BTS (방탄소년단) 'MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)' Official MV

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BTS (방탄소년단) 'MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)' Official MV


Music Video by GDW, Directed by Woogie Kim

Producer: Cathy Kim
Production Supervisor: Andy Iere Kim

1st AD: Hyesu Han
Directing Team Supervisor: Doori Kwak

Director of Photography: Hyunwoo Nam
Gaffer: Hyunsuk Song

Art Director: Sangseon Kim
VFX Director: Donghoo Yoh

BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.

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  • *1B*

  • nice song😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • بي تي اس أنتم الاروع والافضل Bts you are fantastic and amazing

  • My all time favourite song 💜💜💜💜💜😊😊😊😊😊😊😄💜💜 Love you BTS so much💜

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  • streaming this after not getting nominated for a grammy when we literally had a #1 album most of the year

    • yes

    • كل زق

    • BTS

    • @paige yfdddfdgetsfsrrrterseeteryryrytytyryrre💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔🤭🤭😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Do people realise that yoongi speaks: • Korean • Facts

  • ¡Vamos Armys que podemos! ¡Estamos arrasando en todo pero no podemos parar!


  • والله حرام عليهم الي يحطون دس لايك الاغنيه ننننننناااااااااااارررررر

  • جونغ هوسوك ♡

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    • وييي فضحتينه

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  • *Facts* : ARMYs will be stre4ming like crazy when we hit 999M.

  • Still not moving on how the outfit for this video is on point.

  • اهنا راب هوبي طيحني هههه خاصة من يكول اكشن وانا حسيت الكل غنا راب ♡_♡ تجننننن الاغنية وبعد خقيت عل تاي ♡^♡

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    • @𝕩𝕩_𝕍𝕒𝕝 翻訳🍷… .

    • @♥Maria_Hajji♥ عدت المليار

  • damn bts haters are so lucky to have such a song like this

    • @Perdii Peanxx hi 👋🏻

    • Yep

    • Yes

    • @I love memes4life they might be but we never know😁

    • Less than 200k to 1B stream! FIGHTING!

  • "This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored."

  • فايتينغ

  • They are kings They are so handsome Their dance is amazing Their voices are heaven

  • It’s my favorite song And you?

  • OMG I don’t know how to express my feelings when I saw their MV They are one part of my life

  • *wowowowow my heart is OMG*

    • wowowowowow im gonna have a heart attack is OMG

    • V nya ganteng

    • Min Suga My heartuee

    • damn that was super super good!!!! hopefully one day i can make a song with them!!! and i will!! :))) im a 19 year old korean rapper trying to make it in america! army support me please!

  • Los chicos se esforzaron tanto por darnos esta tremenda joyita apoyemosla mucho y gracias bangtan por tanto ustedes son los mejores :')

    • @GothyBlin i'm sorry it happened by mistake

    • @Jood Quzy ?

    • bangtan*

    • @GothyBlin

    • Mo olviden intercalar con bad desicions, arson y more.

  • MIC DROP 600M IDOL 600M DOPE 600M BOY WITH LUV 700M DNA 900M!!!

    • @Cxpid_ w 7

    • Vcs que eu não tenho

    • Mic drop - 1.3B Idol - 1.2B Dope - 800M Boy whit luv - 1.6B Dna - 1.5B

    • goals of yhis year are Dynamite 1.6B Boy with love 1.6B DNA 1.55B Mic Drop 1.3B Fake Love, Idol 1.2B Butter 850M Permission to dance 550M ON, Life goes,spring day, not today on 550M Black swan 450M Blood Sweet and tears 950M Fire( 1thek), Dope(1thek) 800M Save me 700M

    • @Vantaekook evett

  • Kim Namjoon Kim Seok Jin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook BTS

  • Siempre será un disfrute total volver a éste MV las veces que sea!!

  • never gets old.... mic mic bungee still gets me every time

  • Me gusta mucho la música

  • A coreografia perfeita 🤌

  • Alguien todavia sigue escuchando esto en 2022? Esto es un temazo que ya me aprendi la coreografia jaja :3 saludos

  • كمية الحماس الموجود في الغنية هاااايل Syrian army

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    • فعلاا

  • Damn. After MAMA i cant help but playing the dance break in my head at the end after jimin's yeaaahhhh~

    • Damn ur pfp ur banner image 😍🥵🥵

    • ARMY'S stop streaming this! Stream dynamite to 2 billion before blackpink's d4 (no hate)

    • SUGA✌😍😍😍😙😋

    • Alma Yena

    • Body rolls especially Jungkook's....

  • Si Steve Aoki no la supera no esperen que yo lo haga 😎🛐💜👑🎶... *Esta Rolona es Increíble*💜

    • .....

  • Mic Drop es un tremendo rolón. Es genial escuchar esta sorprendente colaboración

  • Ameiiii e sempre vou amar cara MT top

  • Super song

  • Bts is the true definition of perfection I purple you bts×army

  • وي ار ارمي بي تي اس

  • Ya pero saben lo que es escuchar MIC DROP a todo volumen a estas horas de la noche y bailando toda la coreografìa para entrar en calorcito porque hace un frio terrible

  • una gran cheografía o su voz simplemente alucinante te amo BTS sigue brillando ❤️🤠

  • Uma boa semana pra todos nós! Booooora que 600 M está bem pertinho.

    • Vcs que não tem nada de min

    • A o que fui dizer só não fui embaixo no último que daí é tratasse ou vc mesmo bts

    • Vcs eu do u robô 🤖 aquele diferente minha vó tomo o celular de min e dela agora eu sinto saudade dele quando minha mãe tiro o Wi-Fi e bom ele é isso agora ninguém apenas posso assisti no outro celular caminhos diferentes mas tô vivo bem mas é isso kpop repassa isso no máximo não é canal robô klk k human daí é isso fui vcs intao

    • Parabéns! 1b.

