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BEST UPCOMING COMEDY MOVIES (New Trailers 2018/2019)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 1 Nov 2018
BEST UPCOMING COMEDY MOVIES (New Trailers 2018/2019)
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00:00 - 02:48 - The Upside
02:48 - 03:54 - The Beach Bum
03:54 - 05:38 - Slaughterhouse Rulez
05:38 - 08:18 - The Christmas Chronicles
08:18 - 10:30 - The Long Dumb Road
10:30 - 13:04 - What Men Want
13:04 - 14:49 - Wonder
14:49 - 17:27 - Second Act
17:27 - 19:20 - The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs
19:20 - 21:49 - The New Romantic
21:49 - 23:57 - Dead Sexy
23:57 - 26:16 - Summer '03

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  • Best upcoming comedy movies 2018/19 00:00 - 02:48 - The Upside 02:48 - 03:54 - The Beach Bum 03:54 - 05:38 - Slaughterhouse Rulez 05:38 - 08:18 - The Christmas Chronicles 08:18 - 10:30 - The Long Dumb Road 10:30 - 13:04 - What Men Want 13:04 - 14:49 - Wonder 14:49 - 17:27 - Second Act 17:27 - 19:20 - The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs 19:20 - 21:49 - The New Romantic 21:49 - 23:57 - Dead Sexy 23:57 - 26:16 - Summer '03

    • Thank you! 😇🙏❤️

    • Terrible! These films lack imagination and originality. A good time to rewatch the old classics.

    • +houchi69 yeah I watched the European movie it's great! Now waiting for this!

    • Upside was just another Hollywood copy. EU already made this film.

  • These are all shit

  • wtf i cant hear any sound

  • I approve of the beach bum - Chip Barkhouse the drummist

  • When is the upside being released?

  • 2:00 is a copy of a french movie

  • You stole tamil movie tozha

  • the frst movies is tholla in tamil u r remaking

  • You can add Little to the video now !

  • 12:30 she beat the heck out of him

  • i cant find the upside in the net?

  • I watch these trailers...and I feel so sick of Hollywood.

  • Bad drugs are messed up and really dangerous

  • The New Romantic = 50 Shades of Fugly

  • How young are these actresses?

  • *I don't think that word ("comedy") means what you think it means...*

  • 23 minutes of proof that comedies are hard to make , these don't look like comedies and The intouchables is a drama

  • Why redo this beautiful movie?

  • Mely Gibson is better

  • Why...Why....Why.....Why..... whyyyyyyyyy Hollywood destroys a beautiful movie like "Intouchables". Is a masterpiece!! why you have to do everything with the American way?

  • What a fuck??? Is a copy of french movie

  • Why copying a perfectly done movie as Intouchables? Even when it's played again with great actors.

  • Seriously?? But why?? The original (French) version was brilliant. Why a remake? (Based on a true story, btw)

  • not a humongous Kevin Hart fan but this looks like a good upcoming comedy

  • The movie at the end is trash

  • I love Jlo...but she is gonna boooomb on fatally!

  • spakos! immer europäische filme klauen!

  • Porque son todas las peliculas remake?

  • copy of "the intouchables" or should I say remake ?????

  • the first one already exists.. just different actors..

  • 😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😒😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • the last movie you can't see the name

  • Remake of the French movie. Deja vue thank you. The French was good

  • That is why I didnt watch "Comedies"... this sad list doesnt put even a smaller smile on my face. Honestly, if this is the best, I cant wait to watch the video with the worst. Maybe, then I can laugh a bit just for dont cries...

  • Oh netflik nexxt film please

  • I cannot believe American studios ripped The Upside! Before u watch a remake, watch the original French version.

  • I cannot watch any further. THE UPSIDE is an American "comedy" bastardization of the French film INTOUCHABLES. It's such a strong story, it will probably do fine, but INTOUCHABLES isn't such a fart-job of a comedy.

  • This movie already coming in india tollywood . Movie name uperi.. watch.

  • 2:22 he was about to say "he did it".... but realised it wouldn't work 😂😂😂😂😂.... but telepathically HE DID 😂😂😂

  • Why does the thumbnail look like Dywane Johnson

  • And there goes Matthew Donaghey(?) shitting on his career again. Just when he did couple of films that are actually worth of watching, and then, boom, back to shitty “comedies”.

  • New movies are coming out in Spring and summer 2019!!!

