Building The Best Toyota Supra On YouTube (On A Budget)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 20 Sep 2019
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Today I realize that I have a huge opportunity to make the best built Toyota Supra on ID-tv, so that's exactly what I'm doing, with the help of a good friend. Next stop, the dyno!
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  • I know a guy 🤔

    • MotionAutoTv trouble always starts with the statement... I know or I got a guy... lol.

    • His name is jared

    • Who knows a guy

    • no one else’s supra will ever come close, sorry tavarish

    • was just about to say you have THE best supra.

  • How about a Skyline build?

  • I got a headache just watching the episodes of how u rebuilt it 🤕

  • Peanut butter interior?? why not just go for Baby shit! Black interior dude.

  • Lmao when you panned the camera to Jared and the shirt he had on 😂😂

  • Wish I can own one someday without giving up my first born lol

  • Tavarish, when I still had hair and it looked like yours. A family member who was a barber put hair straightening gel on my scalp, it unclogged all my pores, when I washed it out in the sink. 30 days later my hair started to grow back fuller. But as I got older DNA took over and I started losing my hair completely to the point that I just shaved it all off! Hahaha...

  • man wtf is wrong with you?? wheres the part 2?? you didnt even dyno the car yet you claiming HP and it would be better than TJ hunts Supra. You made these videos and us like naive supporters watched through your long ass videos for nothing? no dyno, nothing for us to know how much the car is pushing or any final product. You Sir are a utter waste no lie. In saying this I would like you to realize how long you made us sit here and watch the build up with no final product or dyno.You have def lost me as a subscriber.

  • Parttt 2 !!

  • Well disappointed there's no end product to see 😕

  • Part 2 pls

  • I actually like the red

  • where's part 2? :(

  • You get rid of those beautiful seats and I’m done watching

  • It's been 7 months we missed the better supra


  • It looks like a 10 minute car but after heavy rebuilding and customizing it it became a 10 second car

  • Just spent like 3 hours watching the build up and dont see an ending video. Kinda pissed. So many other videos too

  • Part 2 needed ASAP

  • Bruh where’s part 2 man

  • Where is the update on this Supra? Looking forward tot he finished product. Didn't see it in your vids if it's there.

    • @Ben i know. I really looked forward to seeing it. I wonder what happened it's been 7 months.

    • Brother Wise it’s not there man. There was never a part 2

  • When is part 2 Coming?

  • 7 month later no part 2...

  • It’s been over 7 months for a part two.. I’m assuming he sold it

  • C'mon man, i need some closure! Lol Where's part two!?

  • I love Jared, he's funny and skillful

  • cold start injector

  • I fucking hate when ID-tvrs do this you put out a part one and never get to see part two like i know this supra is in the same condition it is in at the end of this video or in the back of his shop doing nothing because it isnt finished.

  • Let the glue soak in tea tree oil. Then Scrub scrap it of

  • Keep the red

  • Yo you Dominican

  • To remove the glue, oils etc, look up PES-51. It's expensive, but it works like magic. Big-O is probably the second best.

  • WHERE IS PART 2?....Did he scrap the project or something? I feel like I just wasted 2 hours of my life watching him rebuild this car and it's still not done 🤷‍♂️

  • White and light blue maybe

  • Where is the next part man ?

  • Nooo, that ecu's just resting!

  • Cant wait for part 2. The wait is excruciating 😇

  • I cringed so hard when you destroyed that ECU, so unnecessary!!! I would have saved it.

  • Part 2 I wanna see this beast

  • Yo where’s part 2 fam

  • Purple Power for adhesive remover.

  • 80/20 rule = 20% of the skilled people do 80% of the work.

  • i know its too late, but you could have used wd-40 to take the glue off your paint.

  • Did you finish it?

  • If he is selling how much?

  • It needs an LSD, Freddy!

  • What happened to this build? Watched the previous episodes including the NA dyno Lol

  • @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1061">17:41</a> love the shirt .

  • Probably that last combination of green and red antifreeze fucked up the motor that's why we don't have second part):😢

  • Jared's shirt tho 🤣🤣

  • Believe it or not use invisible glass aerosol spray Walmart 3.79 a can and itll clean almost anything off including adhesive your trying to clean from vynal wrap

  • I think you should leave the seats red and paint the car black

  • Well the good news is that she still appears in the instagram photos, so he didn't sell her to sponsor the cheap exotics project with Ed. But she's still at the same stage. Sooo .. maybe another year and a half like with the SL AMG project...


  • I do not think part 2 will ever be out. This is a half way build. Your promises should be real. Maybe by now the car has already been sold. Get the views and likes buck in the money and forget about promises made...

  • For the steering wheel why not get it recovered. Could be done with a lot of the interior parts. I used a company out of Poland call RedlineGoods for my wheel and some of my interior bits on my Porsche and was super happy with them. If you send them the part they can make a pattern for pretty much any interior part and have a ton of options for colors materiel and stitching.

  • I guess we will never see how much power that supra made....


  • What happened to the end product on this supra

  • "danger to manifold" lol, nice.

  • Man where is part 2... I've watched over 2hrs of this supra journey tonight, I need closure!

  • Where is a update

  • where’s the last video 😩😂

  • Part Two...? I feel like I just finished watching the final episode of Game of Thrones... Tav is now a big shot "Car Trek" Celebrity so we'll probably never find out what happened to the "Fastest Supra on You Tube" build...

  • What happened to this series? Where's part 2 hmmm🤔

  • It's been 6 month, Tav. Where's the rest of the videos on you supra.

  • I´m waiting for the part 2....

  • Make Pt. 2, you’re all over my recommended and this is by far my favourite little series of your videos that I’ve seen on the channel.

  • Is driveline available for Android?

  • Still waiting for part 2

  • As soon as you started cutting into that PCB I knew it was a mistake.

  • LOL Jared's Tshirt

  • ECU Slayer

  • Omgggg Jared is sooo funny😂 love the shirt man and your sooo funny too Tavarish

  • What ever happened to this Supra?

  • cool supra

  • What's happening with the supra?

  • Bestine or Doc Eddingtons will wipe that residue clean with no tools.

  • @Tavarish did you ever finish this? painted etc..., I don't see the video

  • Where is the video of the final build of the supra?