[BE ORIGINAL] OH MY GIRL(오마이걸) '살짝 설렜어(Nonstop)' (4K)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 2 Mei 2020
[비 오리지널] 오마이걸 '살짝 설렜어'
Nonstop으로 심장 뛰게 하는 오마이걸 BE ORIGINAL
이거 보고 살짝만 설렐 수 있는 강철 심장 구합니다🤖
옴걸이들이 코리아 하이틴 주인공 맞지💜
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  • Sejak saleh sanat

  • Whatever the stylists are being paid, it isn't enough. They look INCREDIBLE!!

  • 싫어요 1.5천 뭐야

  • The girl with the purple hair has such a presence while rapping, I think her name is Mimi

  • Please tell me who the name singing " bla bla...friendzone" omaigod she is so cute 🤗

    • Arin? Shes wearing a white top and white bottom 😳😳

  • I didn't really like cute concept in a gg but Oh My Girl is an exception. I discovered them on Queendom and they were amazing! They are talented, they are hardworking, and humble. Another group where it's hard to stan only one member coz each of them has their own character and I love that in a gg. And I hope they get recognized internationally coz they deserve it.

  • everybody say that "nobody is talking about arin" but i don't find people who talks about binnie and jiho, well i think they did it very well, and they are soooo handsome too

  • The girl with the white outfit?!!!!!! OMG She's so damn pretty

    • @Just Hania yuh periodt 😳🤚

    • @Cherry Pits I think I'm gonna stan

    • That's Arin 🥰 shes the maknae

  • I'm in love with that blue haired girl damn...

  • 영상이 아주 좋아요🥰🥰🥰

  • 오마이걸 ~❤ ~ ~❤💖❤~💕💕💕~!?

  • blue pants.. i have to convince myself that she's not a barbie doll how hwo how,, so many questions i don't even want an answer for because, woah...

    • YooA is so freaking pretty ong

  • Omg Mimi's rap tho-

  • WHo is the one with the blue dress? She is my bias now.

  • God's honest truth? These girls are at the top plateau in talent, and should be in the top 5 groups! And Mimi OWNS that Blue hair like no other!!

  • translated by 'twice gay cult'-

  • So who’s who ?😅 I only know arin and binnie here For others I m confused 🥺

    • 0:03 Seunghee 0:08 Jiho 0:14 Hyojung 0:18 YooA 0:29 Binnie 0:33 Mimi 1:12 Arin

  • Algo me dice k debería empezar a stanearlas AKHAKAGAKAH

  • 이게 짱이다

  • yooa looks botched at the end

  • Are we all gonna ignore that the captions are by “twicegaycult” 💀 Also YooA is stunning 🤩

    • @Ska Snow oh ty

    • Choi Yeonjun - if you turn on English captions and go to the end of the video, it says “captions provided by @twicegaycult” XD

    • How’d u know??? I cant see lol

  • Translation: @TWICEGAYCULT

  • Amazed by the vid quality

  • Arin winks in the end, help i cant breath 😍

  • Why I am addicted to this group?😫❤️

  • Pig


  • The one with the dark blue pants , her beauty ,I kinda like it💗👄💗

  • should i start to stan and can anybody teach me members


    • Seoljak saalsonan njir

  • this song is so catchy 😎

  • Como que estoy pensando stanear a OH MY GIRL

  • no one's gonna talk about how Binnie shines in this era?? this girl has the best improvement from dance to vocals and her transformation as a cute member to a beautiful sexy member. she should be a Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist and a Visual.

  • Who Is the one in full white like the crop top and the skirt?

  • jihoooo slayin

  • Seunghee❤️❤️❤️

  • الاداء لطيف 🥺😭💜💜

  • Yo wheres the top comment that points out each member lol

  • CUTE😍✨

  • 노래 찐이당

  • Loca estás jjjjjjj no sabes nadar jjjjjj


  • They’re all so beautiful I need to Stan this group

  • -"oh no." -"yeah yeah." WTF hahaha

  • i won't know this group if arin didn't being the MC with soobin NGL CUZ I NEVER SAW THIS GROUP BEFORE 😓 AND BECAUSE OF ARIN AND SOOBIN MAKE 'DOLPHIN' DANCE TOGETHER IK THIS GROUP 😌🤍

