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Bradley's homer leads Red Sox to Game 4 win: 10/17/18

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Daily Recap: Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a go-ahead homer and Andrew Benintendi sealed Game 4 with a diving catch in the 8-6 win
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  • 86 Dislikes are Astroid Fans...... Thanks Sox

  • Dodgers vs Boston is coming soon .

  • Oh ya boys #1 on trending

  • 3-1 comeback starts today

  • action packed game.

  • Im an astros fan but damn the red sox are playing some good baseball

  • That final out... Wow, what a game. What a battle!

  • Kimbrel. Im 15. I shouldnt be having heart attacks yet 😂 But the defense came in CLUTCH last night, especially Benintendi! A few odd calls that went our way but i aint complaining. Astros eating all that cockiness now, including you bregman who went 0 for 5 Price needs to have the game of his life tonight, or at least long enough to give it to the bullpen. Oh and JBJ ALCS MVP!

  • Just a dodger fan passing by no need to worry

  • Well fought out game by both teams, the way playoff baseball is supposed to be. Jackey Bradley is the Series MVP so far. His homer this game and previous XBH have been the difference makers in all 3 Sox wins so far.

  • It's funny how Boston fans seem to enjoy doing the same thing they accuse Astros fans of doing. It's almost like you Boston fans are just as douchie as your Houston Counterparts. 🤔🤔🤔

  • more part time moron fans sticking their Hands out and cant let the play end.

  • Even if the Astros win today, games 6 & 7 against the deadly combo of: Fenway Park, Fenway fans & 2018 MLB best Red Sox... HOUSTON, YOU VE GOT A PROBLEM

  • wow astros fan

  • To Duh Pencil Neck Geek who wastes 20 seconds of my time with foolish pregame garbage: Shut up and show the highlights.

  • Astros pitching failed them. It’s all downhill from here for The Astros

  • I love Kimbrel but he almost blew it, he owes Benintendi half his paycheck..... What a game saver!

  • Both teams played well , Red Sox just had better Offense despite having slightly disavantage in bullpen.

  • That was one hell of a catch to win the game

  • Come on Red Sox finish them off and let's get out of here.

  • Red sox has to make the world series 😀

  • What a great game to watch! Go Redsox!

  • Ahhhh... BOSTON... How rarely does a city have all their Major League Teams playing in the same week? Redsox, Bruins, Patriots, and Celtics... I should live to be a hundred!

    • And all Boston teams are winning. Patriots beat the Chiefs, Celtics smash Philadelphia and the Bruins had a 4 game winning streak

  • red sox saying just bring it

  • What a catch!!!! What a game!! Let’s go Red Sox!!!!

  • great win red sox


  • 1 more win baby

  • Houston might not repeat

  • With out fan interference that play amounts to a long out. The umpires made the right call. It's obvious the reached into the field of play. They had their hands on the edge of the wall and were leading forwards. You don't need multiple angles to figure that out.

  • Opinion only. If astros play Dodgers. Astros are back to back champs. If Sox play Dodgers. Dodgers win that series in 6. OPINION ONLY

  • What a game! Bradley Jr. is hot!! Kimbrel hurts my feelings every appearances he pitches but we won! Go Sox!!!

  • This might be one of the craziest games that I have seen in the 2018 postseason just absolutely crazy especially those great catches to end 2 halves of the 9th.

  • *that moment I go to sleep to go to school and this happens*

  • If you analyze the film closely and stop between 1:00 and 1:03 you see no interferenece with the fans hands closing the players glove. Bad call

    • Betts makes the catch if the fan doesn't interfere. Obvious Out and the correct call. Note to Houston: ///TELL FANS TO KEEP HANDS AWAY FROM OUTSTRETCHED GLOVES. The catch by Benidenti in the 9th was awesome. He misses it and the Stros walk it off. Great defense by both teams, great game.

  • Gg that's 6

  • Red Sox on a 3-1 series lead: “WE ARE NOT THE INDIANS”

  • The astros fans and their team like the yankees were so cocky ..but the red sox are just better than anybody else...😃😃😃

    • +Jax it's a very confident team and cocky now...see when they reach bases how they swing their hips? Like shakira said...their hips dont lie..🤣🤣👏👏👏👊👊👊

    • Giorgio Mancini calls others cocky then proceeds to be cocky

  • Little Bregman not so cocky anymore!! hahaha

  • Amazing game go Red Sox

  • As long as Bergman is bitter, that's all that matters. Guy is a tool to the nth degree.

  • There is not one strikeout in these highlights. I just realized that.

  • GG Astros going back to Fenway... It's been an easy series :>]

    • NBA Fan It was like that last time sox won the world series vs Stl. They left Boston tied at 1 a piece. I knew Boston had to get 2 in Stl, or they probably would of won.

    • +Javier Sánchez That's a wierd format. Obviously, I am mostly an NBA fan. (In the NBA its 2-2-1-1-1)

    • NBA Fan Still 1 game left in Houston. 2-3-2 series!

