Biden calls for unity: 'Most important thing is to beat Trump'

Dipublikasikan tanggal 19 Mei 2019
Formally launching his third presidential campaign, Joe Biden appealed for party and national unity while accusing Donald Trump of leading America with 'a clenched fist, a closed hand and a hard heart'. But, he said, 'we are the United States of America and there is not a single thing we cannot do if we are together.' Biden was a senator from Delaware for 36 years and vice-president to Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017. He was a relatively late entrant to the sprawling field seeking the Democratic nomination in 2020, which has now reached 23 candidates
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Biden rejects Trump's 'clenched fist' in appeal for Democratic and US unity ►
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  • Biden rejects Trump's 'clenched fist' in appeal for Democratic and US unity ►

  • Biden will lose. The house democrats actions will hand trump the win. we need get house democrats out. they do no work but attack someone they hate since day 1. trump will lose only if impeachment can be accomplished. that is the only route for dems.

  • Some crowd.....

  • Orange man bad

  • Vote biden or warren

  • Lmmfao, can't fill a gymnasium, TRUMP fills STADIUMS.

  • This is stupid

  • BIDEN 2020!!!!

  • Trump will push us to world war and nuclear wars!

  • LOL, Just look at the Like/Dislike ratio.

  • He looks, speaks and acts like a frail old man.

  • Trump ? Oh hes going no where muppet so be gone 😎

  • Surely the most important thing is his manifesto if elected? Although as he did nothing in office for 8 years I guess he doesn't know.

  • Joe Biden: Democratic party is too white, white people are evil Also Joe Biden: runs for president

  • Wow, what an argument....

  • Biden: I can't actually debate on policy, defend my voting record, or claim to be progressive sooo let's pretend everything will magically get better if we all come together and do half measures

  • Everyone is trying to beat Trump, you creep. The point is, wtf are you actually going to do if you are President? Does anyone honestly think that Joe Biden cares?


  • Idiocracy here we come

  • So many are falling for this trick play. Ever wonder why Biden wasn’t first out of the gate? That’s because Bernie and the others are to muddy the water so you think Biden is a white knight of reason when he’s a clown...a touch children clown.

  • Once again a central candidate IS NOT the way to beat trump. Biden is propped up by the DNC just as Hillary was and just as Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and many other Democratic candidates are. These people are funded by corporate money and backed by the DNC to maintain the status quo so big business and the rich can continue to get richer while the other 99% of Americans get poorer.

  • All he said was UNITED STATES OF AMERICA crowd cheers

  • How is he even allowed to run, he touched little girls on camera

  • Poor men

  • You are out of the picture.

  • You know when they zoom that close to the candidate and the cheers are very soft that tells me there's not that many supporters there.


  • Orange man bad! Orange man not Progressive! Biden love progressive!

  • If the treacherous democrats ever get in full,power again America is finished as a free nation they all must be voted out of existence ! No,Potus has done more for America than TRUMP!!

  • If he believes beating Trump is important he should drop out of the race. He can't beat Trump, and even if he could I wouldn't vote for him!

  • Twenty-two Dem candidates, and all they have to sell is that they want to beat Trump. No platform. No ideas. Very sad. Is this what American politics has come to?

  • I predict Hillary Clinton will win 2020 with a 99% chance of victory.

  • They want to unify but want to divide the country at the same time by hating the duly elected president. Such HYPOCRISY

  • Bring it on Biden! You will lose! You got nothing to offer.

  • Cult leader rallying his troops against the *orange man*

  • Nice guy but way too old... I'm so tired of old white men running this great country into the ground. Buttigieg actually has a brain and a platform.

  • Beat Trump so he can molest children without fear of being caught and bought to justice yuk creepy jo

  • The most important thing is not only to beat Trump. The most important thing is to also beat Biden hence, a real candidate whom makes sense when they open their pie-hole.

  • Unity you have got to be kidding Joe your crowd has the whole country divided worse than ever before.

