Can Miracle Berries make these meals taste good? - Ten Minute Power Hour

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Remember these miracle berry things? We’re putting Arin and Dan’s tastebuds to the test in this misphonia inducing adventure across a cursed tasting menu.
Arin is wearing the “HECK” shirt from
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  • Ally is waifu

  • 1/10 No citric acid suffering.

  • 3:20 Anyone else hear those fan fics??

  • What if they have a miracle berry before they vomit? Would the vomit taste better?

  • This is the reason I finally bought these things. And yes, lemons taste like really sweet lemonade.

  • Well, I've been told drinking vinegar is good for your heart, so we can see Arin and Dan with smoothly beating hearts

  • I can see their eyes dialating after putting lemon in their mouths.

  • "Here's a salmon baked in a bath of pure raw lemon juice." Me, drooling: "Why aren't you excited about this?"

  • 10:29 is no one gonna mention the fact that Dan caught a singular Skittle without dropping it?

  • I LOVE tomatoes, and I LOVE banana peppers. Especially together on a nice stacked sandwich.

  • Mouth sound hell

  • I really wanna try that :D

  • 12:48

  • We have that salt shaker!

  • *confused chewing*

  • Eats something hot, Dan: hhhm, its odd Aryan: *Cough Intensively*

  • 10:50 😂😂😂

  • Why could I smell lemon when they ate lemon tho I had no lemon around 😳😅

  • 6:54 is by far the best part

  • 12:48 I've never enjoyed watching something in 2x speed more than I do right now.

  • I would eat the fish filled with lemon juice

  • 6:51 the demon in the corner telling me about his ex wife Sharon.

  • I bought some after watching this, will keep you updated

  • Try mint and spicy foods

  • It's wild that all the food Arin hates, I'd eat in like an instant

  • When Arin said “Bone ape tit” XD

  • "But like, it's just the tingle it's not like the like, *JRGJGHRK* part." -Arin Hanson; 2019

  • the gromps

  • Them grinding salt directly into their mouths with no reaction was the single scariest shit I’ve ever seen in my life

  • Why does this video give me Deja Vu?

  • Yes they can

  • This was just an excuse to make a Muk Bang episode


  • This vid is my first time ever hearing about these too, they’re pretty crazy

  • Me the entire time watching this: do they know this is only supposed to make sour stuff sweet?

  • 5:19 Dannys "ick" wibble

  • The reason restaurants don't use the Miracle Berry is because it's considered a food additive and is therefore not legally allowed to be used in restaurant foods, they can only be used for recreation. There's a whole controversy to it too, sugar lobby ransacking the Miracle Berry lobby, stuff like that. It's pretty interesting.

  • Love you Arin but the way you chew is really hard to listen to

  • How many times is Arin going to smack his lips?

  • _well, tomatos hate you too!_ (girl was like: "and for being such good sports... POISON FOR YOOOU!")

  • That... didn't seem rare.

  • erin clothes your gundam mouth

  • I've been wanting to try miracle berries for so looong

  • So everything we know about cooking and making things taste good is relative to our taste buds and how things taste, right? What about changing recipes to make them taste super good relative to taste buds with an m berry???!

  • Did you swoll it Dan NO (o_o)

  • 6:52 is how I imagine Bowser sounds eating

  • Imagine being blitzed outta your fukin mind and trying this😂

  • You know the universal smell when I firework goes off in front of you. Florida

  • The reckless abandon with which Arin approaches this show gives me anxiety...

  • The best mukbang

  • Rare, boy thats medium!

  • 5:20 juice WRLD when he had too many perk 30s

  • Mhh stomach burns

  • Arin likes his steaks like he likes his B-holes, juicy and rare.

  • Banana peppers are so good on blt subs

  • Tomatoes are 100% the worst ever so

  • I understad Arin I also don't like tomatos

  • Dude! Youve never heard of a potato gun! But youre shocked youve never heard of miracle berries?!

  • Definitely feel ya on the orange tic tacs

  • I tried cider vinegar once for my gallbladder. Slike vodka.