  • Verlander and Cole are next to pitch for the Astros so it’s not 100% over they can tie this series with them pitching

  • I have predicted each of the past world series champions for the past 9 world series. I dream every game you until the W.S. and I knew Astros were going to lose one at Boston and two at home. That's why when everyone was so heartbroken for the astros I was smiling. I am not a astros fan or red sox fan so I am neutral. But Red sox fans , I hate to tell you this, but sox will lose next game in Houston , and the latest two games in fenway will be close , but if my dreams are correct, which they haven't been wrong yet , the Astros are gonna take the last two games in Boston

  • I knew from the beginning of the playoffs that the Red Sox were "the team" although I like the Yankees a little better. The Red Sox should take it all and I'm fine with that.

  • Wow!.JBJ! His second half has carried on into the post season. Devers belongs in the lineup.He can hit lefthanders. The usual suspects are playing the way they have all season. Clutch hitting or what! The killer B's in the outfield.What about Pearce at first base. Tell me these guys don't want this. Giving guys days off through the regular season means they're fresh for the post season. Cora is an amazing baseball mind. Total team effort..haven't won anything yet. Stay positive. One game at a time..❤

  • Great game one play and it goes the other way but kimbrel sucks.sox are on top of their game on the fiel

  • I bed $999 the Red Sox are going to the world series

  • I know Astros fans are fairly 'new' diehards to the sport...Rule 3.16.... *LEARN IT*

  • Everybody knows Betts would've caught that shit, bunch of biased people, damn take a L when it's due my goodness

  • Who are those two future world leaders that interfered with play? Is it Jeffrey Mayer and Steve Bartman...all grown up and still wreaking havoc?

    • It's not havoc when Bets is tracking and ready to catch the ball. It's just a long out. No fan interference = long out.


  • Wow...just wow...these two teams are some mad shame to whoever loses this series , only one can advance but these games have been epic and both teams have played with mad heart. if the astros lose they need to keep their heads up because not just any team could of beaten the sox and vice versa.

  • Well, looks like the World Champs are going to have to break the hearts of the RSox AND their fans right there in that puny 'lil old rickety stadium.

  • ¡amazing game!💪💪💪

  • Let's go red sox

  • I guess..Kate Upton couldn't pitch..?

    • CTX50 lol

    • I was shocked to learn that Verlander was married to Kate Upton. I always thought he was gay

  • Instant classic

  • back to fenway we should close them out here! go sox

  • Bronx Bombers..turn will come..

    • Michael Hegyan Maybe when they get some guys who can hit. Yankees are homerun, or bust. Can't depend on homeruns all year to win games. That stuff comes, and goes.

  • Glove was closed before any fan interference happened. He missed the ball. Home run for sure.

    • Lol so wrong dude. You obviously don’t know the caliber of player that Mookie is. He would’ve caught the ball. The fan interferes with his glove plain as day. I’m a Rangers fan with no horse in this race but I could clearly see that was the case.

    • Wrong. Mookie would have caught it without a doubt. Not a home run but Altuve should have been given a double

  • Trying to get revenge for last year

  • waking up to another JBJ homer is like Christmas morning🤗.

  • Hay q darle banda ha boston selo estan llevando por la via del ponche que burla no hay forma estan loco he palomo en la ta

  • The Astros are gonna come back and win the next 3 games go Astros!

  • Shouldve been a hr

  • DAMN Pearce putting his body on the line to get that out. Glad he wasn't hurt.

  • Kimbrel better start controlling his pitches. He has been horrible in post. We need him to close out games not walk runs in for the other team. Go BoSox!

  • Got them in the chokehold! Lets finish strong at Fenway! #DoDamage

    • +Squiddy Shanks If there's even a game in Saturday because the red sox could close them out , but again , at the same time , the astros play better in these kind of games

    • We do. But, one mistake in your comment. We play in Houston tonight. We play in Boston on saturday

  • Jbj on fire this post season.

  • Gotta be honest normally I would blame the Astros pitching, but to be honest Morton was the only one who really sucked it up. Yeah, Josh James gave up that HR, but he was good other than that one mistake, so really gotta give credit to the Red Sox hitting. The major turning points in the game went the Red Sox way, which could've changed the outcome had they not, but in the end, what happened happened, and the Red Sox played a great game. Both defenses were on show, and although Kemp shouldn't have gone to second, that throw by Mookie was an absolute LASER. As an Astros fan, at least I know I have at least one last game of Astros baseball left this season to enjoy, and to be honest, I'd rather lose to the Red Sox than any other team that was in the postseason this year (especially the Yankees and A's), so good luck Boston. Barring any insane 3 game comeback by the stros, I hope the Red Sox can win the world series, they definitely deserve it this season. Hell, at the very very least it would make the Astros look a little better losing to the champs. GG

  • We know anything can happen with a three game lead. Hopefully we can finish this series off in five.

  • Betts would’ve had that ball, all Astro fans know it. They can bitch, but if the shoe was on the other foot, they’d be like, “see? He hit the leather!!” Boston was a plain better team, and if they don’t win the WS I’ll be surprised. Their depth is insane and the bullpen has stepped up in a big way. Please shut the insufferable Astro fans up

  • 2-0 in HOU now 1 more W.

