BTS (방탄소년단) 'Permission to Dance' Official MV

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BTS (방탄소년단) 'Permission to Dance' Official MV

Director: Yong Seok Choi (Lumpens) & Woogie Kim (MOTHER)

-SEOUL credits:

1st AD: Jihye Yoon (Lumpens)
2nd AD: Ran Ro (Lumpens)
PA: Soeyoung Park, Chanyang Kim

Producer: Emma Sungeun Kim (GE Production)
Production manager: Park Jin Sung
Assistant Production: Seo Min ho, Kim Byeongman, Choi Seung Won, Ahn Joo Young, Kim Areum

Director of Photography: Hyunwoo Nam (MOTHER)
Focus Puller: Sangwoo Yun
2nd AC: Eunki Kim
3rd AC: Youngseo Park
DIT: Minjoo You
B Camera Operator: Eumko
Jimmy Jib: Youngjoong Kim, Hyun In Kim, Sunghoon Kim
Techno Crane: Service Vision

Gaffer: Song Hyunsuk (Real Lighting)
Lighting Crew: Choi Jung Hyun, Hwang Uigyu, Park Gyutae, Park Yeonghwan, Jang Yunseok, Sim Junhyeok, Park Seounghun, Woo Sujin, Kim Yeongjin

Production Designer: Jinsil Park, Bona Kim(MU:E)
Assistant Art team: Yeri Kang, Jieun Yoon, A yeong Choi (MU:E)
Jihye An, Jooho Jeong,Taegwan Nam, June Heo, Seonghun Kim, Chaemin Jung, Ryoonha Kim, Suyeon Park
Art-team Manager: ilho Heo (MU:E)

Set: Yonghwi Cho, Euljung Kim, Hyeokjun Lee(ILL SAN ARTCENTER)

Mural Design Collaboration: Abel Macias

Colorist: Wonseok Ko
DI Crew: Seonyoung Lee, Minjeong Kim, Hwa Dong Jeon, Jaeyeon Baek, Somi Na, Dain Kim, Sujeong Park
DI Producer: Sooyun Hyun

-LA credits:

Executive Producer: Katt Kim (MOTHER)

LA Production Company: Ways & Means
Executive Producers: Lana Kim, Jett Steiger
Head of Production: Lauren Skillen

Director of Photography: Andy Kim (MOTHER)

Producer: Brandon Robinson
Production Manager: Nick Andrus
Production Coordinator: Brendan Lynch

1st Assistant Director: Bashir Taylor
2nd Assistant Director: Carlos Salazar

1st AC: Misael Audelo
2nd AC: Genevieve Agar

VTR: Robbie Johnson
Playback: Dylan Silverglate

Key Grip: Aram Martirosyan
Gaffer: Mike Misslin
Swing / Driver: Mason Malone

Production Designer: Taylor Almodovar
Art Director: Justin Gardner
Set Dresser: Hannah Olsen
Art PA: Corey Boldt

Location Manager: Paris Cronin
Sire Rep: Mark Vigil

Craft Service: Itan Chavira
Studio Teacher: Saena Yi

Set PAs: Danny Alvarez, Mollie Lemm, Federica Lomoriello, Lydia Alexander Du Veaux
Office PA: Deanna Faour
Truck PA: Richie Jacobo

Seoul Production Company: MOTHER

Supervising Creative: Doori Kwak
Producer: Daye Noh

Production Designer: Ina Hwang
Production Design Assistant: Songwoon Kim

Lighting Team: Best Boy Lighting
Seongil Lee, Jiwoo Hong

BIGHIT MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BIGHIT MUSIC, Seoul, Korea.

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  • I just love you SO much, Bless you BTS!!!!!!! You ALWAYS bring happiness. Thank you for coming to NYC. Your lives are a blessing to us all, ARMY & the WHOLE WORLD XOXOXOX

  • Bangtan là đỉnh nhất

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  • Can't get enough

  • If i was dancing with them me watching them

  • Me gusta mucho esta canción

  • Holi ARMY debemos hacer strem a esta canción y a la de butter

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  • So addictive to this song🌟😍🎉



  • Get well soooon💌

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  • We dont need to worryyyy



  • MY UNIVERSE BUTTER/Permission To Dance All BTS’ Discography!! FIGHTING ‘Cause it’s not over………….!!

  • I love that sonh+bts

  • Vengo de my universe 🏃‍♀️

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  • This song is pure happiness.

