Boris Johnson pauses Brexit bill after timetable vote loss

Dipublikasikan tanggal 22 Okt 2019
Boris Johnson has paused the progress of his Brexit deal through the House of Commons after MPs rejected his timetable for passing necessary legislation.
The Commons voted by 322 to 308 to reject the government's programme motion for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which aims to put the prime minister's Brexit deal into UK law.
The result threatens Mr Johnson's promise to take the UK out of the EU on 31 October "do or die".
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  • Posh boy mogg and sepoy patel would make a great couple.

  • The Schlieffen-plan is not enough - maybe he should read May´s plan b again?

  • I though the British government does not bend to BLACKMAIL. Corbyn is BLACKMAILING Boris over an election. Corbyn says take no deal of the table then have an election. This is BLACKMAIL. Corbyn therefore has no say in an election. Force an election Boris get rid of labour altogether.

  • Do or Die. So whens the fat curentz funeral?

  • He is still a liar come what may boris is

  • Wwwwww. England. Congra.. England is out from eruopa... like. Canada. Usa. Australia 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Only human life forms..

  • Austrittsvertragsratifizierungsgesetzentwurf that's in german, in 1 word. and it can't be shorter

  • Boris must go to jail, and that is the brexit.

  • It is now clear - there are only 2 ways out. One of the 27 veto an extension OR we vote Brexit Party. The Cons treaty is just TM's treaty with a pulse.

  • Let’s have a General Election! Then we can sort it out with 40% Brexit Party MP’s, 30% Tory, 30% Remoaners (Labour, LibDems, SNP).

  • In June, a parliamentary committee published two reports containing its findings into allegations of UK complicity more widely. The committee found actions the UK took and tolerated between 2001 and 2010 to have been “inexcusable.” There were significant developments regarding UK complicity in the CIA-led torture and secret detention. In May, the prime minister apologized unreservedly to a Libyan couple for the UK’s role in their 2004 rendition to Libya Boycott corrupt uk

  • I suggest we put a petition to the house of commons stating we the general public of the United Kingdom Sack all MP's and call for a general election with the proviso that the unemployed former MP'S are barred from standing

  • I support boris johnson but i still think he wears a wig bcyz he is a hmosexual

  • Leave!!

  • The only way now for no deal brexit is that one EU member state needs to veto the extension. Just one and the UK will be out on the 31st. Last I heard France could be the EU state that makes the veto

    • in this case brexit will be cancelled by the parliament.

  • Someone kick this pathetic man in the balls very hard tyvm

  • Can anyone on here let me know why boris was not sacked for telling the queen a pack of lies

    • He didn't tell her lies. He told her the truth and she agreed to it. He told us and the media lies, by not saying what he really said to the Queen

  • My son asked me why are circuses not around no more like they used to be i told him all the clowns left to become politicians.

  • Oh, Boris...

  • In order to extend, Boris Johnson must vote for it; all European Council members have a Veto. The EU want the three year transition period, to give Labour more time to win an election and reverse everything Brexit. The disaster would be leaving at the end of the month, and life continuing as normal. There is no cliff-edge Brexit, unless we leave the WTO.

  • English are so hypocrites. They consider Trump far right and they vote for Farage (31%), they love authoritative Boris who shuts down Parliament and they insist on racist and nationalistic Brexit. Lets face it: Brexit isnt about "control back, blah blah" but no more Romanians, Polish, Bulgarians etc

  • Taking back control Getting Brexit done, what a joke and wheeze these slogans are. Tory Etonian school boys self preservation society club on the jolly at the UKs expense. Brexit withdrawal bill is only the beginning of this conservative driven adventure/folly. We have another five years of this at least. This needs to put in the bin of history and fast. Remain at the table making rules as equal partners or taking the rules imposed upon us on the outside with our faces pressed against the vision panel.

    • They cant impose rules if UK is out of EU.

  • Let’s get rid of the remoaning traitors now we know their true colours. General Elections!

    • Andy N Corbyn’s sabotaging is going to backfire on Boris?

    • Think again pal. This is going to backfire big time on Boris.

  • I'm not political. Military is my field and in saying that there's is no way I am fighting another day under this ridiculous government!!!!!!!! Parliament is a joke being the PM means nothing. We (UK) is by far better off out the EU completely bring back the Great Britain I know.

  • we need to leave otherwise the eu will drag this out even further possibly over years and years

  • Why dont they offer mps a 3 week timetable

    • They said they atleast need 2weeks so give them 3

  • What a biased news channel. Did anyone see the fake banner behind kate burley this morning. Just one banner (get ready for medicine shortages) which they must have set up equipment purposely to get it so perfect. This is called creating news. Why not face a slightly different direction?

