Binging with Babish: Buttered Noodles from Community

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This week, we're double-dipping in the world of Dan Harmon's lovable, irreverent collegiate caricature: Community. I'm here to defend the "weird" favorite food of Abed Nadir: buttered noodles. Yes, that impossibly plain side dish/cafeteria filler/thing you eat when you're sick. With a few simple tricks, we can upgrade this ubiquitous underdog into something worth making all on its own.
Music: "Summer Spliffs" by Broke for Free
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  • It has been correctly pointed out to me that the third pasta resembles cookies and cream pasta. Next week I guess?

    • Bro, chocolate wafer pasta would be dope. Dessert Pasta for the win!

    • @The Gaming Techs yes.

    • Make pasta with butter (or milk) sugar and cinnamon

    • Has it been correctly pointed out that you were listening to diarrhea planet? Great band

    • I thought u were going to make butter into noodles

  • Hi i'm Binging with Babish and i'm going to make a dish from a movie or TV show you never heard about.

  • Just made some butter noodles. And they are right, it's kinda bland. It's still has flavour, but it's still kinda bland. I reckon some Brits are now interested from my description XD

  • “when the simple things are done right , it just hits different” finally something to live by in 2020

  • Pasta and butter is my preferred version

  • I'll never get used to americans calling pasta noodels. Noodels are oriental, only. Pasta is not the same.

  • Peasant loaf vibes🤣

  • what was the song he was drumming out to at the end?

  • Noodles in butter sauce. Finally made it yesterday. My life is much better now.

  • this makes me worry about americans

  • Babish, you've had your GF on screen before. As a heterosexual man, you're not supposed to know what cuticles are.


  • My favorite food really is bread and butter lol. Not toast. Just regular sliced bread and a smear or two of betty crocker.

  • did he just put yeast on top of the pasta holy hell

  • this is so easy just make spaghetti throw out the sauce and place a stick of butter on top ta daaaa buttered noodles

  • Lol I've been making this for years now.

  • Instructions unclear, got my hand stuck in the toaster.

  • I always had pasta with butter and soya sauce

  • I’m confused. Why do Americans call pasta “noodles”?

  • My favorite childhood meal😩 y’all that didn’t have them as kids please educate yourself and be a kid for a bit

  • That guy looked a lot like childish gambino!

  • Upstate NY represent lol

  • I never knew that the pasta side I was eating in my cafeteria, was buttered noodles. Tasted good though, some kind of dried herb in it (looked like basil or oregano).

  • i literally didn’t know that this dish existed

  • So weird tradition of my family is pasta butter and sprinkle of white sugar. Also another one white rice and brown sugar. This is now 5 generations passed down. I had no idea how weird it was till 5th grade.

  • Umm, I haven't eaten pasta any other way. For the last 21 years. Is this weird? The first version. Just pasta cooked, then butter stirred in.

  • Babish is a Diarrhea Planet fan. Sick.

  • This is a great video for me because I’ll probably do this

  • You lost me at brewers yeast.

  • I LOVE barilla pasta lol.

  • where in upstate ny? only grassfed butter i know is kerrygold

  • I went and checked the spelling of 15.... thanks dude

  • You should try using ashe county butter

  • Aaaaand now I can't stop looking at you fingers... Thanks

  • buttered noodles with black peppers are even better

  • Babish said "my guy" at 1:49

  • “Kinky Pasta” is my stripper name.

  • I can't use unsalted butter in my buttered noodles. Pretty much does taste like pure fat on it.

  • Need fried ring bologna


  • I am going to make butter.... Just like you did. ....and i tell you what happen.. 😁😁😁😁

  • loveeee

  • Babish- *Fiveteen* minutes me- umm.. u mean fifteen? Dictionary- LOL

  • kinky pasta is my stage name

  • This saved my dinner today. That bit of pasta water really helps, and I used 3 glugs of fish sauce when I was tossing in the butter. Tasted awesome.

  • 3:30 For a split second I thought Babish heated a cast iron pot until it was glowing red hot.

  • i never knew someone doesnt butter their noodles. i thought it basically belonged to the instructions to put butter after cooking noodkes

  • is it just me or does babish kinda talks like jeff in this episode

  • What's the name of the song in the end?

  • Cool. Cool cool cool

  • 6:45 if you fold instead of drape your pasta then your pasta gets really into BDSM and no one wants a pasta that tastes like leather.

  • buttered noddles with parmesan is a delicacy

  • Using anything besides egg noodles for your 5 minute version? Babish, for once you disappoint me. Ditch your bronze cut spaghetti, find some spaetzle.

  • Butteres noodles + friend chicken = Best plate in the universe

  • I once had a wonderful beef dish at an Italian restaurant with a side of handmade sage-buttered pasta. Forget about the beef, I freaked out about the "noodles". :) Choose good dairy if you can (not shaming those who can't yet ❤️❤️❤️), the animals are treated better.

  • this sounds amazing! I think I know what I'm making for dinner now :)

  • My husband looks at me with terror when I eat this.

  • CLAIRE SAFFITZ REFERENCE!!!!!!! GO Babish! Also, get that BIPOC stuff sorted out, Bon Appetit!

  • does this taste like... anything?

  • I'm sorry, but who in God's name's favourite food is bread and butter.

    • Louie Forward I am yearning for buttered toast more than anything else...I blame my no carb diet.

  • Babish: *apologizes for his nails not being as good as they should be* Me: “but they’re better than mine right now!”

  • Bro is blasting "Lite Dream" by Diarrhea Planet at the end! What a great band!

  • you should team up with worth it to find out which one is the most...worth it.

  • I feel kind of sheepish at the fact that buttered noodles is the only way I eat noodles, i swear I'm not 5

  • You should try swedish butter

  • As someone who watches and inordinate amount of cooking videos on ID-tv, I greatly appreciate the fact that you make sure your hands and nails are presentable on camera. I am so put off by some channels that have gaudy fingernails trying to display food to me that it almost makes me lose my appetite.... almost.

  • The only reason why I knew buttered noodles was because of this ad on tv about a kid who loves buttered noodles. I didn't know it existed until then

  • argentinian here, grew up with this too. I love them (as long as the noodles are not badly cooked ofcourse... it happens)

  • Just made buttered pasta topped with South Indian style tomato gravy I'm in heaven 😋😋😋😋

  • That Guy sounds like datto

  • I see your buttered noodles and raise you peanut butter noodles.

  • I want to see a battle between him and Gordon Ramsay. Anyone else.

  • No CC :(

  • As a Norwegian, what in the heavens is buttered noddles? I don't know what's up with America and pasta dishes. Like, I have never eaten a bowl of mac and cheese in my life, but it's talked about as if it's the life blood of a generation.

  • *talks about good butter* *doesnt mention wisco*

  • the wandering inn

  • I love buttered noodles with cabbage, or buttered noodles with California mixed veggies mixed in Or just regular canned mixed veggies! The ultimate struggle meals & a great comfort food! 🥰

  • He should do Kevin Cooks Stuff in the Office!

  • I like how he was in love with European butter even though that’s what we have everyday on toast

  • i always add garlic salt