  • So if Bidens hands are open for discovery how come his hands are empty. What can he offer that Trump cannot. Trumps hands are clinched because he is holding on to something dearly so he doesnt lose it. Nothing wrong for securing our Constitution and Congress Laws.

  • This is the best we have? hahahahahahaha TRUMP 2020

  • If the Dems do not put up a strong progressive against Trump, they will not win--Corporate assholes!

  • That is the problem with corporate Dems--they do not get it. If they would support the poor and working class Americans before they are all gone, they would win. This is just more of the same ol' same ol'.

  • Didnt this guy support the Iraq war and brag about taking money from corporations?

  • Nice try, DNC. Unless you cheat in the primaries again, Biden will never get the nomination.

  • Mr. Biden. Thank you for your years of service to America, but you are too old to be running for President. Please endorse a younger candiate.

  • Creepy Joe

  • Just... Just... Just sit down Joe.

  • He didn't really say anything though lol

  • I feel sorry for him. He is going to be so EMBEAR...ASSESED in 2020

  • Joe "The Man" Biden is a pedophile

  • conservatives are the silent majority

  • So we’re not unified now? I mean we voted the guy in....

  • He's really trying to use the hatred towards trump for him that's pathetic lol

  • Ok, Walter...

  • Too bad that you n the other democrats don't ve a chance in hell

  • Thinks he has a hand on the pulse of this country. Well, his hand has definitely been somewhere. And it's definitely not where it should be as on underage kids and females of all ages.

  • Boo for creepy Joe

  • If Bernie Sanders wins the nomination Trump don't stand a chance in hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Did he have a face lift?

  • What an asshat. His platform is beat Trump. Loser

  • The most important thing is to get the best candidate to beat Trump, and that is certainly NOT Joe Biden.

  • The most important thing is to treat the cough, not the pneumonia. 😂🤣 this guy’s a clown. A corporate racist shill.


  • The most important thing is that Biden is NOT the nominee. He is more right-wing than Hillary and also have some scandals. We know what the media is doing and we know what the DNC will try to do.

  • one of several culpable conditions for leftist political expectations is their trans atlantic media partnerships and activist agenda interests. the guardian plays a similar game as some other polluted corrupt disgraced american democrat clinton catastrophe scams do, but their participation is hinged on ideological emotion, not party affiliate commitment. the trump derangement syndrome 'solution' is really their own incompetence dishonesty and soiled 'service', not much more, sadly.

  • Absolutely no substance whatsoever...smh

  • If your campaign boils down to "we need to beat the other guy" then you've already lost.

  • Bidun u twurp. giv ovr now.

  • 💙✊🏼

  • Beat trump is the MOST IMPORTANT.....whooph

  • Creepy Uncle Joe Kiddy Fiddler must want a sorry economy like he had when he and Obumer were in office.

  • Comical Trump is giving pride back to USA Trump is allowing USA economy to improve Trump is doing what he was elected to do. Trump has brought the N Koreans to table Trump has drained the SICK swamp of Washington Uk could do with a leader that can do deals and ensure that UK interests are protected. We have a weak Parliament due to weak MPs who are spineless Democrats are delusional if they think Biden is seriously Presidential material - he is no better than Corbyn for the UK

    • Comical Trump calls his critics childish names Trump gave tax cuts to the wealthy that hurt the poor and middle class Trump bombed Yemen and wants to overthrow Venezuela Trump drained the swamp and refilled it with crony capitalists and war criminals

  • Hey Biden ! A frog in a well !!!

  • Hell yeah beat trump at all cost ...but in the process vote for a pedophile

  • So basically he is running on "Orange Man Bad!"

  • Can’t even set up a microphone that works. How pathetic. I hate Trump , unity over division. Biden’s a bore and a hypocrite.

  • Calling for Unity, when spreading hate... yeah ok....

  • you or any democrats cant beat trump you creep this is trump nation

  • Trump has already won.....

    • Unfortunately there are too many zombies in the USA and for this reason Biden will win. Biden will bring the war in Ukraina, like Clinton did.

