a 90 pound crack head. bad casting

  • I wouldn't rub my kurac on this trailer if it was on fire.

  • Ellen Ripley just rolled in her grave.

  • I guess🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Remember when CW superhero shows were good? *Yeah, me neither*

  • I don't blame Batman for leaving.

  • Please dont do this to batman. Everyone is really disappointed by this. I beg you please don't ruin batman 🙏🙏🙏

  • this is like if every feminist on tumblr made a show

  • Director: how many gay characters do you want in the arrowverse Cw: yes

  • Like anyone is going to believe there is someone better than Batman at being perfection.

  • This trailer is reminiscent of the fresh produce of the rectal passage.

  • I just wanna see her say "it's MA'AM!"

  • Wow what a pretty boy

  • Wow how original *sarcasm*

  • Lmao next whole Arrowverse will be filled with by Lesbian woman and Female Protagonist.

  • Almost at 400,000 down votes! Just need about 3800 more!

  • So basically they hired a lifeless James Charles.....