Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!

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These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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  • I'm surprised at how tall mikasa is

  • 5:14 5:15 Adam VS Vergil

  • All I want is Jaune vs Kirito.

  • Bootleg vergil lmao😂

  • I wonder if Monty was still alive, would he have animated this?

  • For some reason I like this Blake on this fight more than in RWBY. I'm talking about animation wise and how the animation looks by the way

  • Mikasa is stronger than that like seriously she could of probably dodge that thunder spear at the end with her ODM gear😡

  • 20-30 foot iron wire???? Dude the distance those things travel had to be waaayyyy more than that, at least 50 feet


  • NO CAP Mikasa was nerf heard for her

  • So long as mikasa can survive the surprise power difference its pretty even

    • As is it seems like a contest between the same personality with different powers

  • Next time do levi let’s see can she keep up with Levi speed

  • Just a thought to complete the RWBY roster: Ruby Vs Maka (RWBY Vs Soul Eater)

  • rip

  • One random ass matchup but well executed none the less

  • My Favorite mikasa

  • I love mikasa but who tf does she think she is tryna mess with Blake?!?!? Like go kill sum titans or sumn 💀

  • So she only cut her arm off instead of her head? Lol alright sometimes some of these videos don’t make sense at all 😂

    • @Justin Alicea still doesn’t make sense lol make it accurate if that’s the case

    • Animation is for entertainment and not accuracy. Hence why Mikasa even could hit Blake at all.

  • Que estafa

  • LOL why would Blake catch that thunder spear thing? That kinda took me outta the fight, she dodges a lot and as badass as it was it was hard to imagine. 😹

  • Jojo vs oboma

  • I guess you could say Mikasa was *Blown away*

  • Yeah this was unbalanced... in terms of raw ability. But I felt Mikasa could have still won given her generally insane skill set. Using that ODM requires possibly skills in balance that is leagues above Blakes in terms of balance and awareness of her body relative to her surroundings. While that doesn't make her faster, typically learning difficult skills lead to stronger brains, something I felt Mikasa didn't use enough of

    • @Justin Alicea I feel like I was confusing presentation vs actual ability

    • Except she has never experienced fighting someone like Blake, and reaction time is going to be far more reliable at saving Blake than Mikasa maybe having a better sense of balance letting her land a hit. And given Blake's Faunus attributes, she wouldn't miss Mikasa's turbine going off or the sound of the much more limited hook lines shooting out.

  • Not fair put Eren there

  • Needs to be updated

  • You know there a character name punker who look like the punker exe from megaman battle network. Who is real strong. He was a thief and great with a gun and chain. He was brought back by devil beast for his army and even almost kill blake in this same fight just one thing she got help by 17who like blake but his farther was a cult leader. Who like this story?

  • Wait, so let me get this right. Yang lost her right arm and Blake lost her left arm?

  • Damn I just really wanted to watch Blake die . Her arc is everything that’s wrong with rwby . I hope that titan finishes her off .

    • @Blake Mamba i guess

    • @Nathan0973 I mean , not really . I haven’t watched nearly enough AOT to be invested .

    • You salty that Mikasa lost

  • The comment section:”WhY DiD they make MikAsa fiGHt A caT wIth sUpernAtural Powers?!” AOT:mikasa fighting giant cannibals and people who can shape shift into giant cannibals

  • I liked this this was fair imo Mikasa had powers also

  • 14:42 oof

  • He should do ant man vs eren

  • Sometimes I wonder if these matchings are still reasonable😂

  • When death battle looks better than rwby

  • Congrats on 10 years!

  • Blake: *kills mikasa* Mikasa: *flips off blake because she killed her for no reason*

  • Bro they- [Spoiler] They Yang'd Blake :'DdDDd

  • Blake vs Mikasa: Ladies of Coolness . Elk (MUC) vs Nathan Izzei (MUC): Rivalry Never Dies

  • i wanna know what song played during their battle.

    • An original song for the battle. Thunder Shroud - Brandon Yates

  • I swear death battle is full of rwby lovers

    • Weiss lost tho.

