Building my Cat an Outdoor House!

Dipublikasikan tanggal 25 Okt 2019
I hope you enjoy today's video :)
Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe:
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  • who's been here since I used to do these type of week in my life videos? Hope you enjoy this more casual style vlog??

    • onlythinmints ???

    • You should try making Rosanna pancinos perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe!!!

    • Love how u are great fur daddy so good too see someone that loves there fur babies like I do I love all of your make overs bedroom fabiliouse love u rayland

    • they were my fave! 🥺

    • im the last comment

  • Ryland I have the same backpack for my 2 cats! Also why am I Cheeto’s number 1 fan😂

  • :3

  • 🌸🌸✨🌸🌸✨🌸🌸Ryland ur going 2b a great parent ...u already r 🌸🌸✨🌸🌸✨🌸🌸

  • Can you make a video on how to make your cookies since fall is coming pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Please !!! Please!!!!!

  • I love watching these old videos, *I feel a bit nostalgic I guess ♥

  • Please, don't break her open :P

  • I would like an update!!

  • I was tracking down this video so I can make the cookies this year!! Thank you!!

  • It's a cateoo

  • Where's the part 2? 💁‍♀️

  • Get a bird


  • 9:53 cheeto looks like a wack-a-mole lol

  • Cheeto has is life together 😂😂

  • 11:48 awwww :))))

  • don't you love it when brown sugar comes out in a perfect shape like its kinectic sand or some shit

  • i made rylands cookies and they were AMAZING i don’t know if i made them wrong but they were almost like tiny choco chip pumpkin pancakes? definitely not a cookie constancy but it was interesting and delicious

  • Love it. You are all so blessed & fortunate. The security of & just things you can do, have, share. Most of all, tho... loving, trusting & having each other to lean on, for anything. Continue surrounding yourselves w/ those who have actual integrity. Something, these days, unfortunately.. that's become more like a rare gem, rather than the norm. You all, however, are definite diamonds!

  • who else just watches these videos being jelose because there life is so exsiting when you in your room behind a screen

  • Shane no 😪😢💔 you're precious

  • There is a guy near my house that takes his cat on a walk in a baby stroller

  • Andrewwwwww 💖💖💖

  • You’re supposed to pack brown sugar down while measuring :)

  • sorry coming to you from 2020, when he said wayfair i audibly gasped

  • i don’t want to sound like i want attention but i thought it was a model or either a kardashian at 3:20 after having to go back and see it was morgan

  • cooking tip, when making any sort of cookie or cake, watch out for how much you stir the dough. stiring it too much can make gluten in the dough, and you can see that the cookies has risen, which it a telltale sign that you stired the dough too much. the flour when stired creates gluten. thats why its importent to knead bread dough.

  • Is the cat tunnel there yet? Please update!

  • Sooo agree on the tea spoon and TB spoon

  • 11:29 Ryland: I’m really loosing it over here... Me in 2020: quarantine 😭😭😭

  • nobody: absolutely nobody at all: me: *gets exited because Ryland bought the same type of pumpkin puree as me!!

  • Catio GD

  • Ryland really did turn into Barbie-

  • The cat bag is a torture for the poor thing Imagine being locked in such a tiny thing and moving uncontrollably And aslo not being able to experience the outside for real

  • nobody gonna mention how stunning morgan looks in that picture of her and cookie? like YAS QUEEN 🥺

  • Andrew honestly deserves the world, he’s so pure 🥺🤍

  • soooo is there going to be a part two 🤡

  • How did you get the cat to walk with a lead and vests thing ?

  • The reason they were more brown on the bottom is maybe because you didnt put baking paper on the pan? 🤔🤔🤔

  • That one part where Shane said not to show him....literally me but also Shane you are not ugly, you are not fat, you are literally perfect! I would so want to be your friend. Ryland your perfect too! Your cooking is also😆

  • No one: Ryland: "Not sure if I should be in here because its a gated area, but the gate was wide open sooo"

  • I dunno why it bugs me so much to notice that he didn’t lock the kitchen aid in place while using it.. But it really bugs me 🙈 I know it was fine but still

  • I love that. You did a great job! I think it’s nice and aesthetically cute. It comes from very sweet intentions & it came out awesome! Anyone who says it’s ugly is not an animal lover.

