BROKE vs PRO Gaming

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The challenge: buy the most expensive gaming gear on Amazon vs the cheapest setup.
The latest BROKE vs PRO episode!
Ken's setup - Acer Predator X27 gaming monitor on Amazon:
Logitech G502 gaming mouse on Amazon:
Massdrop CTRL mechanical keyboard:
Astro A40 gaming headset on Amazon:
Austin's setup - Sceptre E248W monitor on Amazon:
Redragon M602 gaming mouse on Amazon:
Rii RK100 "gaming" keyboard on Amazon:
Beexcellent gaming headset on Amazon:
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  • His broke gaming setup is not broke his is better than mine like bruh

  • This doesn't make sense anyway, because for example if one person plays 7 hours a day and has a $132 gaming setup and one person plays 2 hours a day and has a $3000 gaming setup, obviously the one who play 7 hours a day will win

  • it’s funny how kevin gets paid 10 times more than austin

  • Can someone tell me what game Austin was playing

  • The part of my wallet doesn’t hurts is so funny and it makes sense because Austin isn’t spending a lot of money on his gear

  • how was that not a 240hz monitor?

  • I also have a Logitech wireless mouse

  • *gaming while standing*

  • Bro the monitor is like 70 dollars


  • Austin’s setup looks pretty sweet except the headphones.

  • If you guys need good gaming rigs,be sure to check this good brand named Fantech, I heard it's better than SteelSeries,Corsair,and even Logitech!

  • Lol me with my 50 dollar computer off eBay and a 10 dollar dell keyboard and 4 dollar mouse

  • Dude 10 dollar dell mouse and keyboard is pro for me

  • Don’t worry they got like 30k from this vid

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> and then i got money and braught that

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> LOL That's My Keyboard 😂

  • Austin I know for a fact you don't even listen to J cole but you still rep the Dreamville shirt

  • I love how he has a cheap gaming setup and flashes like 200 dollars just like that.

  • Notice how is name is Austin Evans With an S in my eyes are correct I only see one

  • bruh my sister bought a monitor with a 0.1 response time 244hz for 300$ at walmart bud u got scammed

  • "what I learned from Linus tech tips, skill is optional" lmfao

  • If I had watched this vid, I would have been able to get my parents to buy these stuf, IF ONLY I HAD FOUND AND WATCHED THIS VID

  • a couple of perveted geeks and some tech. hey guys this is austin!

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> because.....he’s..... a *w e e b*

  • “My wallet isn’t hertz💵” -Austin

  • Hi Austin it would be good if you did a giveaway because us broke gamers don’t have these things

  • (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="212">3:32</a>) "G502" [me] : BRUH I HAVE G402 LOL

  • Ah he said he said it

  • broke: shows 132$ headset Me: Uses phone earphones

  • Ay austin said he wouldn't win beacause hes a weeb. Wheres my weebs at I V

  • My setup (im broke) Ipad

  • that rii keyboard is the one i use (The cheap one)

  • My set up 21.5 inch setup custom pc Intel i5 7 gen Cooler master headset Cyber power Mouse Coolermaster Keyboard

  • So by my understanding ken lost a trip to Hawaii

  • Austin: Oral Bliss *looks up at the camera thinking he is so cool* Matt: Its Aural Bliss

  • I have that RII keyboard

  • My setup is a ps4 slim not a pro. but I have an xbox one x .A 4k TV no headset .A 3 terabytes external hard drive .and a plastic chair the hard drive is 130$ btw

  • Ugliest laugh awards

  • But my question is , is it normal for people to use low budget accessories for gaming

  • MY SETUP A Samsung tablet One handed keyboard Otg cable Mouse

  • I'm worse than those broke type

  • Oral bliss

  • Ken looks like Future Ryan's Cringe Toy review

  • I got the Beexcellents and they broke in a month

  • Lol I have that headset

  • My setup literally dead ps4 79.99$ headset a 170$ keyboard a 20$ mouse a 60$ controller ok up I am trying to be nice i am just give an example of this video like kens setup 2506$ mine was like 500$

  • Your saying I’m broke😔

  • I have a gaming setup that's 1,600 dollars but its a single Asus laptop

  • Why can I get a 2560x1440p display with 144hz Samsung VA display for 224 dollars? He got his for how much? Wtf?

  • A wise man once said "if you're bad at the game it is you, not the setup"

  • 1# gamer rule: DO NOT BUY A WIRELESS HEADSET

  • Aren't those bots they are playing against

  • When he said he’ll win cause Austin is a weeb every weeb 😡

  • May I ask what are they playing on? Like what console/PC

  • ken's keyboard (200) is expensive than my setup (150) :d

  • pretty sure ken played someone in spider man

  • The broke side isn’t even broke. I use a dell computer with an hp monitor, with a standard computer mouse and a dell keyboard to game.

  • me planing on getting a 500$ setup


  • I kinda feel like I was just flexed on.

  • This is there best video

  • My broke gaming headset is $6!

  • HeY gUyS tHiS iS aUsTiN

  • I have a 30bucks hotswappable gaming rgb keyboard and a $1 30bucks rgb mouse and a $10 monitor and a $2 4bucks stup yahh boii

  • Stop talking nerd and talk English

  • I have Ken's mouse but with the wire way cheaper

  • It’s how Austin said “bruh” that made me start laughing

  • “It’s really close”

  • I used to have that Beexcelent mic

  • Nobody: Ken: *SPENDS $1600 ON A 144HZ MONITOR* He legit just got ripped off

  • If austin is going to win then would have to delete his own channel why

  • True gamers only know this We care about the gameplay

  • plays agains BOTS

  • broke and pro aren;t opposites. im a pretty pro gamer but i play on a crap device

  • Im just using laptop and cheap logitech non-gaming mouse

  • Austin actually admitted that being rich makes you a pro cause it say broke vs PRO

  • I have watched this video like 20 times

  • I have the same headset that austin used

  • ♥♥♥♥