  • Let's finish it tonight. Make it 5-0 on the road

  • If the sox win tonight, JBJ should be the MVP of the series

  • One away. One. Away

  • Magical year for Sox. I away .


  • One more win for a trip to the World Series. SHIP IT UP TO BOSTON BABY 😊😎❤⚾❤⚾❤⚾

  • And the sox are now 5 games away from being WS champs

  • Unbelievable win by the Sox I went to sleep after the Sox tied the game 4-4 and I woke up seeing a notification about Benny’s game saving catch and I was like “Omg no way, they won? YEESSSS”

    • +TerrorTyler are you BSc student

    • Yo chill i was tired that night

    • TerrorTyler plastic fan... are you kidding me!? You’re gonna sleep during a important game!? gtfoh 👎🏻

  • I hope the Sox destroy the Astros in game 5 tonight #WORLDSERIESHEREWECOME

  • Unbelievable win by the Sox I went to sleep after the Sox tied the game 4-4 and I woke up seeing a notification about Benny’s game saving catch and I was like “Omg no way, they won? YEESSSS”

  • Great highlights and commentary...but why no show of Mookie’s fantastic play to throw out Kemp at second in the 8th...that was crucial

    • Go to highlight of TrueRGM

    • That play by Mookie was awesome!!! Should definitely have been in the highlight reel

  • Jackie Bradley Jr.! #Mr.Clutch

  • Thanks for including the radio calls!

  • title town has another trophy coming folks

    • Steve g-Damn Boston got the Patriots,Red Sox’s,Bruins,Celtics that are all Great teams that could win ever major sports league title. Let that sink in #titletown#Winnerscircle


  • What a game 😍

  • Red Sox are as unlikeable as the patriots. Idc if I'm the only one in the world that thinks this, that fan interference call was bullshit. Didn't see any contact in the replay that would have caused Betts to have the ball in his glove and then have it fly out. Astros defense has been solid, much more likeable team

    • Mr. VA Rhythm, Maybe you and Angel Hernandez can work tonight's game...

    • Mr. VA Rhythm~_~ if you didn’t see interference you should go to an eye doctor to get your eyes checked. Astros were a little too cocky.

    • be fair..the Pat's have been beating the Texans ass for years now. What...8-1 ? Only win in January 2010 against Brian Hoyer when Brady sat and Welker tore up his knee. I can see why you're guys win a title and feel you're entitled to respect. GTFOH.

    • The fan closed mookies glove when he tried to catch the ball. He was on target and would have caught it. The Astros have been caught cheating and are getting their karma. Take the L like a man. Lol

    • Lmao so astros are ok to cheat? Gtfo

  • Boston gets bailed by the refs yet again that city always gets bailed by the refs boston sucks

    • +Alex Rivas back to back yeah were trash lmao hater bruins suck

    • After that call in the first the game was tied at 3 so it was a brand new ball game. Then again at 4, then again at 5. Even AJ Hinch said in his post game that you can't say that play changed anything there was still a ton of baseball to play

    • Elite sports franchises, 10 titles in 14 years. Hater. Lol

    • Austin Coming from Penguins fan lol. Ya’ll got bailed by the refs in the 2017 final with a missed goalie interference call and early whistle.

    • Austin the Steelers and penguins are still garbage

  • The magic number is 5. Get them and cap off a legendary season.

  • baseball is so amazing . There’re so many “what if “moments like last play and turned calls anything is possible in baseball

  • Great game. On to Boston, do or die..

    • Actually one more game tonight at Houston, but yeah, do or die moment.

  • Unbelievable ball game All this talk lately about interest in baseball dropping off. This should help

    • +mike Wolfe Dumb comment? Apparently you can't comprehend. I said fan interest and increased attendence. Nothing about stats.

    • +The Sentinel Dumb comment Pitch speed hr distance and other stats are up regardless of whether or not steroids are being used. And thats not to say they aren't being used

    • If MLB wants interest and fans to return, bring back roids.

  • Jackie Bradley Jr “MVP” of the ALCS!? #letsgoRedSox

    • Agree but why the question mark?

  • The Red Sox resilience was on display. As they take a commanding lead in the series 3-1. Where are all the Astros fans that talked mad shit after game 1? Boston won't be denied. Go Red Sox!!

    • Guess we have to win 3 in a row! Our turn baseball is very cruel

    • So i take it you didn't like Houston " talking mad shit" right? probably didnt make you feel good... but then you go and do the same thing to Houston when you get the chance too. So your just as bad...

    • RedSoxALCSchampions2018 WorldSeriesChampions2018 still have one more to win. I have seen 3-1 comebacks before.

    • We're still here bub. We aren't going anywhere. I understand Houston has not played well. Pretty sure ya gotta win 4 to advance tho.

    • +chuimon slp I destroyed the cry guys soul after the Yankees lost lol

  • What a game!!!!!!! DODGERS WILL WIN NO MATTER WHAT

    • Yeah...just like the Stankyees did in 4...

    • you guys are cursed

    • Lol, the real world series happening in Houston right now, the national league is a joke.

    • Taking that L again

    • PERIKAZO_RUIZ Ruiz lmaoooo gtfoh they easily taking an L