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  • Como siempre ellos dando lo mejor para darnos ARTE y eso se nota porque lo dieron todo en este mv vamos army agamos que esta joyita llege al 1B

  • 매우 귀여운

  • ARMY love youuuu♥️♥️

  • Jin 💜💜💜

  • Esta canción es ARTE Amo las hermosas voses de los chicos soy feliz son los mejores ♡

  • Str3am hard Army's ♡

  • 400M soon Army's ♡☆

  • ARMY stream BTS songs and especially JIMIN songs please

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  • I love you, I follow you, and frankly, I am ashamed of Tay and Namjoon, frankly, your sister from Bahrain, my name is Noura, but I mean

  • 3.3 M......comments........

  • 321 M.....views......

  • 💜

  • The recent PTD global performances were spectacular ~ spreading the message of hope, positivity and inclusiveness around the world 🌎

    • Permission To Dance by BTS is going to be in UNAG History!!

  • Jin : DN NA NA NA OMG 😭

    • نتمنى لك الشفاء العاجل

  • que asco bts esmejor xxxtetacion

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  • Thanks ed sheeran for writing this song Amd Thanks BTS for singing this song soo beautifully 💕💜💜🌈

  • 멋져요!! 근데.. 왜 영어로 말하는지 모르겠어요 일단 구독 하게요 (나두 방탄소년단만나 보고싶당 ㅠㅠㅠ 만난사람들은 좋겠당)

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  • Fact: Jungkook has the sweetest voice, his vocals are miracles.

  • Tuyệt vời

  • Amo cada segundo de "Permission to Dance". ¡Merecen todo lo bueno del mundo chicos! Gracias por entregarnos alegría y energía positiva cada día


  • 나는 너의 BTS를 좋아한다

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  • 나는 방탄을 사랑한다

  • Please read this 4 paragraph below..!

  • I am so happy for their success to call us ARMY and give most of the credit to us. They made us listen to their songs because they are just so amazing (who cant agree with that..?) From the very first dy they started, they travelled their way here with challening tasks to succeed and be successful. I am so very grateful that they recognize us and are happy to make music for people. Yet they cant speak English fluently, their korean music is beautiful and i still dance to it. They share their tradition with ARMY and is not afraid to show us. Jungkook, Taehyung, Namjoon, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, and SUGA are still humans, dont act like you own them because you love them that much! They need privacy too, but they cant have that because camras are always on even with their daily mornings and evenings. If your still reading this, im glad! (bts BTS, the song is so AMAZING!!!!!!) They risked and gave up alot of things for them to be successful, just because the'y're millionares doesnt mean tey can get everything they want, they use their money WISLEY and dont waste it on things for stupid things, BTS really loves ARMY, and their is noone that can give up proof that they dont... Thank you so much BTS

  • Danananana~~

  • sTreªm a ptd nunca olviden esta joyasa

  • COMUNICADO IMPORTANTE hola army's que les parece si hacemos que la primera cancion de bts ( no more dream ) llegue a 1 billon; si es haci compartenlo con l@s demas.Para poder llegar a un billon antes del noveno aniversario de bts.GRACIAS POR LEER. Reproduscan MY UNIVERSE es una colaboracion hermosa. Tambien vamos por BST y SAVE ME que estan cerca del billon.CNS tiene que llegar a los 300 millones antes del 27 de septiembre. No se olviden de AMBOS BUTTER , PTD. FIRE, DOPE y I NEED YOU en el canal oficial se que estan mas cerca en el canal de 1theK pero me parece que es mejor en el oficial por que en otro canal si se me hace un poco molesto que estan mas cerca del billon que en el oficial.Talvez no estan cerca de una meta pero las canciones son hermosas y nececitan mas apoyo de army en el canal oficial.

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  • Let’s keep it up ARMY, let’s keep the FIRE ALIVE!!

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  • Jin owns the ptd era❤️

  • Inspirational to today and future generations! That's BTS!

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  • This song sounds like something from the early 2010s. I like it.

  • Não gostei dessa música e nem desse novo estilo do bts gosto deles como coreanos foi assim que eles nos conquistaram


  • Mỗi bài hát của BTS đều giúp tôi có động lực và trở nên tốt hơn

  • I love you a lot NAMJOON, J - HOPE and SUGA loved them a kiss from Mexico 😘🤗

  • Ay que malos a 14 personas le gustó

  • We Don't Need Permission to Dance♡

  • SOTC

  • Ya casi llegamos a lso 500M, se que has trabajado muy duro solo falta el ultimo esfuerzo

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  • BTS is the best and my color is actually Purple wow💜

  • 😁😁🤗parabens para todos vocês

  • Los chicos en esta era se veían demasiado preciosos

  • Permission to Dance~♪

  • 236K de dislike, ¿Todo bien en casa con esa gente? :^

  • re lindos mis niños :D

  • Es una caca

  • I just miss them sing in korean😔

  • saikousugiru

  • Please help vote BTS for FAN N STAR Choice Award!!! We are currently in 2nd place!!!

  • 321M

  • 400M views 15M likes Let's get it ARMY