Brandon Williams vs Adama Traore | Wolves vs Manchester United FA CUP

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Brandon Williams vs Adama Traore | Wolves vs Manchester United 2020 FA CUP
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has praised Brandon Williams for his performance against Adama Traore in Manchester United’s FA Cup draw against Wolves on Saturday.
United and Wolves face a replay at Old Trafford after their third-round tie ended goalless with few chances for either side. But Williams impressed in his 13th appearance for United this season having been given the difficult task of keeping Traore quiet on Wolves’ right flank. United supporters are now urging Solskjaer to promote Williams to first choice for United’s left-back position, and the Norwegian admits he has been pleased with the 19-year-old’s development.
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  • Looks like Brandon Williams has ‘cemented’ place in Man Utd team after Adama Traore battle! Do you think we should play Brandon against City as well? See this vid of why he should be first choice left back.

    • @KING-KAY GAMINGYou being a gamer not liking it! Alright! Suggest some good ones please!

    • Fxcking terrible music to listen to. Destroyed the video.

    • @rj s we can rotate them easily with the fixtures we have!

    • Did really well but against big 6 we still have to go with experience of Shaw

  • He’s very raw talent wise but has a good future ahead of him. If he can tone down the crazy challenges and stay on his feet, he can be a lockdown defender

  • The future is bright

  • Traore is too fast , too strong. William can not against traore

    • Guess what he kept two cleansheets vs traore

  • ขอบคุณมากครับ

  • Williams is a very promising player but to be fair he could not stop traore in most challenges

  • song?

  • Fuckin music

  • Use must be blind he got beat every time

    • Brandon cud beat up ur ass Anytime.

    • it isn't about getting beaten every time. He managed to stop Traore who will always outrun his opponents. Have you seen him again Mendy, Robertson? He beat them every time but Brandon was able to tackle him or give enough time for his teammates to recover.

    • Your the one that's blind

  • I think luke should work harder!!!

  • Williams, be the second Evra! But reduce the ungentlemanly foul!!! from South Korea, not North Korea

    • Yep he is our young blood! He will get calm with age but we like to see fight in our players! Cheers!

  • 1 good cross throughout the game. Wow BW is gonna be the big next season.

    • @alamsingh11 will do it! CHEERS! :)

    • @ManchesterUnitedKingdom You gotta do another video on his performance yesterday. It was even better.

    • @alamsingh11 YEP! We have found a GREAT LEFT BACK FOR YEARS :)

    • @ManchesterUnitedKingdom I kno bruh. It just shows how good he was bcoz Traore usually delivers 5-10 good crosses in a game.

    • this video is for his battle against TRAORE! NOT THE FULL MATCH this is the vid

  • Fast reader, good delay play, robust. Just a small guy, what a player brandon 🔥

  • I think he must be one of the best defenders someday. He is young, he is tanlented. So he would be the 2nd Gary nevil. And I like him very much and my profile is Brandon either.

    • i guessed it by the name of your profile! We love this lad! Promising signs! Cheers!

  • His performance against Norwich please 💂‍♂️

  • 0:23 no other player apart from vvd can do that to traore... Respect👌💪

  • Brando my boy he is brave and talented young man i like him

    • @Alia Arshavin Yep! He has the passion and fight in him that we fans Love!!

    • @ManchesterUnitedKingdom Exactly, That is why we love him. *He is the future of Manchester United !*

    • He is more matured than his age. Lingard is a boy

    • he has the character of a Man United player!!

  • Eagerly waiting for the edit. Young talent did a great job defending monstrous Adama Traore

    • it's time to start him over Shaw. He is disciplined and his character will win over more fans.