  • Boris Johnson is a nasty POS, doubled down on amnesity for illegals. Don't trust this despicable traitor.

  • This is a joke - the undefined being negotiated by the unprepared in order to get the unspecified for the uninformed.

  • surrender deal

  • I'll put £10 zillion squid on it we'll still be in the EU on November the 1st

    • @Chuck_Bass we should have left ages ago but people are still moning about staying in the eu even after there was a vote to remain if boris cant get us out god knows what the next pm will do its so simple was the vote to leave more yes? then leave dont spend 3 years going on about deals boris wanted to leave today he has done everything he can and its been taken out of his hands other parts of the world will be sending people to mars while we are still stuck on brexit

    • @Kyal 🤔

    • Wrong

  • Default no deal and a general election decided in one day, sweet

    • Nah, just another extension and a humiliation for BJ and the Conservatives.

  • One side of the government goes against the other side,then u have the speaker which went against the pm,then they agree a deal today to extend it then,who is in charge of the English government,how can one side be in charge but then has to listen to the other who dictates? FFS 😂

    • Scotland and northern Ireland dictates who's in charge ??? 😂

    • Shane Connell broken system

  • Singing a deal any normal country would of had to of lost a war just to consider.

    • What democracy means to Helen

    • 'Singing a deal' - kind of an opera perhaps? I'm afraid the realpolitik underpinning Brexit is lost on the 17. whatever million shell-suited, pit bull owning underclass.

    • fishing waters not our own. Eu law supersedes uk law. Freedom of movement out of our hands. And that’s just what springs to mind.

  • He is still blackmailing everyone this trickster. Sometimes so strange from the part of those fake labour MPs who voted for Boris sells up deal. Those labour MPs should be shamed .They don't stand for what the labour stand for .They are more likely pro tories and they are also possible spying team for the tories. Nothing could be ruled out. They are infact damaging the labour party. Many people will not vote for them again. But they don't need people support after all...they will change their jobs ones this Brexit is over helping the tories. They have yet some job to do which isn't what the labour party originally stand for. Thanks to those labour MPs Boris now is more determined to exit the EU at any cost. They have given him kiss of life after he was badly cornered by a democratic process because of his tricks and lies even against the queen for God sake. Yet those extremists strange doubled faced labour MPs are infact helping him with his Trump agenda. What is for them I wonder??? They are infact helping the man who unlawfully suspended them after lying to the queen with the help of those hard brexiters extremists. Yet the labour MPs are kissing his feet and still willing to do more. They are supporting a government which doesn't care for the rest of the 67 millions people of the UK just pleasing those extremists brexiters who represent part of the 17.4 m leave.

  • *John Beercunt is the enemy of the people.* 🎯

    • @DANNYBOY73 agreed

    • @steve h John Beercunt is aiding Labour and the remoaners, so put him in the same category, they're both the enemy of the people.

    • not really the UK voted to leave the EU so its labour who is being anti democratic, Johnson is just trying to carry out the will of the people. Labour done more damage to this country under blair than any former prime minister has ever done, under Corburn it would be 10 times worse

  • We have the worse politics in uk I have ever seen , these clowns make Thatcher look good

  • Have our MP’s read the Treaty, we will be liable for £100's Billions to prop up the EU banks if we sign this Withdrawal treaty. Also buried in the treaty is handing over control of our defence and intelligence services to the EU with guaranteed unlimited funding. In simple terms, our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines; our ships and aircraft; our land forces and our intelligence architecture could all be directed and controlled - put in harm’s way indeed - by a body which could not be brought to account for its actions - The EU Commission. Clean break brexit now!! Negotiate later

    • Still peddling the mythical EU Army.

  • So maybe October 31st might just be another day...........

    • @UKSurvivalist lol I mean in Brexit terms. I know about Halloween. I'll be a ghost

    • Ever herd of Halloween

  • German economy has been very bad. Brexit or not, the corrupt EU will implode and very soon.

    • @dragonfly6908 Rees-Mogg makes money over other people's backs. Corbyn has actually worked to help other people. The threat of an "exodus" of rich people is a bullshit story, made up by the privileged to remain privileged. They won't leave. It's about time the British upper-upper class starts paying proper taxes instead of letting the ordinary Brit bleed and provide them with sub-standard government services while Rees-Mogg spends his millions abroad.