    • Like no way Yang would beat Tifa Either. I haven’t watched death battles in years and yikes. Idk what they did to the two narrators, but sheesh

  • Bruh, did you really have to spoil AOT like that? Bruuuuuh

    • @ㅤ man I totally missed that part since I was half watching it when my sis put it on. Who would have thought DB would ruin Titan for me haha

    • it literally said at the beginning that it would include spoilers :/

  • I like how stayed true to the RWBY tradition that bullets are useless - even while fighting a normal human xD

  • this was a unfair battle, mikasa stood no chance, this its legit: f2p skillfull player vs p2w magic girl

  • so blake is faster than lightning?

    • No, she can keep up with characters that can dodge lighting and mikasa can keep up with characters that can dodge bullets

  • Aw'ight!!!!! I'm a be honest, she put it to Mikasa. Either tho that she's my favorite character of Attack on Titans. But I really thought that she'll win tho. I never saw that coming. I thought she would've douge it.

  • ew the ugly furry won

  • Now that Kelsier from Mistborn is in Fortnite, does that qualify him for Death Battle?

  • Suck it aot No offence Edit:that was a red vs blue quote from rooster teeth :D

  • Mikasa=titan in end of video?

  • Blake Belladonna “Likes: reading, tuna, *Yang”*

  • I don't watch any of these shows but I'm down 😂

  • I’m pretty sure they forgot to mention how f***ing ripped Mikasa is! Seriously, that girl got abs of steel!

  • Persona protag battle royale

  • Uh ngl bull you see thunder spears aren't able to be pulled fell or broken out of place so it falling out of place like that is crap plus her spinning and it falling out or getting pulled out is crap

    • @Sped Boi Stupidity at its finest. Can’t even understand someone’s facts.

    • @Jeremy Randolph ????

    • The animation is just for show. It doesn't any weight in the the analysis and serves the purpose of a chart.

  • convenient rocket launcher is convenient


  • Mikasa was winning until the end

  • Is this taking the fact that mikasa has titan blood inside her? which is why she has incredible brute strengh?

    • Well, she already has proven what that superhuman strength level is.

  • this was an unfair fight

  • What happened to the power of the ackerman blood?

  • Blake : Why did you bring a knife to a gun fight Mikasa : Everyone knows 1 stab and your dead

  • Nooo mikasa :(

  • I love how the battle theme is a mixed remix of AoT last season's opening and RWBY themes' singing.

  • If the average person has one set of ears than wouldn't two sets just be double the hearing? Why is it squared? That was just the funniest line, not even commenting on the cat part just decided to multiply the ears.

  • Why would you match modern vs old inventions? Such a mismatch battle

  • All they need is ruby and they’ll get all of team rwby

  • what kind of matchup is this..... lets do goku vs ash ketchum now i guess

  • you guys realy like to get your numbers wrong huh? she did not tank over 4 tons of tnt when the bird hit the stone structure because she was not hit by anything, she was just standing on top of the structure, saying that she can take 4 tons of tnt because of that is like saying a Toyota Hilux can take the total force unleashed from the demolition of a 24 storey building. (look up Top Gear killing a Toyota Part 3) obviously, there is no way the car could survive that amount of energy if it was to actually get hit by it... which it did not... because just like Blake, it was on the roof. she would probably still win though, but not thanks to made up bs numbers but rather thanks to her actual abilities being significantly greater then Mikasa's, which is almost entirely limited to her magical abilities.

  • Who would win, Satan or my Pet Caterpillar

  • This, didn't really seem fair

  • 15:28 What a Death Battle scream


  • Ok watching the entire episode. These guys did not do there research

  • She didn’t defeat the female Titan

    • @Justin Alicea and that my deluded friend is what we call a FLAWLESS VICTORY

    • @Justin Alicea basically she didn’t even need to be there

    • @Justin Alicea are you ok? Did you even watch the episode? Let’s put this in a way you will get. Mikasa got angry because Annie stole eren so she chased after her while Annie was still regenerating from the fight with the Levi squad and than Titan eren and while Mikasa was chasing Annie She started screaming and slashing at the already tired Annie Annie knew it was Mikasa so she carried on then Levi joined the scene and protected Mikasa Mikasa wanted to kill Annie but Levi advised her that was not a good idea because she has defences Mikasa wasn’t trained for then Levi told Mikasa to distract Annie while he handles the cutting Mikasa tried to distract her and failed then Annie went to punch Levi and got her arm shredded to bits Then Levi goes into full attack mode and completely immobilised her and shreds her until she can’t move bare in mind Levi has just took on multiple titans and has to deal with the fact his entire squad is dead but he still completely out shows everyone in the entire series the Mikasa realised that because Levi was shredding her to nothing she might be able to deal the killing blow to the nape so she goes for it Levi sees her do this and mid battle goes so fast he manages to save Mikasa from Annie’s hand Saves her gets eren back by himself and leaves with Annie crying because of how much she stood no chance

    • And she was hardly even relevant she was told by her stronger superior to distract her and she failed with that as well oh yea and then like I said she almost died but Levi saved her

    • @Crow Doing all the work because she was the only one fighting. And based on your own initial description, she was in fact getting things done before Levi came in with a more level head. And even after that. So again, she still had contribution to say she beat it. Except now you yourself seem to be downplaying your own description of events.

