Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW

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Batwoman is coming Sundays this fall to The CW! Stream free next day only on The CW App.
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Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW


  • ME: This is gonna be a great comedy! MY friend: This isn't a comedy. It's supposed to be serious. ME: Well what do you expect from the CW?

  • *CW launches pilot* Everyone: *Never even thinks about watching it* *CW retracts everything ever released to avoid bankruptcy* Seriously though the amount of times I rolled my eyes back farther than ever before will always beat the amount of views this show will ever get xD

  • I would rather watch the film Cats

  • SJW's are ruining every show, movie, n video games with this political stuff smh

  • So, is that a woman or Nah ?

  • Bahahahahah 🤣 who is this aimed at??? 🤣🤣🤣

  • a show written by masochists presents: Lesbian Bat Cosplay

  • This would be cool if it wasn't talking about feminist stuff and how the suit would be perfection when it fits a woman and how it's pushing the sexuality of the character... Please don't let them mention this every 5 minutes

  • I feel like this could actually be good if it wasn’t so crazy feminist

  • I dont know why all wiimen... Superheros are lesbians 🤣🤣🤣ooh crap....

  • When you want to have a good laugh always read comments on a batwoman trailer.

  • The suit looks so weird

  • Deleting month ago,was 466k

  • WTAF is this

  • Wow so not even close to Batam. Sucks!

  • Batman : do you bleed? Batwomen : every month.

  • if this a TV series... well it would work but a movie, oh come on!

  • Is she a woman?

  • Steals credit for the men's work. Feminism in a nutshell.

  • #NotMyBatwhatever

  • Yeah! Smash the patriarchy! Erase toxic whiteness! #She for hre

  • The whole forced empowerment angle is a bit of a bummer, because that undermines legitimate strong female characters like Alex, Felicity, Sarah and all the other great female characters in this universe; but I'm still really excited. The suit and the cinematography is on a whole new level for the Arrow-verse, I really hope that's the case for all of the other shows, and based on the new suits for the other shows, that's 100% the case!

  • say what you will i just like how gay it is unfortunately looks like her partner is dead. typical....

  • She’s a woman!!!! I never knew

  • Wait... Batwoman is a female? Huh. I never would have guessed. This is an insulting (towards women), cash grab. Embarrassing trash.

  • After watching this, I want to read the ACTUAL COMIC book about batwoman. Bet there’s a better story then this crud.

  • Plot twist her patriarchal father is the real villain.

  • This dude is soo white & male he must be lucifer 0:51

  • Why the hell does the villain look like a grocery mom.


  • 1:19

  • This completely ruins the point of Batman, he protects Gotham from criminals who could hurt families. Batwoman literally becomes a hero for saving her girlfriend. What the hell?

  • Watch Bruce Wayne come back from vacation only to realize his suit got ruined and redesigned by his lunatic cousin😂😂😂

  • I love how this is sexist to guys Lmao

  • I'm excited to see Renee Montoya. I hope the series develops so we can see her as Question or she gets her own spin-off

  • All got from this trailer is women women women women women women women women women women women women women women women women women women women


  • Hey CW, a quick question for you. Why can’t you come up with a show that doesn’t steal a mans identity and give it to a woman?

  • Best comedy of the year.

  • 2:03 really...!? Danm you CW, that's cheap...

  • Yt rewind was better

  • CW. *_It's time to stop._* Nobody wants this garbage.

  • Already Off To A Bad Start 😂

  • Looked cool except for the Male bashing.

  • Oh wow they havent disabled comments, I'm impressed

  • What gender is she? I forgot. They didn't point it out enough.

  • This must be a prank. The real movie surely won't be like that

  • The camera movement is beyond terrible. The rest looks even worse

  • The dedication they put into this parody is incredible. Such a good effort.

  • I genuinely tried to find a good comment Btw did u know it’s a women

  • she had so much potential. honestly, i expected the CW to make her character cringe

  • Love Ruby Rose❤

  • The suit kinda bothers me

  • Yeah this looks pretty bad like everything DC related, but stop making sexist and homophobic comments. Our world is fucked

  • wasn't see in the flash and green arrow thing?

  • I hope batman wiil also appear🦇 just as superman appeared in supergirl😊

  • all we can hope for is that, its better than arrow, which stopped being interesting after s02.

  • where is the batwAhmanmobile

  • 👍

  • I’m going to be watching this because it has the potential of being good but enough with this lesbian bullshit and power of women thing. It’s so annoying