boy pablo - hey girl

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Directed by Eivind Landsvik
Produced by Bacon Productions
℗ & © 777 MUSIC
Thanks to
Julieta Cecilia Rivera Castillo
Juan Pablo Muñoz
Elisabeth Økland
Esteban Muñoz
Felipe Alexis Rivera Muñoz
Gabriel Nystad Muñoz
Eric Tryland
Erik Thorsheim
JD Stenersen
Trygve Thorsheim
Henrik Eikrem Åmdal
Elise Victoria Tørdal
Hans Vestrheim
Even Loftås
Benjamin Schandy
Theodor Angell Mentzoni
Sara Johanne Alavinasab
Ylva Bang
Snorre Mukisa Kilvær
Jens-Gustav Lidal
Lukas Salomon Johannesen
Emilie Støle
Sofie Songe Kittelsen
Liv Margrethe Andersen


  • episode 2 🥰

  • como si estas cosas pasaran....

  • smol bike for smol guy

  • Music and vid is very retro. Well done. Seems as if I'm back in the 80's.

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sir, Is your full name Pablo Escobar?

    • JK

  • girl is not into soccer falls in love because boy is good at soccer

  • 0:48 is this where they play the music video for Everytime?

  • i shall name this new sport "'aesthetic soccer"


  • Is- is this narrator the guy from Tiger King??

  • He went hella try hard in this😂

  • simp

  • wooow!!

  • 1:21 Start Song :)

  • the footbal is nice to watch, grest song

  • Nobody can stop prime Boy Pablo

  • Damn pablo's really good at football actually.

  • Wachito riko Afyafafhasyfxdtdxg7sgxsgxgud

  • voice over is that bloke from tiger king?

  • What book was she reading.

  • Hold on, why did Nacho have a knife? Oh now I know

  • Cómo la pisa guachiro Ricou

  • The free-kick wachito scored was so good , song is love ❤️

  • maybe 2020 isn't so bad after all

  • the voice in the backgound, isn't he the dude in TIGER KING :O

  • nunca me había sentido tan orgullosa de ser chilena

  • wena po pabli

  • Greet song :)

  • left his homie for a girl...SiMp


  • Is that rick Kirkham from tiger king?

  • genuine tekkerz on show

  • waxito ricou

  • pedazo de tema por la chucha 💖

  • Suka banget sama lagu2 Baim

  • Its Football not soccer😌

  • Nunca falta la nalgada 2:46 la vieja confiable para darte animos :v

  • The narrator’s voice makes my sinuses hurt

  • Boy Pablo's so short that he fits in with kids😂

  • the high "oh" makes me love this song more

  • This music video is directed by West Andersen.

  • everyone: *sings hey girl :)* me: wtf why *W A C H I T O R I C O* also me an actual spanish speaker : AHAHAHAHAHA IM DYING AAA SORRY AAAAAH


  • futbol footwork 👍 perm 💀

  • sofia when nacho scores: i sleep sofia when wachito scores: real shit?

  • Claro que sí el wachito rico

  • Man United fan detected.

  • I fking love u

  • why is this so cool what

  • Big props to Boy Pablo! This song is getting played on KROQ!

  • First goal is offside.

  • The reff was soo coll

  • Wachito Rico means Hottie stop giving wrong definitions XD

  • Love you sintia 😊❤️

  • pinche portero puñetas, no para nada

  • Boy Lionel Cristiano David Roberto Paolo Steven ... Pablo


  • This is Art. 👌🏽

  • Tipos Feos ... ugly guys... 🤮

  • Desde Panamá está musica está buenísima 💥👍🏽

  • Never knew that louis tomlinson is wachito rico's sworn enemy...

  • the soccer in this video ius so bad haha, like the corio

  • This is how are dreams are like

  • I wonder who tf these guys are

  • El Wachin rikis rikis

  • 30% = story 70% = song 😂


  • self note: 1:31

  • Getting Sondre Lerche vibes. 😊

  • Wachito Rico is badass

  • Hueon medio tema ctmmmm sansdk

  • That soccer ball was flat 0:58

  • boy pablo, simplemente un wachito rico❤

  • It's so funny and ridiculus, the beginning, the narrator, the match and the final ahhahaha but is beautifull because is as it is!

  • jajaj boy pablo me encanta es como tipo Chileno y habla en ingles pero uno de sus papas es chileno , AAAA nosee jajajaja, wachito rico

  • Lame music

  • that intro voice is from the guy of tiger king

  • Ayeee Good vibes 👏👏👏👏👏

  • my name is sofia :))))

  • chabon esto es genial. soy de argentina, cuando escuche el "wachito rico" me cague de risa.. yo le decía así a un amigo que me gustaba JAJAJAJAAJAJJAJ amé todo. besos

  • hey you think we didn't see you.... but we did it!!! 1:35 Mac Demarco!!!!

  • Pelanciou 😂

  • Tendangan si Wachito Rico

  • this is so good

  • Escuchando esta canción me hace volver a creer en el amor que hace mucho tiempo deje de sentir 😔😔

  • es luxxz

  • The goalie is better than David de gea

  • wachito rico is a simp

  • yo there’s some music video in your story

  • xd wachito rico

  • Spaghetti n Sprite 👍

  • I dreamed I met a girl listening to this song and we hangout together, it's just a dream tho.

  • She would definitely love his music

  • What’s the name of the girl in the video

  • Que tipo de bailando solo es este

  • 3:14 i can't be the only one who heard "fat boy"

  • Is the narrator the guy from tiger king

  • Fire

  • viva chile rey🇨🇱🇨🇱