BTS - Intro + Boy with Luv + DNA [SBS Super Concert in Gwangju Ep 2]

Dipublikasikan tanggal 8 Mei 2019
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  • So tired of the "Do YoU LiKe-" comments. Please stop this and enjoy the performance. Those comments just bring down the mood a lot. We all love the boys. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

  • I love you Jimin 8,9 Jungkook 8,6 Jin 8,3 Taenyung 7, 6 Suga 7,4 J-hope 6,8 Rm ram mostepr 6,5

  • I love you jimin

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  • Oh iya buat ARMY INDO ada yg tau ga DENIM yg dipake Taehyung itu merk apa?kalo tau tolong jawab ya terimakasihh

  • Yo to be when they sung IDOL they went in! I LOVE BTS!!!!

  • Only BTS&ARMY

  • Who loves BTS??? Ilove you Namjioon

  • I'm big fan of your✌️✌️✌️

  • I love you jimin kook and v

  • I see people using this video for likes and saying that 2 or 1 of the members is so talented but if you were a real A.R.M.Y you wouldnt use this for likes and you'd be commenting about all the members

    • True.Every one comments for likes...

  • BTS❤️jungkook ❤️j-hope ❤️ RM ❤️ Suga ❤️v❤️Jin❤️jimin ❤️❤️❤️love BTS love jimin❤️jungkook ❤️ and Suga ❤️

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  • Taehyung 😍

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  • People who disliked : *Hears me turn on Mic drop*

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  • wow jk so cute

  • No one gonna talk about Jimin's growling voice on idol😍?

  • If you guys wanna know something . Jin fell when dance song idol before they walk and the center . Jimin help jin when he fell . You can see at fancam

  • 5:36 ok so I can here jungkook's voice but he is not actually singing into the mic so is that lip syncing (personally I think its not cuz its kinda clear that jungkook is singing and he has amazing vocals but I just wanna make sure) or is it just a background sound that is supposed to be with the background music in jm's part ?

  • i want another episode of 'Yoongi not rapping so the audience knows they are not lipsyncing'

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  • Cookie Gained Some Confidence. I Hear Them Runs.

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  • I Love kim tehyung

  • Park Jimin

  • Anh RM Đẹp Trai Quá💙❤💝

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  • V ang jungkook's voice if it mix is so smooth to hear gosh!

  • I can't believe Jungkook's voice/vocal remain stable even after three consecutive song in a row

  • Me encanta esta bella canción 😘😘

  • I Love kim tehyung

  • 5:02 Did U See It Kim TaeHyung And Jeon Jungkook Laugh Eachother Because They Face Together

  • Aku. Cinta. Bts.

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  • Yupo yupo!!! Shuphup -min yoongi #btsworld

  • I wish i was there but i live in Greece

  • Caz geçilmezler 1 like

  • I love how theyve polished so well their performances. Love to see them enjoying the stage...

  • Sheeeettttt...their visuals are real...