  • Bts👨7⃣🎤💞💘 Bts👨7⃣🎤💞💘 Bts👨7⃣🎤💞💘

  • Who is the rapper in purplish blue hair???? Omg like wow . Ok like ok wooow

  • Who is the one with the scrunchie and who is the one with the beret

    • short haired scrunchie - binnie, beret - seunghee

  • Arin is so cute 💖💖💖

  • Sejak saleh sunat

  • Performance perfeita

  • The outfits wowww 💓😍

  • 폰으로 보는데 화질 죽인다

  • 멤버들의 개성와 다양한 매력을 보여준 노래와 컨셉인거같다 근데 유아 메이크업이랑 헤어 좀 아쉽다

  • sajat salah sunat

  • A arin é tão fofa❤

  • Seunghee in beret is the death of me😭. I think she's my bias now since I watched their mv of Nonstop and she caught my attention,he vocal,visual acckkk I lovee her❤

  • I just love Studio Choom, showing KPOP in a whole new light. The girls have never looked more gorgeous...

  • Miracles, can you tell me the name of the girl with the blue hair please? :D

  • The girl with the dark blue pants looks just like a doll

  • I reach here because of MiMi. Recently, I fell in love with her dance and rap.

  • Seunghee you shining🤩🤩

  • The rappers have super swag and one's outfit reminds me of feel special

  • My heart fluttered a littl 🍀e

  • I don't know but I really like hyojung voice, it is so soothing

  • 실시!@@콱,

  • YOOA 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 🥺💙

  • 유아 화장 너무 진하자나요ㅠㅠ

  • Sajat salah sunat

  • 1:03 In ear korean people : Saljjak seollesseo nan In ear indonesian people : sejak saleh sunat

  • This song is full of energy

  • oh my YooA... 💍🧎🏽‍♀️

  • why is this not 100 million yet??

  • 이걸 왜 이제 봤지...화질 미쳤다...하ㅏ

  • 유아 왤케 게임캐릭터 같냐 잘만든 CG같다

  • 시호주님[우주천지만물피조물창조이래모든분야부문우주지구세계모든남녀아들들에대한교육말과글직업달란트일체주신....추밀박하영시호주님이신아빠츄이신아빠빠빠빠빠이신아빠(창조주하나님의더아내휘앙새들과아래로남녀아들들의성공인생이룸귀태들처형처리로다스림그리고지난죄사함의기회를주심)]의티끌하나소유부동산처분에관한형집행이행명령과공범들인각허무마리에대한형집행상세정밀명령2014년이래종지부전후동일형집행다양방법수단일체수백만번째>>>청와대

    • 악기연주는 몰래 녹음....특수악기개발 특기특성 디자인소리...일반...전기전자음 단일악기개발동일장르 개발곡만들기에 사용연주...협주/ 실시!@@콱,

    • 무대,연습실그룹자체리허설 모니터링...일체신세사이져 다룸 작사 작곡 악기 특성 1인 악기따로 두나정도...귀태들처형처리후 30년세월이면 그렇게 많이 나이들지 않고도 직접 음악효과연주는 따로 직접연주해 ....도....무대 특수찰영은...카라도...컨셉코디올 의상코디 메이크업 외부가들도....장르 구분 특별히 안해도 달라질 ...그때로는...또, 생략,/ 실시!@@콱,

  • 최고

  • 지호?제일 이쁘네♡

  • omg arin looks so good

  • 여윽시 화질제공은 언제나 대박..... 내 앞에 있는줄

  • 3:26 YooA and Hyojung being serious while Arin is having fun and even wink

  • Jiho is the best

  • 3:23 Translation: @twicegaycult :DDDD

  • 3, 593

  • @ 0:18 1:04 I- she made my heart malfunction. I am currently questioning my sexuality.