  • Ok I’m not a huge fan of Mikasa but this was bs

    • @Jahmarley Ambo and you did about as much research as these twats

    • If you actually think Mikasa wins I feel bad for your lack of knowledge

    • Why is that?

  • Rooster teeth did RWBY

  • 5:52 "the last remnants of humanity were driven to near extinction" Spoiler alert *Narrator voice* OR WERE THEY Also Mikasa had superior skill and was only fucked over by being matched up against someone who had totally-not-magic. And was also owned by RT. And also Blake getting up from losing and arm and being like "incoming! Lol!" was some serious RT fuckery because in-character she would need Yang to spend at least 1 scene consoling her before returning to normal attitude. But that would require getting Barbara (no disrespect) to also contribute on this side project in addition to Arryn and the main RT crew can't spare them both... Long story short, booze makes you rant on the internet.

  • Let be honest after the fight Blake totally defeated that titan.

  • At least Blake and Yang will match now

  • Bro am I the only one who remembers how Blake and her friends reacted when yang lost her arm. They were paralyzed af. That last part wasn’t accurate at all.

  • Ah yes, another Rooster Teeth character winning against a non RT character. Also conveniently forgot to mention Mikasa's anti personnel gear and experience against fighting people.

    • Okay there have been 5 Death Battles revolving around characters from RoosterTeeth. Two of which are fights between characters from the same series Yang vs Tifa Weiss vs Mitsuru Blake vs Mikasa Carolina vs Meta Red vs Blue

    • @Max Karr But you tried claiming an entire channel was biased towards a company. When all it took was just checking the fight records.

    • @SirKillalot98 because I don't see every single video on ID-tv? My bad.

    • @Max Karr How can you miss it? We only had three RWBY Death Battles.

    • @SirKillalot98 ah, must've missed the Weiss one.

  • Another Rooster Teeth circle jerk.

  • I don't know RWBY, but I figured Mikasa would lose. Otherwise they would use Levi. Nobody wants to watch Levi get killed, everybody wants to watch him kick ass.

  • As much as I was rooting for mikasa, she has no magic abilities. Theres only so much the ODM gear is capable of

  • DEATH BATTLE: Kaneki Ken VS Eren Yeager (Tokyo Ghoul VS Attack On Titan)

  • A shame there is no vergil vs adam death battld animation.

  • Blake will choose “Ninjas of Love” anytime of day over evacuation. 😅

  • We're all on the same page this is just a shill episode to put their own brand characters over and promote RWBY.

  • Blake stole Yangs kink of losing arms

  • Blake is an alien confirmed. Purple blood.

  • "Are those two sets of ears?" LMFAO

  • Who animate this? Animation is good...

  • 5:15 so that's wo he reminded me of.

  • Let's be real, y'all... this was the expected outcome... the alternate ending would have been Blake being incapacitated, similar to Weiss in her fight against Mitsuru from Persona. I mean... a RWBY character in a Death Battle, with RWBY music playing? Come on now. Even AOT fans should have expected this. Add to this the fact that Yang somehow managed to beat Tifa Lockhart from FInal Fantasy, and uh... yeah.

  • Are we just going to ignore the fact she has titan regeneration aswell because of her being a akerman

  • As far as i can tell to the battle. Mikasa would immediately whooped her opponent's ass if it wasn't for the clones unless they showed it to make it look like the fight is close.

  • Not even 20 secs in and I'm questioning why was this even a fight? Who thought this was a good idea?

    • Was here just for the anime, not disappointed. The matchup was trash tho

  • Now that ruby is the last member without a fight, who could she be matched with? Maka from soul eater?

  • Noooo mikasa

  • Mikasa had a human killing ODM by the way(~ ̄³ ̄)~