Brian Ortega is Surprised He's Gotten on Alexander Volkanovski's Nerves So Much | UFC 266

Dipublikasikan tanggal 22 Sep 2021
Brian Ortega takes questions from the media during UFC 266 fight week and shares that he's surprised how much he's seemed to have gotten on Alexander Volkanovski's nerves.

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  • Did it help him? Enough with all this "nerves" crap

  • Ortega looks like a lesbian

  • Why does Brian have an almost empty bottle of urine?

  • Holloway watching this like👀👀👀👀

  • Hope Brian wins. Volk already lost to max and everyone knows it. He’s not the real champ. Judges robbed max. I’m down for a Brian vs max 2

  • Hey you’re late! I don’t like you now and I want to fight you because of that lol They don’t even try anymore I swear Alex a grown ass man If anyone should understand about being late it should be him

  • "If you get worse you gotta keep getting better!" Words of Wisdom - Ortega

  • I think Brian is having fun with this...

  • ortega is thoroughly dislikeable

  • Volk legs kicks is the reason why he’s gonna win

  • How anyone thinks Volk didn't literally wreck Skeletor to his core with the you popped comment is hilarious. He literally tried to say something back 3 times in 5 seconds and didn't have shit to say. No chance he is more in volk's head after that. Oretega literally had his kids telling him shit. As a parent, he was LITERALLY being schooled by his own kids. He didn't even know they liked Jack in the Box. That on camera, and getting called out for cheating. Unless Ortega gets a sub, EASY loss.

  • Ortega wins this ....Alexander is acting too much like an Alexandra

  • He's so inconsistent with his fake accent

  • Ortega can say what he wants he’s taken peds he doesn’t want it as bad as volk

  • The fake cholo!

  • I felt like they got along well in TUF so I think Volk just felt like he had to start hating Ortega to get himself motivated

  • hate when guys pretend to have beef just to sell a fight, volkanovsky looks like a cornball during the promos. hope ortega KOs that bum

  • I can’t see how Ortega beats Volk, but Volkanovski is so hard to take a liking to.

  • I'm surprised his girl isn't sitting on his lap.

  • Ortega is pathetic when he is talking about being in an elevator with Alex, and fight street style and all his BS. He has nothing to say because he knows it is true. Alex is more respectful of the sport. He is more professional. Work harder. Ortega was such a crying bitch in TUF. And he popped in the past. That's it, done. And that is why Ortega was so trigerred during their stand up.

  • Ortega is going to beat that idiot, I think Max all ready did that. He just got a lucky decision.

  • Man this guy is fake, Alex is right LOL. no hate but I think his going to sleep. This kid doesn't appreciate time Lol.

  • LIAMBADCO has serious Muay Thai combo

  • Damn, I reckon he's a good bloke... I suspect Volk has honed in on the very things Ortega does not like about himself. Talented, but lazy and self-indulgent... After Volk beats him, I reckon he should spend three months in that New Zealand gym, and learn control and commitment.



  • i can see why volk doesn't like him

  • Is the UFC sponsored by Champion now??? Someone is getting their ass chewed.

  • Makes me hate him

  • This guy and masvudal just don't have the it factor hehe

  • C'mon Brian just get it done bro :)

  • When he talks about going to the club, he looks like when he could not have the burger with the kids! haha

  • How you submit a dwarf?

  • want Brian Ortega to win, so that Max can get another tittle shot

  • They're trying so hard to hate each other ☺

    • Nah. Volk's hatred of Ortega has become real because Ortega is a pompous douche. You can tell it grated on Volk over time even though he is generally pretty chill.

  • Steroid otada

  • What a cutie

  • Journalist asked this fine man in 1:17 "goal here is to walk with world title??? Well... this is UFC, one of 467 promotions around the world this is not world title in any kind of way. Yes, they have money. Yes, they have media, but hell no this is measure of mma skills or sportsmanship whatsoever.

  • Brien is such a Loser. He thinks hes a Tuff Guy cos he's in the UFC but let you tell you something buddy, You aint That Guy.

  • Volk is going to destroy this man

  • Where was that same energy from Alex during the ultimate fighter

  • Man if it’s a stand up fight I just can’t see BO out striking Volk..

  • They are both being goaded into talking shit. Stop trying to build a fight that doesn’t need it. This is gonna be an interesting matchup. I personally think AV wins. Idk why. t city is dangerous and maybe his striking has improved but…. AV beat max halloway TWICE. that feat is legendary.

  • It's amazing how few people see how much of a scumbag Ortega is. Guy just met his kids last embedded lol

    • you don't know his life circumstances, put down the bible loser guaranteed your no saint

  • 4:13 😂

  • Brian chill asf bro doesn’t even care about volk 😂

  • Hope Ortega gets the belt. Homie deserves it 💯

    • How does he deserve it?

  • Wanna see this dude get the belt

  • If he can do what he did to Zombie plus his grappling game I dont see how Volk can win #AndNew 🥋💪🏽

  • Hella Yes men and people who dont care about him for reals. What kinda “Friend” is gonna invite u to go clubbin before a title fight?

  • There's something about Ortega that's just super likable.

  • Why does Dana's uncle always get the first question?

  • I get it they gave alex the win over max cuz thy kno max is too much for ortega. So they are trying to exploit alex slight lack of ground game. Max the champ.