    • SHE LOOKS LIKE A DOLL fdljhdtiugsirdo

  • 와우♡~~구독꾹눌 러야해!♡♡~~

  • 창조주하나님이신추밀박하영시호주님의아들로못살아올범죄로놀다저질병신귀태들인폐기명허무마리들인유나만제일좋다고도장찍은것들인귀태문석이재인이광재경원이년들과같이뒈질빠정상지능어딜가도환영받지못하고종귀태로판정된딸유사품아린너들오마이걸들은지능불문밤에서로처다볼기회에는서로너무예쁘다카나속으로와달이니는내보다못이쁘다카나역으로속으로만안쁜걸생각하고겉으로는바리세처럼니가더이뻐얘카나? 궁보혼탕국물만들어먹고절대아가아인짓으로우아한개수라백짝짓초과하나!이뻐이뻐우리서로머이뻐그라나?아빠보시기에는여전히 이쁜게 맟나 영맛이가보이나그러나!@@콱,다라...산다라는다라라도이빨이어떨때그런줄아나베린이빨이지....벌받아서...그래도 확실히해라! 다라가 이쁠때...오마이걸인들 그렇게...,/ 실시!@@콱, 현행범들아직도골굴리고말과글소리일체거둔지언젠데아직폐기신분제도기관건축물철거불응중절대채무소유물들이형벌받을대갈몸띠하나하나각허무마리공범들이불법사요방룸에서안락중밤낮으로둘러잔대갈골치매형벌불응내요무한대아래정신불구허무마리사람형태골처쥑끼는질알고각처형처리조는신속히형집행이행해라그것들귀태들의형벌과빚의피해가고생이수천억배를무한대초과한후매초증가하는데도시간소중한중알고진짜로종지부찍은후더중범죄를지속종기태년들도골탈과무대공연모조리중단하고거기모이는병신들도흩어버리고처형처리조활동케해라!@@콱,/ 실시!@@콱, 떠꺼리년은지가싸이코패스(상상환상착란동반중죄동행사죄보고들어서는즉각찰라올범죄골가동동시다발진행이회창이후명박이만나후로급가속돌변진행범죄로병신없는지능으로는일체보고들은바폐기전북한까지지도한나라당무렵여왕꿀벌로우여하고하고가통의매력이엔조이로선생이3급신부니지랄먼말인동에도지랄지속대리투표상배와해봉이꼬마세끼떄문에더베린구멍널혀서도문재인에게갖따밫면더살라등시호주님의여성아들인딸이여와이라할때에도폭행감언이설로시범구경살인등으로마약환상중실체적경합진정작이범의지속으로병신추미애가뭘하겠지미애한테도일본끕고추긴자지면될따등등골속에서는손톱부터혀부터처리형벌되는죄로성도착간음스토킹일체불능이승계에서무한대초과공로짓범죄를목적한년따라지기태옛명나경원)귀태엽기라고지두디로김나연에게닭쌀폐기용어단어"공언"


  • 실시!@@콱,


  • 2020 might have been an absolute b*stard of a year, but Omdungies FINALLY getting the recognition they so richly deserve was one of its few high points.


  • Hopefully there is people still watching these girls because I want to get into them but I dont know where to start. :( can someone leave me a guide? Thank you !

  • 다시 한 번 생각해 보면 정말 좋은 것 같아요^^

  • 시호주님>>>우주지구창조후금방오셔서어중이떠준이도고급차집실내냉난방음식옷폰티비다갖게해줘도영아잍따그래서하는말인데,>>>전혀거저처먹던일없이일도아니바딴다라분류부류저들주디로도귀태들[옛명무호칭재인경원나연명박근혜두환문석승달이광재몰몬교수성와드박까이던스무더살짜리진영이세균이등처형상동일순1차1순1번동류1만9천9백80마리동일한형벌로격지간에서각각처형처리됨한짓이달라도형벌이같은공범들이다.일일이지난수회열거한바...2016년종기태들2017년동일형벌과빚도래무한대초과진정작위범들의종지부후매초누범들......,병석이미애석열이미애열골빠후저들끼리수사재판구속운운도배질문재인시키는대로간뽀니를오세훈이재명등이모른다고개안타등처형처리늦추거나살지뭐재인이하고살지뭐등등지랄귀태들>>>그대갈골속오장육뽀몸띠상태나이성별암수생김다듬은미모몸매정도불문공리형벌이같다]공개처형처리보도1초도지체말고일체처형처리장소방법단계처리에관한교대조처리에관함말외일체금지일상생활말필요히만그리고는귀태들무관한자신들의신상에관한조언도움말만으로그똥멍썩떨랄지불구불눙부존재정신무한대아래치매골소리말과글끝난지오랜착란의상상적과대망상의처형처리불응목적이만들어낸단순다발둬가지도똥단물빠진지오랜뺑돌이로도끝난지오래그똥귀태들형집행이행신속히해라!일체생명절단형초과당사자간무리중죄인들을처형처리하는해당개체들처형처리외지구내대기권안과밖우주일체파괴행위는미래어느때에도절대없다.@@콱,/ 실시!@콱,

  • 설현이나가나달라도안만나밭{ㅅ?}으니...누가아나? 가~

  • can someone tell me the name of the girl w the white skirt and top? i couldn’t take my eyes off of her

  • Me: First time listenning this group Also me: Like this song sm Me again: crushing on Arin 👀

  • people need to start talking about binnie !! like do you see this girl ?!? omgg