Beating Every Game in an Arcade - *Jackpot Challenge*

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Beating Every Game in an Arcade - *Jackpot Challenge* with Preston 👊

with Preston 👊

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Dude Perfect - Greatest Football Game Ever Invented

FaZe Rug - Last to Breathe Underwater WINS $10,000

Carter Sharer - FIRST TO BREAK OPEN $10,000 SAFE KEEPS IT!!


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  • Hi

  • Hi

  • Scott swore

  • I always subscribe to Preston he is the best ID-tvr

  • I got spin an wheel second try

  • This brings memories to when I won four jackpots in a row

  • I was in the spinney game and I got 500 tickets on my first go

  • When Preston did the game wack and win a played the game too and on my first try i won the jackpot and i was so happy

  • Play with Preston, Keeley, and Scott to win this jackpot

  • everyone here is semi-insufferable

  • Why is Preston drinking Dasani water

  • Happy birthday Brianna

  • He said ah like 500times

  • Amazing

  • Preston how many tickets to get

  • Once i got a jackpot with my old firned but idk if she still at my school

  • Wow! This is awesome but the other way around the game

  • Preston & breana

  • Can you come to Las Vegas

  • My favorite part is where keal trash talk

  • is this in Denmark copenhagen

  • ???????????????

  • Hiiii

  • The one where u have to drop it in the jackpot it took my like 6 tries

  • Unspeakable has 111000 Tickets

  • no lklol lol

  • We need more love for the employee man

  • Thi# was so fun I chold not stop laughing!!!

  • Why do I see so many ID-tvrs do this I like watch these videos like 1 million times

  • Keely is annoying

  • Preston should have won!!!😥😥

  • boo matt

  • i love games

  • Spin in will is a scam Preston! The person who buys it can control how many times it can land on jackpot it’s on Mark Rober go watch his videos on games

  • The sour pond preferentially knot because playground unusually wave given a ethereal sudan. nutritious, placid wash

  • As

  • I am also in third grade

  • I am only eight years old

  • I got the jackpot on my first time I came back


  • Who else wants keeleyXscout ? ❤️🔥👌

  • Haervy Manchester Vs Ed

  • Play that one game that you have to push that thing down to land on the building with 1000 tickets

  • Can you ask Brianna to do it too ? I really want to see it !!!!!! 😁😁

  • Ha ha it’s too poo

  • It’s Brooke Me Brooke

  • Hello friend I bet you don’t know my name

  • PRESTON PLZ READ THIS: I GO TO THAT strike Reel!!!!!


  • 4:39 you need the monster jackpot to win

  • Right g jf

  • That dinosaur one that Kelly was doing I got the jackpot on accident

  • 4:38 you didn’t get the best one on the plat form there is a monster jackpot there is 2 type of jackpot

  • I got jackpot in the first game

  • . Do last to leave the theatre

  • Congratulations on 18m subs

  • I love your vids

  • Preston is the best ID-tvr ever!

  • 7:00 “Oh it’s got some fun music” *screech* 🤣

  • I wish I can be there

  • Godlak

  • Kelly could’ve knocked the ball into the jackpot

  • My real name is Vinnie james wood

  • I’m subscribed I wanna have tickets It or infinite

  • My dog did

  • At the first of this video you said it was a programme

  • 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

  • Z🦹🏾🦹🏾😄😄🥲😄😭

  • Ayo Preston kind of sus

  • 4:22 nooooo my trick is exposed now they will probably get rid of it noooo

  • Unspeakable

  • Or

  • Ten Roar

  • 12:44 I feel like no one wins that like at all

  • Okay hello is fine

  • I won more than 1000 tickets on power roll before

  • This is the best thing!!!

  • Preston I have the same shirt as you are I’m not kidding I will send you a photo of it tomorrow OK please fly me out or hang out with you for a whole entire video I am one of your biggest fans my name is Carter Aaron Schuler

  • I never got as lucky as you tell Bree I said hi and thank you for making all your videos and same for bree

  • Hi

  • Pop

  • Wanna try again! Lol 😂

  • amazing🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • A

  • Lol

  • The girl should get the monster jackpot for jackpot

  • This place has the same machines as the timezones in singapore

  • I always watch Preston to cheer me up he is cheerful & fun by the way I am eleven(11) years of age!?

  • If a Karen is there it would litteraly say "hey sir you need to get out bc of winning too much and if you don't I will talk to the manager if you don't give them to me"

  • am at your score bro hahaaha

  • Boo

  • Every time I see a vid I click on it love your family and all their vids! Keep up the great work :D

  • Im weak

  • If you accept my name tag is bubblylynx 32733 OK thanks

  • Yeet

  • Preston can you friend me in Minecraft

  • Hi

  • The