    • @ZorbaTheDutch Jeremy worked as a teacher for only 2 years and that was in Jamaica and why Jamaica and never in the UK?. Whether people love or hate Jacob Rees-Mogg he has a talent for making money and he has worked in investment banking. Labour have always been the party of envy and they have an intense dislike for people who are wealthy which is surprising as there are plenty of Labour MP's who are millionaires. Tony Blair is estimated to be worth £20 million. Also Jeremy Corbyn's parents bought "Yew Tree Manor" a 7 bedroom 17th century country house which they bought in the 1950's. If Labour ever get in power they will see an exodus of the wealthy people in the UK and then they will have to look elsewhere for tax revenues and all of a sudden the "rich people" will be people earning £30,000, lol. Happy days. 😄😄😄

    • @dragonfly6908 Corbyn worked as a newspaper reporter, youth worker, teacher, union official, health authority member and several decades in politics of course. Rees-Mogg works for the City, where he gets millions if he gambles right, and where the taxpayers cover the losses.

    • @ZorbaTheDutch Corbyn's worked for his £3 million?, i do like people with a sense of humour.

  • BORIS is playing Parliament? Mmmmmm! It seems that Boris intends to leave without a deal and the remainer MPs will get the blame!

    • Great! But How? That would make him a master strategist. Is he of that calibre?

    • Just leave the EU We don't want EU The French economy is about to collapse The Italian economy is under %0,10 The EU is going down

    • Leaving without a deal is the best thing for UK . Eu have prooved they can’t be negotiated with

  • Well apparently one of the EU states will refuse an extension, so we will leave next week. That’s hot off the press!!

    • @5888max Sorry I said if I was a betting man. I'm not. Lol

    • 2.5 Billion Christians ah my favourite news source, one ignorant person

    • @ Tony True enough but I would take your bet - it will be an extension

    • @5888max Find out soon.

  • I observe a " TRAP " has been laid. The "TRAPPER'S" deliberately conferred gratitude on the one side must be met with absolute distain on the other. It is a carefully crafted "ILLUSION" to believe there is any honourable intent or nobility in any intended delay. The trapped will be " TIME WASTED " by the "trappers" and ; there is NO intention of any relief from their " FACE - SAVING " agenda. On GUARD!

  • Now Boris has to explain to Eu members, what remoaners think and feel. Although they do not know that themselves.....Ha ha ha ha Reality is stranger than fiction. Ha haha . Good luck Boris

  • Regurgitate the surrender treaty of disMay for the third time. This is hardly a “new deal”.

  • More Britshit from Britain's Pussy Grabber.

  • this government is really dedicated in to destroying the UK

    • @steve h Tories have been in power 10 years, the mess is at their door not labour.

    • Labour is worse

  • Bad news. We have basically given away part of our economy caused all this uncertainty to pretty much take a worse deal than what we currently have, just to agree trade deals worth pennies across the world to please a votership that had no idea what they were voting for. It is in the interest of the MP's to then act in the interest of the people considering it was a non binding vote, they have not, they were to scared to go against what the public voted in case they lost their majority. What has happened to britain, cowards like borris johnson leader, awful state of affairs.

  • "Should"? What happened to dead in a ditch if not by the 31st?

    • Just the first round of BS, much more to come if this clown is voted in

    • @5888max Absolutely!

    • @ Ron A unsigned photocopy I take it

    • Times had a splendid cartoon - a photocopy pic of Boris a ditch. LOL!

    • Come now Boris Johnson would never Lie - maybe it is ditch of the imagination

  • Time to get rid of 😈Boris Dictator

    • @dragonfly6908 lol.

    • At least Boris has made politics interesting and has woken the opposition parties from their deep sleep. 😯😯😯

  • Boris keeps thinking he holds the magic stick

  • I just don’t see how we let “the supposed impartial Bercow” get away with his cunning tactics to keep the country in the EU against the democratic vote We are a laughing stock now shocking......

    • It wasn't a democratic vote. The Government expected the nation to vote for something with no plan. That's like signing for a mortgage, then agreeing to its terms and conditions after. What kind of Moron would do something like that?.. A Brexit moron.

    • The speaker is a over paid over protected drawf. His day will come.😁

    • Lee W we’ve always been a laughing stock- stop complaining

  • Open the bloody door already so we can leave.


  • I'm American I dont understand whats happening can someone recap for me?

    • @Sherlock Holmes I bet we do leave on October 31st I guarantee it infact.

    • Was that helpful now ?

  • Vote for boris!!

  • I have a longer CV than our letter to the EU


  • Deep State crap everywhere MONEY AND WAR

  • Welcome to the remainiacs HOUSE OF REMOAN to CARRY ON REMOANING REGARDLESS to delay frustrate and to thwart brexit at any cost against the will of the 17.4 million people and their constituents the government and Democracy with the help of their speaker, they are supposed to be be debating how we leave not trying to prevent BREXIT.that decision has already been made. Shameful. Shameful.

    • Sherlock Holmes whatever happened to the cut and thrust of intellectual debate?!

    • mr democracy So much stupidity, I wouldn’t know where to start!