Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Tasty

Dipublikasikan tanggal 10 Peb 2019
"Maybe one day Rie, when you and I are eighty years old, we'll just make cookies together."
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  • Mini pies?

  • They sell these at Pacific Super. It’s on the Lunar New Year snack table. They only carry it for a short time, I just bought some a couple weeks ago. I live in San Francisco.

  • Niki come visit Singapore :)) (being a proud Singaporean here)

  • Rie is an absolute legend

  • Im watching this while eating pineapple tarts lmao

  • Omg niki's frm sg?! I love pineapple tarts!

  • Wow I can’t beleive following the recipe had better results then winging it wow

  • i swear i could smell those through my screen

  • In Indonesia that's Called " Nastar " wkwkww

  • The cookies must be good

  • I live in Singapore!!

  • In Indonesia it similiar to Nastar. A cookie with pinneaple jam inside

  • I’m Chinese and I do the same things like get red cards other things

  • I love you Rie!

  • Why can't Rie just follow the damn recepie

  • can niki just come to singapore pls i wanna see her ( a singaporean to a singaporean)


  • I'm from SINGAPORE

  • Nastar? 😍

  • Am i the only one that didnt know niki was a singaporean?? But i still gonna support my fellow singaporean, LETS GO NIKI!!!

  • i am obsessed with this duo

  • Who here from Singapore

  • *eats it* *rejects it instantly*

  • Just fell down a Twitter hole about all the lay offs. I don’t think i can watch buzzfeed anymore knowing they canned all my favorite producers.

  • Do u mean Chinese New Year?

  • only clicked for Singapore, stayed for rie and Niki


  • Niki's eyebrows is just not IT

  • AHH NIKI IS FROM SINGAPORE? I didnt know omg,, a fellow Singaporean fan here! 💓💓

  • They made a mistake on letting nikki gooooo

  • Rie's "oi, oi"

  • In indonesia we called it nastar. But the pineapple jam isnt on top of cookie. We put inside the cookie instead


  • i literally cried over this video..😭😂 this cookies are my favorite too.. my late mom used to made these in "hedgehog" shapes..seeing you guys making it just throws me back.. #loveu


  • The way the lady in the white shirt eats is revolting.

  • Niki and Rie are best friends now, thank you pineapple 🍍 tart

  • Watching videos like this makes me even more confused that Buzzfeed laid Niki off :/

  • Man, I can't deal with her eyebrow 😂.

  • We have the Lunar new year too

  • 11:04 what my mom and her friend would do when they haven’t met each other a very long time

  • It’s kinda sad how they were talking about what would happen if they weren’t close anymore and that they’d stay in touch if they were to drift apart

  • Who else thought that was cheese whiz in the middle of the cookie?

  • I have never tried those but they look soooooo good 😍😍👌😋👍

  • In 3:02 why is niki looking up?

  • The pineapple pulsing scene was hilarious😂

  • I don’t like her attitude she’s too arrogant 😒😒😒

  • 4:43 Rie's face when Niki hands her the fallen dough 😂

  • Not ok with Niki being gone.

  • OK I get its a family recipe... But PLEASE share... some of us miss wonderful treats like these....

  • In Indonesia, we call them Nastar.

  • "My name is Gladys and i love a lettuce" Rie: "...alright.."

  • We all love Rie

  • But can your chefs desvelo an egg without breaking the membrane

  • Yall made a mistake letting Niki go, shes such a good bean

  • Why didn’t niki just ask her family how to make it that would’ve been smart

  • 4:49 pretty sure that's a strainer

  • “okeh”

  • They sell those in an 888 and a pan asia where I live, and I sometimes see them in 7-11

  • i wished they tried following the recipe first before trying to change it. Adjustments are made after you identify problems first

    • Nasa Yeah i get that but when adapting a recipe it's best to know what the original recipe tastes like so you know which parts to change. Like they wanted to deviated from the dough head first by making it flaky, and ended up creaming the butter like the recipe says. If they made the recipe first they'd have a better idea of which parts needed improvement

    • Nicolle they’re using the recipe as a guide, but Rie is using her expertise to make what Niki wants it to be. Otherwise they would just be following someone else’s recipe without any of this personal backstory

  • i love rie’s oi oi oi

  • No written out recipe? What if I want to make them at home?

  • i want a video of rie baking things and telling us stories bc i could listen to her talk for hours

  • *PLEASE* bring Niki backkkk!!!!

  • Ries laugh makes my day 😂

  • There's always Rie with some help!

  • Reah is so cute and caring 😂😂

  • you're like playing with play-doh

  • Is nobody going to talk about how cute nathan is though

  • Yay Singapore sprit!

  • Wait oranges for momey??? Edit:i know they sell t them for momey but this is diffrent

  • Lol I am literally eating a pineapple tart rn

  • 新年快乐

  • Omg !!! I'm from Singapore too


  • Yaaaaaay fellow Singaporean!

  • Guten tama is that you?!

  • Niki grew up in sg??? Wattt

  • so they’re just gonna make this video and not give us the recipe 😩

  • In Indonesia the name is " Nastar "

  • Omg niki you are a singaporean tooo

  • They changed the hole aunt recipie, than changed back to the original 😂

  • "Who am I, *okay*" *laughs*"*ok*"

  • I think it ate this before i think it was ok thats all.

  • Hey Niki I'm form Singapore and pineapple tart is also my favourite new yr goodie. It's so hot here, and it's not good :( I love the food here 😍 chicken rice, nasilemak and roti prata. I get u miss ba kwa too. I know you won't see this msg but I hope you come and visit here more often ♥ I love Singapore 😍 😍 (comment as Singaporeans) (Like as other)

  • So nikki is from buzzfeed? Does she go or the company let her go...

    • Althea Jodie Zerna the company let her go and tasty is with buzzfeed

  • Nastarrrrrrrrr

  • I want you to remake “Iced Gems” from the philippines❤️✨


  • Oh ur from Singapore 🇸🇬 yeye I'm singaporean

  • Amen to pineapple tarts

  • rie is a fucking saint

  • aduh.... susah amat.... nastar itu mah.....

  • Rie + niki = is definitely magic

  • Unpopular opinion. I find Niki too annoying. Rie is awesome though.

  • Is this the first time Rie has been wrong about something? Don't question the aunties.

  • I like that animation in the beginning of this video...and the music reminds me of kung fu panda because it just reminds me of it :D


  • NIKI IS SO CUTE her little happy dances and puppy squeal noises i’m so DEVASTATED i love her and rie so much, they have such an entertaining and cute mother daughter type dynamic i love them so much :(( 💜

  • Tbh rie can do anything