  • Do a tunnel from a window! That way you can open and shut it and you don't have to drill through your house! 🤣 Loved this video! Build more stuff!!

  • We all know how Shane loved food And how much Ryland loves making food It's a perfect match! 😂

  • I think it should stay their it looks good their

  • If I make the cookies without the wheat flour, should I just leave it out or replace it with the all-purpose flour help

  • Ryland saying ow you little savage is everything ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😂😂😂

  • why cant morgan stay with you guys ..?

  • Andrews just the hot guy they keep around the house at this point.... and I’m here for it.

  • when will you make him a tunnel coming from the house

  • wow its very cool nice job man

  • Is anyone else trying to find the video of Ryland building the cat tunnel?

  • invite the Doland twins to come and help you make the hole in your house

  • 9:46 wasn't expecting that 😂😂😂

  • hahahahahahhahahahaaj

  • I just realized that while this was happening Shane was making his pallet

  • Your cat, he's adorable.

  • Shane’s hand 10:50 graves cookie

  • Take garrt to Walmart and buy him what ever he touches

  • Am I the only one who noticed at 4:14 he didn’t stop at the stop sign 🤣 just me........okie

  • “Put me in the bag”😂😂😂😂

  • Why isn’t Cheeto allowed outside?

  • 9:35 Knowing cheeto, i honestly don't know if he was being playful, or trying to eat Ryland

  • I almost screamed when I saw how he measured the flour. Aghhhhhhhh

  • My dogs used to take out the trash from the trash can but then we got the little trash bins with lids and they don’t do it anymore

  • ryland will be such a great mom if he has kids.

  • 4:34 what song is that?

  • shane is a beauty guru ryland is building and cooking and we just wont talk about all the pop shane is drinking

  • Your not fat Shane 🥰

  • Morgan is so judgy.

  • Before watching all of Ryland's room makeover vids I needed to re-do my room bc I emptied it out, and after watching them I plan buying my furniture a lot more lol. Thanks Rye

  • cheeto: *attacks rylands camera* also cheeto:

  • Put the bag on your chest so cheeto can face forward and ryland can see how he is doing :)

  • why is nobody talking about how cute 11:48 was

  • re watching this video and realizing you were listening to hippo campus in the car made me very happy lol

  • I tried the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and it tastes soooooo good🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍 and I will try this again every year

  • I feel like these are the cookies that morgan ate when she was doing the 24 hour challenge in the panic room

  • Where did you buy your patio furniture?! Specifically the white couch and dining set (please and thanks) 💕

  • 9:46 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗱𝗶𝗲𝗱

  • 6:55 rayland is so me while I am cooking 🤣🤣🤣

  • *no one* : *Literally no one* me: 10:03

  • Shane your not fat .

  • Part 2 never happened!!

  • Did anyone else notice that he spelled VSCO wrong 😂😂😂"VISCO"🤣

  • The cookies looked thick and delicous

  • me in quarentine watching this with my cheetos and like did i offend him :0

  • "God damn it, Cheeto" is Cheeto's "Beep Beep, Richie"😂

  • “No in to ugly and fat” same hun same ;v;

  • andrew loves everyone so much but i feel like he’s always at their house thinking “i need more straight friends”

  • You got scared at 9:45

  • I thought the mad cat staring at the window and the cute cat were two different cats. crazy

  • Still waitin

  • Why can’t Cheeto go outside??? 😞

  • i would date ryland if he wasnt gay, like honestly.

  • It gave me so much anxiety when he was walking by the pool cause I just imagine Cheeto being under water and not being able to get out of the bag

  • Mmmm, Ryland does cookies look so good, I want one🙃

  • U need to make sure to teel shane that HE IS BEAUTIFUL THE WAY HE IS

  • I cringed when ryland got in like... there was no room lol

  • Oooh Kitty tunnel!! 🐱