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It’s bulletproof but is it bowling ball proof?
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A big thanks to Quidd for making this viddy happen, it was an absolute ripper.
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  • 100kg Thanks for the pin

  • 500 pounds is the bulletproof glass

  • The bulletproof glass was up side down

  • This video could have been 1 minute

  • Eww scary.... An extra 4th person

  • Bullet proof glass breaks last layer first

  • 200K

  • Go again, but put the pane of glass with the strike face up.

  • pouds

  • 100

  • the glass punctuated the anti shattering layer.

  • 100kg

  • 100kg

  • 328 lbs

  • I bet the sponsor was like NOOOO boys you got it upside down!!!!!!

  • top layer looks like some kind of thick plastic

  • 101 kg

  • It's 326 lb

  • The bottom goes first because the laminates transfer the impact uniformly so that lowest layer feels a pinpoint impact that sheet of glass can't take the where load on its own so it eventually pops if you ever a letter to get strain or pressure gauges booked up to each layer and a graphicAl display you would be able to visualise your results a bit like a understand ING how sizmic waves travel through the different layers of the earth

  • Just for giggles why don't you do the maths and physics to go with it?

  • USA

  • How Ridiculous, the bottom one breaks first because of the science that has the same property as the Newtons cradle, the front layers Absorb the impact and send it out through the other side, thus causing the breaking of the bottom layer, and if you flipped it, same thing would happen. Thank the nerds xD (Me) Edit: This is also why things on the bottom (if you're on something) tends to break a split second before the top layer does, Unless you are on a empty box then the top layer breaks first

  • Stop stealing mrbeasts add jk luv u guys

  • Need to do the giant dart vs bulletproof glass

  • Alper Rende güzel çalmış tebrikler

  • because the top layer isn't glass its plastic

  • This is how you make a video over 10 minutes long even tho you could put the same things into 5 or less mins...

  • Funny 4:27

  • I think good idea to use extreme slow mo camera or collab with slow mo guys

  • Try dropping the nokia3310...

  • 硬くね?

  • Do another one with a durt

  • Hi

  • 129 Pounds you guy are awesome 😎

  • =50 lbs

  • More action & less talking please...

  • 8:20 Thank me by liking

  • 134 kg PS THAT IS CRAZY

  • You guys are not smart enough to understand momentum?

  • Bullet proof glass is designed that way to protect against multiple attacks

  • Dami sinasabi

  • 25 kg


  • Talk too much

  • 6:01 8:30 You’re welcome

  • I'm more amazed the dude hits his target perfectly every time

  • The way it works is that the top layer is a flexible plexiglass and then the layers start getting thinner there are 7 layers and the top one cant break because it just flexes like rubber

  • 100kg?

  • Giant dart vs Bulletproof glass

  • Can you drop the dart on Bullitt proof glass

  • 6:37 ty

  • 3:28

  • Plexi would be on the inside glass on outsode of car. You got it backwards boys 😁 no wories still a great vid.

  • I think they put the glass upside down because isn't there supposed to like a plastic on the back so a bullet doesn't penetrate. The glass on the outside fractures to slow the bullet and the plastic catches the bullet.

  • I don't get it. Why is getting pinned a prize? What does getting pinned get you? Yea yea I'm old and out of touch lol

  • You have the glass upside down

  • The top layer is plastic no shit it won’t crack

  • I guess 30lbs

  • 200 punds

  • bowling ball vs bullet proof glass from the hoover dam

  • 100kg

  • Pin ya

  • Its as me wich is 100000000000kg

  • think of newtons cradle... all of the energy is being transferred directly to the bottom of the glass... the top cannot break without energy.

  • It is backwards

  • If you would not scream you wouldnt get sand in your mouth

  • Imagine the bowl lands on your head 🤯

  • 200kg

  • 100 pounds

  • 80 kbps

  • trey tow wan goooo

  • The top layer is plastic

  • i thought he was gonna be like "i have to sit under this glass while they drop the bowling ball"

  • 115lbs

  • You had the glass in reverse the top was the bottom

  • Bowling ball vs bulletproof glass from the dam

  • 5:29

  • If the glass is made to withstand a bullet/ multiple bullets. Why would a bowling ball make it through it..

  • HERE WE GO! 3.. 2.. 1.. *gets add*

  • 5:30 8:20 10


  • I feel like only the top layer is bulletproof based on how that one didn't break and all the other layers did

  • The top layer is a clear plastic layer

  • Is the first layer of different material? You kept the bullet proof glass upside down

  • 5:31

  • start from 3:14 and save your time

  • Can we manufactured a thick outer layer as a bullet proof guard. It will be a titanium.

  • Bowling ball vs bowling ball

  • 나만 한국인임?

  • I think the makers of this glass have done more acid tests than this.

  • 한국인?

  • "Higher i go, heavier it feels"

  • That's lot of damage

  • 92kgs

  • Looks like the glass is the wrong way around that's why the top layer wasn't smashing

  • 8:15 and 10:02........ Wait for it

  • Its acrylic on the top i think.

  • Video starts at 5:23

  • 한국제목보소

  • Drop more on it until it breaks!!!