Camping Overnight in David Dobriks Backyard!!

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Mariah and I spend the night camping at the scariest place in California! (David Dobriks house)
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  • You can’t eat anything cooked directly over butane it’s poisonous

  • Omg I love to take you real camping the st.johns river in Florida. You wouldn't last 30 minutes

  • When u talk about people don’t like to camp at the woods cause when they here dd they want to

  • I love Todd’s movie references 🥰 hi baby

  • That’s basically an NYC apartment

  • Carly is soooo cute in every clip in this video

  • everyone in this friend group except David is always moving


  • Heath on the low is gay just being honest..

  • We camp in my best friends back yard a lot

  • Okay but like when are you guys getting married??


  • Heath is my favorite rn

  • why is no one talking about how nicole (the shoutout of the week) really does look like the female version of david

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  • David: maybe you could set up Christmas lights, and make it romantic for you and Maria. Heath: yeah... Jason:thats not real camping... Heath: It’s glamping, baby. Me: PFTTTT

  • Aw David does have a heart

  • i do not like mariah

  • Toy guy's are the cutest

    • Thanks


    • Perry como Joel hh

  • its glamping b a b y

  • omg natalie’s little goodnight was the cutest

  • It wasnt unfounded paranoia it was legitimate and justified fear. What makes everyone okay with it, is that they can be adult (all things considered) about it and openly acknowledge whats going on. Thats friendship and business working hand in hand.

  • Heath and Mariah are such goals

  • damn time flies by fast cause i remember it like it was a fee days ago . 😹

  • Maybe even buy a turkey so you guys can hunt it but you guys have to use every part of the animal for respect that's what my people do anyway!

  • But you know it would be cool if all of the Vlog squad one cabin in David's backyard whole thing everything you do with camping besides pooping in holes in the ground and watching out for well animals only world David but it even would make it more fun if David joined along and you guys can't sleep just one night it Hass to be the whole weekend only time you're allowed in the house is use washroom other than that everything is outside get a pool and put fish in it so you guys can go fission make sure it's a big pool though so you can put a lot in there I think that would be a pretty sweet idea I hope you read this

  • Lol this is a bitch way to camp guarantees no bears or wild animals just the wild David!! Lol

  • This is the best couple in the world 💕Love them!!

  • 6:15 that was fake...

  • Not a hitter, just a quitter. 👎🏿

  • If you scroll this video quickly in the recommended page, Carly looks like Jeffree for a second omg 💀

  • Carly so cute.

  • Heath my friend... Those silly LA type mats, aka lookin like a fancy ass yoga mat. Could have gotten one airmattress for cheap n been CRUISIN in that deep sleep baby. Just a solid tip for next time ;-)

  • 9:06 I love how Mariah is sitting 😂

  • What the hell is up with 2:53 hahaha

  • Carly is just amazing 😍

  • Bubba ... awe you guys!

  • 8:45 song name? ♥

  • Vlog squad goes camping would be so fun to watch though!

  • All I want in life is to be loved the way Heath and Mariah love each other. Is that too much to ask?

  • why is carly wearing a minnesota shirt??

  • It was very funny :D

  • I’m calling the city on you guys next time you pull this kind of stunt with wasteful water Jk I wouldn’t do that to you but David I would because he can afford the 5 figure fine 🤑

  • When it says self inflating it means the person has to blow it up

  • come to my yard in denver...freeee food

  • heath lowkey has such great content

  • David and his bf Jason

  • Eww David!!!😬he sucks

  • Those mountain house meals are literally amazing! You missed out

    • And the breakfast scramble is the best!

  • david talking about his moral dillema while trisha is screaming about how he's evil

  • When David yawned he made me yawn

  • Heath is actually so cute🥺

  • I am still waiting for the day heath proposes to Mariah

  • I kept thinking the tent should be facing the other way to see the view, but then I realized their backs would be turned towards David.

  • 5:55 yeah I got it the first time he said it love that movie 👏🏼

  • this is goals y'all,, i can't wait to go camping with the loml :----((

  • Natalie is lit js

  • Heath if you get footage of David drunk I will buy you another lambo

  • I love you heath