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drawing art artist
The reference/study photos were from
the prince photo was hard to find the original source
but here is where i got it


  • I love shopping

  • Boii

  • why is crayola better than hobby lobby brand like a 100 pack of crayola is $24 and theses are $60 and you get less

  • 7:40 that's whiteout

  • Look at my art from age 12 to 16!! Down below!!

  • 7:36 isin't that correction fluid

  • I wish we had stores like HobbyLobby in England 😩

  • 4000 thousand rupies wow

  • You are so funny. I love you ♥️ nice vedio

  • You hate people....(like me).....and you have a ID-tv channel.......🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  • Aw! I love discovering other art channels! I just started my channel!

  • You need to stop chewing your gum like a cow chews it’s cud. Not attractive in a video

  • 11:18 you didn't buy the tape

  • My GRANDAUGHTER AGE 6 watches you pleases stop the word hate

  • At least 500 more subs till 1milion 😁😁😁

  • The white pens r pens the other one was a correction pens, like white out

  • May I ask what shop is that ?

  • I loved the first one because you did it will heart

  • 4.99? 14.99? So cheap.. Well atleast in the Philippines! You see if we have one thicc big paper its over a 100.99 or maybe more.. And 3.99 for 3 pencils? What a deal! For 1 pencil is 10.99

  • “I didn’t study these or anything” “I kinda have these memorized” 👀😂

  • Funny how the white pen is so expensive at hobby lobby but junk and the one from dollar tree is amazing!!

  • Wow first time watching and you are really good


  • Listen I luv ur sketches but the first one was amazing and u shouldn’t be mad about that bc what draw u can fix up to 100000000000000000000000 times better

  • Well thats correction fluid and thays a pen lol

  • If you hate people doesn't that mean uou hate your fans too

  • I hate people too!!!

  • First thing that came to mind: Safiya Nygaard Elle mills

  • You’re not supposed to take your blind fold off and see what you got.

  • I think if you put a filter on that hummingbird it would look good

  • The JOT is a correction fluid its not a pen

  • I just found out that my nickname is Rae

  • Omfg ur Gelly was a dry queen

  • I guess Rae likes em thicc (The paper I mean 😏😏)

  • I’m getting Moriah Elizabeth vibes Aka ME

  • no way my parents got me a whole pack of those Castell 9000 art set pencils!! OMG!!! (lol)

  • The white thing she uses on the may be a white out pen....that may be why it’s better

  • I like how she said *my* dog hair

  • You so got another note book

  • it looks great

  • I love you and your video

  • The pen at 7:28 is a corrector pen when you make mistakes on a writing you use that

  • Her: I’m just gonna keep it simple and draw a hummingbird Me: I can barely draw a circle ⭕️

  • Is that one of baytovens songs in the back ground ?

  • You hate people so you dont like your self you're a people will human its still the same

  • Hobby Lobby sure is my favorite store ever.

  • Wow, I need to do that idea

  • Did she leave the dogo in the car?

  • I think that they all looked good

  • At least you didn’t go to Micheals. The single prismicolors are about 4 bucks

  • Who knew the dollar tree is better than most art supplies brands!

  • its like you new where all the materials were kinda strange am i right

  • I think some one told here the coulers or she. Hited

  • You do realize you used whiteout not a drawing pen right

    • I'm fairly sure she knows that, once she said she preferred white out to actual gel pens.

  • “Edited to look fancy” (me when I wear makeup).

  • I also use the dollar tree white out pens I love them for art but they take longer to dry and aren't as easy to handle as a Sakura jelly roll

  • I got an art ad .. who else

  • Did anybody realize the thumbnail said BINDFOLD

  • Can she stop smacking her gum or im going to kill her...

  • It didnt wirk because your supposed to do it light and then only use one pencil at a time and do it lightly then add water.

  • Did anyone else see they on the thumbnail blindfold was spelled “BindFold”

  • N

  • i really want to get copic markers, where did you shop

  • I hate people to that's why I have Internet

  • Ive been subcribing for 1 year rn!!

  • 9:34. Right after you said " who is she" an ad came on and it was like "Hello this is spectrum" I'm wheezing

  • I saw copics😍

  • What is the background music???

  • You look like Rachel Ray in the thumbnail

  • Lol Read more

  • i got those "watercolor pencils" as a gift few years ago. it works,but not like that. i use them in 2 ways. 1) draw,color in, spray warm water (from spray bottle),let dry,spray again and smudge or blend with brush. 2) dip penciles in warm water, for a few secondes and draw with them like you would with brush and regular watercolor palete,just keep dipping pencile in water every few seconds,when you feel like tip is drying. trust me,i did great art with them,but i love regular color penciles, and regular watercolor paletes more.

  • that jot isn't a doesnt have ink in it. It's correction fluid so like you know those corrector tape kinda stuff? that's it just liquid. DONT INHALE IT XD

  • idk why but she reminds me of safiya nygaard

  • Rae’s friend is my Art Teacher

  • I have the same green sketchbook lmao

  • I have that exact same green sketch book!

  • Saf-art-iya

  • IG : swordasapen

  • You do NOT use gelly rolls so heavy handedly! You might need to maybe... research?

  • Omfg I use jot pens too!!

  • 'i havent studied them or anything like that' then 2 seconds later 'i kinda have it memorised' HAHAHA LOVE U RAE


  • i like the back round sound

  • what piment


  • 3:03

  • 3.03 “maybe like an orange” and she got a grey 😂😂

  • 888K subs... :00 btw you deserve more

  • Rae, I love your videos, but this one was a little disingenuous. At the 10:30 mark you talk about how the Master's Touch pencils are more than the name brand, then show a set of 36 set Prismacolor water-soluable pencils, with the price of "$45.07" highlighted. However, you don't make a note that the Prismacolor set is on sale (at 25% off) and are base price $59.99, same price as the 48 set Master's Touch). That would make the Prismacolors's base price, $1.67 per pencil, while the Master's Touch is $1.25 per pencil at base. Plus, if you're going to include sale prices: Master's Touch goes on sale for 50% off every other week at Hobby Lobby, and they have a 40% off coupon that you can use through their app/on their website when it's not on sale. Ultimately, the Master's Touch are cheaper. (Cheaper quality too, but eh.) I can't talk about technique at all with the art supplies, as I'm not well versed in watercolor pencils myself, but I've had more expensive brands to that weird 'thick paint' thing. So it's not just Master's Touch. I *am* fairly certain that the paper you used wasn't meant for Watercolor though, so that likely didn't help matters.

  • sorry but you really disappoint me

  • I like the little packs of acrylics in the art section at walmart ...they spread so well

  • You should not bang you Prisma pencil on the table

  • Sorry Rae

  • Sry if I offended any of you I wasn’t trying to write a serious comment

  • Pit water on the pencils firsr

  • This would have been better if you didn’t see the aisle and everything in it ....

    • Also would have been better if you grabbed at random not “I need white pencils “

  • Hey Super Rae Ever hear of ArtGraf watercolor graphite? they even have some colored pencil cakes that are really good and cheap. Check it

  • "I HAVENT STUDIED THEM"" Few seconds later "I kinda have it memorized" XD

  • I’m just going to keep it simple. Draws a HUMINGBIRD

  • First of all I hate people and secondly I don’t like people look at me. Ha