Cain Velasquez comes to the aid of Rey Mysterio: Raw, Oct. 21, 2019

Dipublikasikan tanggal 22 Okt 2019
When Shelton Benjamin tries to intimidate Rey Mysterio, former UFC champion Cain Velasquez comes to the aid of The Master of the 619, sending Benjamin running for cover.
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  • 2:11 shelton Benjamin 3:55 or 3:56 Cain Velasquez

  • Wheres cain now?

  • WWE can even make the great Cain Velasquez look like a chump! Utterly laughable and oh so unbelievable. Cringeworthy

  • If cain really came for you consider your self halfdead

  • I wanna see Cain Velasquez in WWE again

  • I’m not sure if this is all a joke or if this is actually real...


  • Cain is a sorry wrestler.

  • Man Cain Velasquez was by far one of the baddest, strongest heavyweight fighters on the he's horse playing with Shelton Benjamin on WWE .-.

  • Its Kane Not Cain Lol Nah Jk

  • I’m sorry for Cain but this company is not for him he’s a beast

  • Big fan of Cain. He is not built for fake fighting. You have to have it in the spirit.

  • The punches cain throws look so weak

  • FAKE ASF!!! 💯💯💯💯

  • When you’ve seen what Cain can actually do you can’t help but to cringe and feel awkward watching this

  • Shelton vs Cain feud?

  • Rey Mysterio look's like a pepe frog in this mask

  • thankyou cain velasquez for helping the legend like reymzsterio god always loves the good peoples like you you are great wrestler performer athelte man most importantly you are a great person

  • UFC Time Boys

  • We want to see cain vs broke... Bcz previous match tapout it is not good... We want best fight cain and broke again... Cain is real tiger.

  • Name of the song at 5:00?

  • shelton shoving and slapping rey triggered me. lol

  • Oh my gosh , this is so faky !!!

  • Caín velasquez el mejor del mundo

  • Shelton Benjamin is a world class athlete and an amateur wrestler that was a piss poor single leg. For shame.

  • Bully being badass that bully's every kid he see's until the real BADASS show's up

  • cain looks like a randomly selected created player

  • One's again we want to see cain vs broke.... 😍 Cain is real 🐯....

  • Benjamin could out grapple Cain tbh.

  • Why do people watch fake fighting?

  • Is this the same cain velasquez that beat lesnar in ufc?

  • Rey rocking them yezzy’s respect🙏🏻👌🏻

  • I remember disagreeing with Canes dad about what a cane is a long time ago. Cane Genetics is a study in the future. He wanted security :) Secu rites and nutrient dispositioning that's so much bigger than kids I'd be like... Omgosh... Where's the time for him to learn all that which was a problem with me, I was born and knew abunch.

  • Hey just reminding everyone that wrestling is fake 😂

  • Fake

  • cracked his head open for the scar on his face

  • Impressive video, I delight it to much !!! Most Desirable part is 0:55. *I up first dance, Pls come and say your opinion* 💗 💘 💖

  • Lol this was sweet

  • Que falso

  • Just another wwe movie.

  • This was just lame shelton benjamin wrestling matches have been more entertaining to watch than anyone elses and they treat him like a rag doll

  • Cain Velasquez and Shelton Benjamin in the same ring 🤯

  • I wish Shelton could talk properly.

  • I can pretend fight better than Cain lol

  • Cain really needs to put up some muscle mass. It seems like he can't lift other wrestlers properly. It just seems sloppy. He will need to sacrifice his punching speed a little and be a slightly worse fighter to be a significantly better wrestler. Or he can work even harder and not lose speed while gaining muscles.

  • Lol what in thee actual fook ? lol

  • Looks terrible just punch people for real dude lol

  • It wasn't enough thou


  • He looks like he's play fighting with his kid

  • Get your a$$ back to UFC and dominate like you always have

  • Is Cain really powerful or just wwe gimmick

  • 2:11 Shelton Benjamin 3:56 cain

  • Como estas papa

  • No mames esos golpes seben muy falsos alv 😂

  • why everytime i see paul heyman, he remind me of humpty dumpty

  • Bro Cain velasquez is me I may not be the biggest ripped dude but I'm tough and I know I am

  • Please let Cain stay on wwe I like him better on wwe than on UFC fighting or what ever they call it

  • I like they didn’t show Cain punching Shelton for how fake it looked

  • Ray, how disgusting you are, since you hide behind Cain, you cannot protect yourself from Shelton! WEAK !!!