  • "Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag??" "It's hella trophies and it's hella thick" *BTS in MAMA 2020*

  • Toda vez que ouço esse hino, chega a dar até arrepios!

  • انا لا امل من هده الاغنية

  • BTS is the first ever Korean Act and Group in history to earn a milestone of ten top hits on the Billboard Hot every year since 2018. They truly deserved everything! Congrats Bangtan! The Philippines, 16 Aug 2022; 8:55 am (1,235,428,535 views)

  • Que bonito

  • Mic Drop is properly the number one song that has the most english in it from Korea and out of all there songs so far tbh Jimin and RM look good with blonde hair

    • They do look good😍

    • Listen original version. Maybe 90% english.

    • Nope, hun in korea? Nct (another group) made a english ver. to one of their songs and txt (another group) also made a full english ver. to their new song cat & dog *check it out their cute lil rookies-(:V) their also a lot of other groups that make english ver. that have no korean in it, so research your ish before commenting some fake news... Btw: rm and jimin do look fine af as blonds

    • because it's English version, they have Korean version for mic drop, there's also one colab with desiigner, and for waste it on me, it's steve aoki's song colab with BTS (jungkook, jimin, RM) it's their voices

    • @Your Mum and ya one more thing that RM and Kookie are the main singers as they know English and can speak fluently

  • No puedo parar de escuchar esta canción, realmente hicieron un buen trabajo. Esto es una joyita explosiva.

  • la voz de lo chicos la letra el mv está canción es un arte no importa los años que pase es un temazo 💜💜💜

  • Let's GOOOOO ARMYS and MAKE THIS SONG 2B !!!!!!!THEY really deserve having this title of being first group having a lot of views 🤩🤩

  • Confirmado: Bts son los mejores, todo ese poder que demuestran resplandeze por todo lo alto

  • *107M* keep streaming on Spotify as well. It is really important, ARMY.

    • J Ci hola yol

    • I didnt really like the one with desiigner :( I prefer the original one on spotify.

    • Anna that's right!!! i hope more ARMYs help because we have to keep trying. A song takes time to go mainstream so we should keep streaming and sharing :)

    • J Ci 1

    • Sharing the SPOTIFY link to the song will help it appear on SPOTIFY VIRAL 50 CHARTS!

  • 600Mبسرعة arab army

  • Ritmo DJ si fuera una DJ me llamaría DJ exitosa y si fuera una idol de ustedes BTS me llamaría Kim rosio💝🥰

    • gkl

  • 15M más, logremos que este mv se sume a los que han logrado 600M. BTS su pasión sigue rindiendo frutos. Los amo

  • Melhor grupo de k-pop

  • Guys once we get this MV to 100M we should work on getting We are bulletproof Pt 2 to 100M ❤️. Our fetus hip hop kings are currently at 71M

  • No me canso de escucharla 🔥🙌🔥

  • Vamos armys tenemos que llegar a 600 millones de vistas!!! I love you BTS

  • فايتنغ

    • i love you levi

    • Yes,I can do that.😍😍😍😍

    • nice to meet you😍😍😍

    • Thank you, So much.😍😍😍

    • الغنية تجنن علقت هنا لأن انتي عربيه

  • Обожаю mic DROP!!! Обожаю BTS!!!!!

  • "I'm sorry, BILLBOARD. I'm sorry, WORLDWIDE."

  • Perfeito 💜💜💜💜💜💎💎💎💎✨✨✨✨✨

  • Una canción muy bella bien masisa me gusta mucho por su música electrónica se escucha muy masiso bts hizo un buen trabajo en el video como en la canción y la coreografía me gusta mucho


  • Мне до жути нравиттся это песня

  • OMG! 😲😱 Super powerful of BTS! The choreography, the music video,their outfit and especially the sound of this song was so amazing! 🤩 💜💜💜

  • *This is a real masterpiece.*

    • Mubarak Ismail None Of Them Are Teenagers.

    • Te voy a ver

    • ID-tv

    • Kassy Luca PREACH!!!!!!!!exactlyyyyyyyyy😻😻😻😻😻❤

  • Vamos Armys esto no tiene q parar

  • Los mejores

  • ¡¡esta canción es realmente buenisima!!

  • Amo esse clipe ;-;

  • Trending no 1 in the US IM SO FKING PROUD

    • E vc

    • aber bei mir steht trend nr 6!

    • hoffe ich starte gerade schon fast 1 stunde immer wieder video in 9 sekunden damit auch mehr votes entstehen hehe

    • Pep Si jetzt auf 7 Omg schaffen wir es noch unter die TOP 5???

    • jisoos christ Omg in Germany it's on #7 in trends


  • amo esta canción

  • ¡Me encanta!

  • Pasarán los años y esto siguiera siendo una de las mejores canciones..

  • forever the best group of young handsome af GOD DAMMNIT TOO GOOD OMG TALENTED IULDFGHBDRJF… sorry got carried away. But, carrying on, group of young talented boys who stole my heart.

    • Lol, usually people say to me, "Why did u say that?" OR "Stop being silly"

    • XxAnimeLover xX hah took the words right out of my mouth :D

    • arunojya kumari I'll accept your opinion because not everyone thinks the same!! Enjoy your day

    • Ikr!!! Too good, TOO TALENTED!

  • My favourite song 💜

  • Aaaaaaaa amo esse clipeeeeeee

  • "Nós vamos ser o orgulho dos seus pais, já que você não foi" "Nunca Há acentos vazios em nossos shows"

  • É espetáculo que queremos .? Pronto olha isso PERFEITOOOOS.