  • Basically the upside is me before you but instead of a romance comedy it’s a bromance comedy

  • So glad I married a Frenchmen who introduced me to all the good original versions of Hollywood’s remakes!

  • i love the first one.."THE UPSIDE"😍

  • 5:47 That’s a good quality for 20 years old...

  • THE UPSIDE, the american version is nothing compared to the french INTOUCHABLES version, which is more my fave, but ill watch for Hart/Cranston, never knew these2 could be a duo, until now ofc for Nicole as well. THE BEACH BUM looks promising if it weren't for the drug/alcohol subplots, also MartyLaw is back still impatiently waiting on BBIII. SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ looks like a messed up adaptations of Harry Potter1-8 meets Fanstastic Beasts1&2, Wild Child, St Trinian's1&2, Vampire Academy, Goosebumps and ProjectX. THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES is like Santa&Cie, weird but also every other Santa smashed his sleigh bc kids found out he was real and need to fix it bc everybody stops believing in him, oh brother! THE LONG DUMB ROAD looks alright, but Tony&Jason look out of place together, sorry~ WHAT MEN WANT has Taraji, but is truly the opposite to Mel's WHAT WOMEN WANT. i mean, the original had one guy with lots of women, this one has one woman in a room with too many men. a woman playing in a man's world must be hard, but SRSLY couldnt have been more original with the title, but ill watch bc I love Taraji on Empire, followed her from Person of Interest, so what can she not do and who's her love interest? Tracy's characx sounds like a guy I know, "I don't trust women who don't get dudes like I don't trust a man with no eyebrows and too many keys!" OMG imma girl who has too many keys, lol! WONDER has me thinking isn't it a rule for children not to walk in the middle of the woods or follow some strange presense, bc thats how you die or get kidnapped by strangers yet if it's only alright by Pixar/Disney standards to make films like this, kid-friendly, im sure this film is harmless and wont be criticized later after its release. SECOND ACT has JLo&Milo as a couple, about a market clerk who friends kid makes her live a double life thnx2facebook, this is why social media is so bad these days, everybody assumes the worst when the truth lies within the red blurry lines or the extend of said lies is what caused more problems later, after giving something handed to them for doing nothing but the opposite of what was expected, god where was this side of me when I was in high school. I never sounded this smart, and my IQ isn't even that high. I do work with the rightside of my brain, leftside is still in hell. THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS as another Coen Brothers flick im sure will be amazing, but how is this a comedy film? mayb dramedy, but not comedy and i do love my westerns. THE NEW ROMANTIC a struggling columnist in a tangled love story of her own, bc she cant find love that is true, an older guy comes along and gives her the time of her life, but doesn't these types of relationships end badly anyway, looks all loveydovey but the purpose of this film isn't realistic enough for me to watch it, sorry~ but brett looks good tho, lol DEAD SEXY reminds me of that film I hate sm and SUMMER '03 where's it gone?!

  • The Christmas Chronicles made me so happy 😁😁😁..

  • a women that can read mens mind after she had a weird accident and uses her power to save her job? .NEVER SEEN THAT ONE BEFORE

  • is that Po from Altered Carbon at 17:40?

  • Nothing like a bunch of university kids talking about real piratical writing experience. LMFAO The New Romantic looks horriable

  • Uhhh 10:05 and 3:48 What's with all the Raw Dawging references. This 2012?

  • The original Intouchables (2011) will always be better.

  • This seems like an inspiring movie, like they are both put into each other's life for a reason.

  • I'm here for Taraji Henson "what men want" of course I'm here for the 😂😂😂😂😂 laughs 😀😄😅😊. "Second act" jlo yaaaay, can't wait to see that movie tooooo

  • Just 💩

  • "the upside " ..why the f do they have to make a us version of this story ?????????

  • Russel's Santa is too skinny.

  • I want to watch all of these movies....and so I will 🤪🤩🤙

  • The Upside looks really good.

  • da da ma lingi in cur israel satan blastamata fiii in veci de veciiii mai minunat dzeu ca lui isracacat nui nimeni

  • The first one is a copy of intocable

  • French intouchouble is the best! Why USA copy movies? Why US ppl cannot adapt EU movies? Many movies I saw, original is far better than US adaption. Why they replace?

  • Pecking order american harry potter

  • What Men Want looks like yet another shitty reboot that no one wanted and anything with Jennifer Lopez is sure to be a flop, anything with that over rated wind bag is an automatic avoidance.