    • Agreed

  • This old nonce hasn't got a hope of beating Trump.

    • @Ian Mangham Here is my argument if Trump close the border between Mexico and USA will be an economycal disaster for the two countries lots of Mexican people travel to USA to buy some items and enjoy America if you vote for Trump you are telling me that you hate Mexicans

    • @Christian Gomez Go get ya shinebox boy

    • @Ian Mangham Vote for Joe Biden

    • TRUE

  • *If Biden is the Nominee I'll gladly vote Green and Joe's senile base can throw their tantrums blaming everybody but themselves when his brand of corporate stooge, right-lite, do-nothing politics fails to turn out the vote and loses to Trump. It's Sanders or the Orange Cheeto in 2020 there are no other candidates*

    • Socialism is death to a nation and will never be part of American values

  • If Biden is elected, then Hillary and Barry will be "back in the Whitehouse" so to speak. The dems will vote for anything with a D in front of their name.

    • BREAKING NEWS POLITICAL PARTY VOTES FOR their political parties candidate in election.

  • No body's voting for Biden!

  • Corrupt, creepy dead man walking

    • Albert May all democrats are they are liars and thieves!

  • Unifying? More like, if you question us it's hate speech.

  • Joe "No substance" Biden

  • Everything he said is common knowledge, can you tell us something we don't know, like your policies on the most important issues facing America?

  • Pedo

  • Democrats learned nothing. The platform they're running on now is just "the most important thing is not to let trump win"? Looks like Trump is getting another 4 years!!!

  • Joe Biden is like the actor playing Dracula so often one day he becomes Dracula playing Joe Biden. This blue-collar, working stiff common man portray of Lunchbucket Joe is as real Bruce Springsteen act of wearing customed tailored worn out flannel shirts and jeans coming off the 2nd shift to perform a few songs. Biden has been in government since 1973, and he had plenty of opportunities to stop the gutting of middle-class America and jobs and the tax incentives passed encouraging and rewarding business to close plants and relocate to Mexico and China and he never did a damn thing but ride on Amtrak.

    • Yes. He is also the worst campaigner, debater and speaker in US politics

  • Sounds like there's 40 there

  • But he didn't say anything!!

    • @Sysiphus Syziggy it's the trick of the trade for politicians

    • Just like owebumuh !

    • He doesn't ever say anything watch his whole entire campaign

    • That's his trick

  • We've seen it before haven't we, Joe has baggage ~ Hillary has baggage. The one without baggage is Bernie Sanders! Bernie has a record of Civil Rights work ~ Bernie does not say what he thinks people want to hear, Bernie Sanders says what he believes! Biden and Clinton, Trump too for that matter, will say ANYTHING to get POWER, Bernie works hard to bring power back to the public! That is why the establishment hates him so much ~ ( though they can say it that way )

    • Bernie lives in fantasy land---His are dream and wishes--not solutions.

  • Bernie 2020 !

  • No Corporate Democrats !

  • Just say No ~ to Joe !

  • Joe is like George on seinfeld he always does the opposite. Trump is for border security Joe is for open borders. Sorry Joe but using canned messages like yes we can or we or a system that works for all Americans is not policy. What is your track record and what are your policies now. I can guarantee you that Trump will reveal you as a flip flopping democrat looking for power so you can bow to your lobbiests.

  • Trump is one of the worst and most corrupted president I've ever seen.

    • UglyTruth u Right Donald j trump He is the most agly puto currupted Monster crazy 😜 animal is the President millions of crazy people Happy with hem

    • Plenty in Australia!! Lived in Melbourne for two years...

    • @UglyTruth why u bringing race into it? Lots of black trash, Hispanic trash, Asian trash, voted for him too? More and more African Americans are supporting him now.. And there are certainly plenty of "white trash" in Europe...gypsies, Roma's gypsies, travellers, people from very disadvantaged backgrounds...u must not have been to Europe and if you have you must have stuck to the tourist ares?

  • Biden is a marshmallow... TRUMP will roast him in 2020...