  • ufc is pushing ortega so hard. Max the real champ. Ortega bi racial with blue eyes= $$

  • Take a drink everytime brian ortega blinks 🍻

  • Anyone notice this god damn ads are now two 15 seconds each without skip? Mfrs thirsty

  • scumba* douc*

  • I’m not a fan of Ortega & I’m Mexican. Good luck to both fighters.🔥

    • @Cashmoney Nah he probably just takes care of his kids.

    • You're a Mexicant

  • Arrogant, smug people get on my nerves as well.

  • but where does TKZ fit in all of this

  • Ortega is too attractive wtf

  • Volk can wrestle so idk if Brian can take him down and I don’t see volk taking brain down so it’s all going to come down to cardio and who can take more and give more lol volk has gone to war twice with max and made it close twice regardless of who you think won max is beating tf out of everyone while volk kept the same pace and power t city stand up is good but he could not take it vs max and he beat tf out of KZ but we still haven’t seen if he can keep that pace when it’s given back to him and take the damage I expect both of them to come out swinging lol

  • Why is he blinking so much?

  • This vato can speak some proper Spanish for some reason I thought he had some broken down califas Spanish no disrespect. Being from the HARBOR AREA myself (EAST LONG BEACH) It's pretty firme seeing someone representing. Ortega actually knows my Aunt's from Wilmington CA (WS WILMAS) the Cejas family. Get yours homie. Good luck.

    • @cGal Orale desculpa me. Sorry bro.

    • @Armando Salas yo no te lo dije a ti. Era pal otro vato jaja

    • @The Lakeshow yes sir hoping for the best.

    • @cGal no malote pero si me da gusto que la Raza se reprecenta. Porque tienen que pasarse con respustas mamonas. Total todos Somos Raza. Si o no?

    • @Lacher Proa no mame si todos Somos Raza! Y soy Mexican de TIJUANA.

  • giga vs max for the next title shot?

  • 8:19 what a gringy dude! Hes one of these guys who should talk less😂 he has no plan what he wants to say

  • I went from loving Ortega since his first fight to hoping he loses. Cocky bastard.

  • Whatever can happen!!!

  • Team Jay Park !!! 👊

  • i love ortega. get him some cash

  • Brian "Strike City" Ortega

  • Dead man walking

  • Why do people dislike him? He is just a handsome dude

    • Slapped a musician. cocky and unprofessional rude in TUF.

  • "I gotta have more cowbell baby"

  • I would love for the Division to be like a holy trinity "Rock,Paper Scissors" thing, Where Ortega beats Volk, Max beats Ortega, Volk beats Max. So you basically have 3 "Champs" all the time. Gimme that shit for 3 years.

    • But Max beat Volkanovski in fight 2?

    • That's be like the Kings of middleweight in boxing with hagler, hearns and leanard. That would be awesome but I want and think Alex will beat ortega pretty hadidly tbh.

    • That would be the new Cruz, Cody, TJ

    • Giga train coming

    • @Aha80 probably, but Volkanovski could be his cryptonite in 145

  • Both fighters still want Max though... Speaks levels to me that!

  • Let's fcking go mi pana!

  • And still b….

  • Alexander Volkanowski is the kind of guy you hate for no reason. He's nice and polite but you still wait to see him getting knocked the fuck out.

  • boring interview, I fall asleep 4 times 😒😒

  • All right, I shut up. Relax...😂

  • I am not looking forward to the Diaz fight and think he should retire for good after. I mean he can't make weight and allegedly gets knocked out in sparring. I think Lawler is going to destroy him

    • Ok and you are ???

  • Being an insufferable individual and you're surprised you've annoyed someone

  • You don't have to be a champ, to act like one, Ortega always seams to exude champion mentality. Volk is a beast, also clearly has champ mentality, as is an actual champ. This should be a banger.

  • I really enjoyed Brian getting smashed by Max few years back, hopefully the same happens again this weekend...

  • Common my boy, T-city

  • Lol Ortega reminds me of Denver from Money Heist when he speaks Spanish.

  • Only way this guy beats volk is if god wants to see him get murdered by max a second time🤣

  • The deadbeat dad

  • I find this person annoying

  • 11:45 Ortega showing the translator slap approach.

  • Wow Brian come out of retirement to fight again

  • Its like watching Tito Ortiz, fucking weird.

  • Dont dislike Alexander but after his two fights with Max I 100% want Ortega to WIN! Ohhh WTF Max is still under 30! OMG!

  • Max still robbed he beats both of them

  • Alexander is a wrecking ball !

  • Im surprised at how many people not picking ortega to win.

  • Ortega is a far more technical fighter and seems like a nicer guy

  • Alot of head movement in this video.

  • This guy seems so in love with himself or is it just me?

    • Nah you’re probably just a hater and mad that your gf loves him

    • No hes just attractive and confident and you're insecure, so instead of accepting that you tell yourself this guys a narcissist or some stupid shit. Do better

    • Most fighters are lol they're amazing at what they do of course they love themselves

  • You can't get cardio out of nowhere, ortega doesn't spar high level strikers like volkanovski. Remember city kickboxing has top kickboxers not just mma guys. I think volkanovski will break ortega with pressure.

    • @Thought Criminal true, but I think volk is levels above ortega in stand up, not sure if ortega will ever be good enough

    • City kickboxing got neutered by the nasty covid crazy government