  • 21:34 She has everything figured out, why has to have so much drama over superficial stuff... apparently to guys like her, one age appropriate, other a gift maker...

  • For how long poorly black guys have to bring joy to stupidly rich white guys (without sounding gay)... I say stop spoiling out from black degrading stories...

  • Are they really the best? Watch actually good movies n shows (your choice) in the link below:

  • I don't understand what's wrong with the entertainment industry with the garbage they're pushing, example, the dead sexy movie is full of filth, having sex with gosts and the trans. What's going on? Not cool, movies, music, etc., good way to brainwash people.

  • There's only one Intouchables, and it's french. But Mathew as the Beach Bum looks amazing!

  • in the Christmas chronicles ego from guardians of the galaxy vol 2 is Santa!? u know that in those presents are just the plants he used to wipe out the universe

  • "I thought black people stopped drinking tea after Get Out."

  • I had another Movie idea 💡 just now. SEX Deprived. It is about Logan Lerman the King 👑

  • Why again?

  • "Buster Skruggs" is the only one that looks even remotely interesting.

  • Realy! The Upside ... hate when U.S. movie industries remake great movies!! It seem like they can´t read subtitules and have to make U.S. bad version. This movie was already made in France-"Intouchables" and its amazing!! Same as LOL movie (French as well) or the Spanish one "REC" always a bad remake from U.S. Make your own stories!!!! NOT A HATER, but this made me angry....

  • THERE'S NO SANTA I'm sorry kids

  • The Upside Reminds me of that french movie...

  • I'll like what men want

  • Jennifer is so MILF...TY GOD!

  • Dont know kevin hart stole which movie but this one is pin to pin copy of Indian Telugu movie "Oopiri" , Nagarjuna and karthi in lead roles and Tamanna in the female lead role.

  • No need to watch teh movies its all revealed in trailers

  • All. These movies look like garbage everything is going to shit music to movies to america

  • that kid girl in the christmas chronicles film, shes got a good voice for VA roles, shes gonna be milking a lot of money from pixar and dreamworks in coming years.

  • slaughterhouse rulez look like an film adaption to a comic book?

  • I don't like kevin after he cheated on his wife when she was pregnant i don't watch his movies his interviews but this movie i will see because of Malcolm 's dad and the story is different not really it reminds me of Me Before You kevin is playing Emilia Clarke in this movie.

    • +Willy NillyThat's true.

    • +Matador Batista Cool - Yeah, it's easier when you're not familiar with the language, especially as you don't notice the frequently terrible translation 😜

    • ​+Willy Nilly yes sadly i know and he is an asshole and i think i'm gonna watch this one,thank you for The Intouchables it looks the same even the role of Omar Sy didn't change they copied it exactly the same at first look damn,but i hate street french it's not always funny because it's more Arabic than french and in English translation it become even less funny,but thank you,i will try it.

    • @Matador Batista - If you refuse to watch movies based on actors being assholes you're gonna have limited options, but in this instance, just watch the original French film: Untouchable / The Intouchables because it's much better

    • Rat isnt he didnt no that

  • really usa?! oh sorry i mean hollywood! remake of the intouchables .....🙄

  • The original movie (The Intouchables, 2011) was absolutely great, the carer guy incredibly cool and funny, can't imagine this Hollywood version beating it in any way.

  • Excuse me Americans... Are u fucking serious taking an awesome French movie and making the exact same movie again with American actors.... 🤪 Whats wrong with you... Yeah I mean the majority of Americans who are too fucking stupid to watch a French movie with blodsy subtitles... Äh, I forgot you can't read I guess!!!! 😑😑😑

  • OMG the same films

  • lol nicole kidman dancin with k hart reminded me of bill burr white help black ppl movie bit

  • Guy : girl you look good Person : I'm not a girl *man's voice* I'm a woman

  • maybe this is joke

  • Isn't the first movie a remake from a French movie? I forget the name..

    • bloo jkl45 the untouchables

  • Loved "The Intouchables" the plot of the film is inspired by the true storyof Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his French-Algerian caregiver Abdel Sellou, discovered by the directors in À la vie, à la mort, a documentary film. NB: "The Untouchables" - 1987 was Kevin Costner not Hart.

  • I will never watch this movie just because i love The Intouchables 1+1

  • its wonder park not wonder

  • Why are they keep tryin 2 copy the movie Intouchable over and over again. America cant stand people who are making better movies. So they need a revenge. So this obessive behaviour is sickening!!

  • If these are the best new comedies we're in for a long year..