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It’s bulletproof but is it bowling ball proof?
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A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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  • 100kg Thanks for the pin


    • Sweet

    • pinned by not rediculous lols u are lucky

    • Boi I Bet U Got Ur Self A Bullet Proof Glass Table And Measured It

    • you guys are funny l just subbed

  • 95kg

  • Why does this feels like I am reacting to a real life rasengan


  • 156plb

  • 958 lbs.

  • 1g???

  • Glass was upside down, that "top layer" is more of a flexible plastic to keep the glass from shattering and falling on you and also to catch lead.

  • I thought he was gonna say he had to sit under the bulletproof glass and they were gonna drop a bowling ball on it

    • and the top layer probably isnt even glass

  • How Ri DICK ulous

  • Damn that glass is strong

  • Took me a while to find where that ”skippy” slang word came from. Not much info about that word on the web. So it’s from a 70’s tv show!

  • Are kangaroos like the deer of Australia?

  • 8:24 and 6:37 and ur welcome

  • 5:40 NOW.... THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE! LENNY FACE APPEARS FROM TIME AND SPACE AND... now you make the ending by commenting down below

  • 100kg

  • we must like MORE

  • I think you should do 1500 layers against the dart

  • I would have to say 2000kg

  • The impact force travels throughout every sheet and disperses until it rebounds on itself, causing internal pressure to exceed the threshold at which point the energy continues on downwards and the glass reaches its critical breaking point.

  • 20 lb.

  • 150 kg

  • Try this bulletproof glass vs biggest horn

  • 100kg

  • I think it weighs 150 lbs.

  • The top glass had 3 or more inches of glass support underneath it, so it was able to absorb a lot of the force in the top layer but sent shocks through the bottom layers of glass that are not supported. That is why they broke and the top layer did not.❤

  • I think I know why the top wasn't damaged at the first few drops. It's because the kinetic energy from the ball travels through the glass and the bottom piece is taking all the force from the top, like the one invention that has 4 balls and only 2 are effected

  • 101kg

  • Should try The White Knight versus bulletproof glass.

    • Lol, nevermind! Made the comment before the end of the video. Lesson learned...

  • Glass, upside down 🥺

  • Jesus loves you all

  • *Croikey*

  • that was awesome, i hope you get 444k!


  • In Iowa we have to watch for deer, but in Australia, you have to watch for kangaroos.

  • Top layer is plastic g

  • Fix it with flex tape

  • they should of drop that giant dart on to it

  • thats a lotta damage

  • Пацаны я заболел, поставьте лайк пж, я хочу быстрее выздороветь


  • 800 LBS

  • Du denkst das wär Po

  • Are you guys Australian?

  • The moment u have been waiting for 11:56

  • 110kg

  • Through

  • that would be awesome decode

  • you are the best +you are crazy

  • 8:28 noice

  • 175 pounds

  • Lol. That "top layer" aint glass, its polymer. And you mighy also have it upside down.

  • I think it is 115 lbs

  • 400 pounds

  • 8:24

  • Top layer must be plastic to protect the glass as I see the actual glass broke but the plastic laminate didn't


  • Very hevy

  • Am I the only one that thinks that they had the bullet proof glass upsidedown

  • play you fortnite

  • The top lair is a type of flexible plastic

  • Next: Rpg vs Bullet proof glass

  • I Say 30 pounds

  • 115 pounds

  • thanks for pinning this comment.

  • 100kg or 75 or 150 hope for one of these being a pin

  • ou guys should extend out a little plastic tube big enough to fit all of your tools of destruction ect. Anyways go out there at night with a decent lazer pointer and go into the tower shine the lazer through the tube and mark it where the lazer hits on the sand. It will be a lot more accurate and less time consuming in long run

  • That’s a lot of damage

  • hmm... they have the bullet proof glass vs. giant dart but only 394k likes we've been lied to

  • You should shoot bullet proof glass to see if it is for real

  • 250 pounds

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  • Godammit Stamford is a god!

  • Them: rubs their hands all over the glass because it’s upside down. Them: realises it’s upside down Them: does it properly next time Them: rubs their hand on it To the ER

  • The top layer is not glass it flexable plastic

  • over 900000000000000000

  • 100kg


  • 100 lbs

  • the glass was on the wrong side thats why the glass went under.

  • The glass is upside down

  • 100kg

  • They had the fiberglass on top

  • They stop dropping at 3:15 Just to save some time

  • 110k i was 1st pin me

  • 26 LBS

  • 300pounds

  • Hello, random person scrolling through the comments!

  • 100kg

  • 385 pounds

  • what do u need bullet proof glass for

  • 20 kg

  • 100kg

  • What dose the 44 stand for?

  • 0:28 welcome to Australia mate

  • 10:02 lol 😂

  • 444 lbs

  • Is upside down

  • Use. It. As. A. Table

  • the top is like plastic and the bottom is glass