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You Didn't Glow Up:
Girlish Body:
Song produced by Dylan Gardner:
Music video shot & edited by Michael Cannavo:
SNAPCHAT: @rylandadams
Thanks to Twitter for all your help in dragging Shane - especially @Kiwiwdividebean :)


  • AHH! I hope you guys liked the video :)) Shoutout to Quidd for help making this happen! DOWNLOAD HERE:

    • Ryland Adams - You definitely aren’t secretly a top 😂

    • Ryland Adams hi I wanna tell you something what do you say that in the music video I’m going to unsubscribe and guess what I’m going to delete your channel because my dad is the game master bye hope you have a great day bye and if you made that ugly song why are you still dating him center is 2019

    • Ryland Adams hi

    • Your gay you got all those views because shane famous and not you burn🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👌👌👌


  • This is the best things I have ever heard not in a nasty way to Shane but I love the song

  • Hahaha!!! You killed Shane on this one!

  • We need both diss tracks played at the wedding

  • please play at wedding and morganchella 2020

  • This is better than shanes. Lmao Ryland wins. Hahahahahhaha omfg im so happy they're getting married. Who randomly came here in nov 2019

  • Anybody else loving this song like yess ryland ❤️ it’s awesome

  • I love this

  • Sooo.. In gonna need an updated version after the wedding husband diss challenge xD

  • Shane: My diss track will be better. Ryan: Hold my purse.

  • Ryland: Goodbye... me: MIKE Ryland: sexual Me: but....eleven

  • Best Shane Dawson drag

  • Hey. Both of your videos made me laugh. I needed that. My grandma has bladder cancer and hasn’t been doing well. And to top it off, I am dealing with depression, iron deficiency, chronic hives and everything else. It’s been a hell on earth type of year. I’m so over 2019. I am hoping 2020 is better. Anyways, thanks for the laugh and content. Much love from New Jersey 💕

  • DAMN omg


  • here after the pallet?? me too, SHOOK

  • Omg Ryland u won this Bf Dis Track War ... The 10yrs for 10M was woah that was Savage n u went for the kill, w it took infamous ID-tvr only 10months and I'm like... Ahhh he just won... Ryland won this mother fuckier... Best BF Dis Track 2019: Ryland Adams...

  • You're still on ID-tv even though you're almost 30... I'm pretty sure he's 30 now and he's the most relevant thing since his pallet came out 😂

  • Holy shit this was 2 years ago? What the FUCK?


  • You won!!

  • If there was a rap battle between them this whole distract would win because the judges would say i like ur dimonds and ur pearls and Ryland would say thank u i designed it

  • This is actually a bop wtf

  • All these people that are like 'but i thought you loved shane' must be new!! They did this for fun people!! That's what a "healthy" relationship does (or at least ones that have a sense of humor & are confident) they pick & play with each other & laugh!!

  • “You'll need those ghosts in the house when I ghost you.” 😂

  • I love this, But i’m still waiting for “Tea in the G” song from Ryland though ❤️😂

  • Ahhh what a BOP🔥😂

  • 😂 Queen

  • You have less subs than Shane so why “congrats on ten million subs for you it took ten years but for jake it took ten months” why

  • He never mentioned Uno or Cheeto-

  • I love how the first recommendation under the video is the "The story of our engagement"

  • Oh heck nooo im done done side splitting what disses the dogs won't listen or behave for him omg lmmfao

  • No one: No one ever: The comments: who’s here when there getting Married

  • When he mentioned Dan and Phil i aCtUaLlY chokes on my ramen

  • Love it ryland!!!I love u and Shane too ;) xo🤗

  • Ryland kinda won

  • xdddd

  • OcToBeR 2019 aNy OnE

  • This is just Iconic😫

  • "Goodbisexual" QUEEN

  • Who else thinks that was to far

  • i really thought you guys broke up bruh

  • Shane is not By Sexual that is a fake ass word, Shane is GAY af. If a Man likes another Man he is GAY and will all ways be GAY even if he stops fudge packing and only bangs females for the rest of his life he will still be GAY

  • Gayest voice ever, congratulations

  • Wait I thought you loved Shane why are you being so mean to him he did nothing to you I love you Roland but this is messed up frl

    • @Eishita Misra thx I got scared for a second

    • This is a joke, Shane has made one too

  • Anthem. Bop. End of.

  • I am Shane's biggest fan but this is just so fucking catchy lol

  • I still love this!! ❤️

  • I loved your new song

  • DAYUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 20/20 Ryland. Did Shane react to this yet??

    • @Call me Trash oof lmao im dumb

    • Shane was there 4 the making of it so yes xD

  • Yassss

  • This and Jenna Marbles will always be the best diss tracks. You're funny and intelligent, and you seem so secure in yourself, plus you're the best brother to Morgan and that's awesome 👌

  • I want that Bitch necklace

  • Ngl Shane's was better... 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Both of them need to be played at the wedding.....

  • I liked this better than shane's diss If you agree like

  • I don’t get the song

  • Shane's was 1000000000000x better

  • I miss them like this!!!!!

  • Ryland won, sorry Shane 😅