Cashier Locks Rude Customer in Store

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Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a cashier locks a rude employee in the store.

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Also in this video, a dog falls in the water. A pilot shows that polarized sunglasses are not the best. Self-driving cargo trucks are now on the road. A guy forgets his own name.

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  • Great video

  • That dude trying to escape the hotel just totally accepted defeat

    • And the cop laughed too

    • @unfaithfulevil 🅥 Bot.

    • you literally cannot tell. it ends after he moves away from the window and thats it. go look for likes elsewhere.

    • @Don't Read My Profile Photo the rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper.

    • @JapanSeas yeah it’s annoying lol. I do read all the things real people reply though :)

  • If Carl was paying attention he coulda easily gotten away with the “nah it’s Karl with a K” and still come out on top

    • @Herb the Green Thumb You're right, this place is very weird. Drummer started looking through all my socials, just because I hurt his feelings I guess. He made a fake Niel account to dox my info which is hella weird. So yeah, I've had to report him for stalking my socials and blocked him on each and every one. From what I've seen of him on my pursuit of blocking him, he has multiple random accounts that he owns. It makes me suspicious of what that could mean here. Idek what happened to this reply section, this is all under a DDOI video lmao

    • @SwarlesInCharge Imagine being so paranoid about a random online dude

    • @Van Fahnel Who asked you

  • I love how the officer went “where you going” and then laughed as the guy hit the window

    • @bssni touir you too!

    • That in itself, put a smile on my face. Thanks for what you do. I hope you have good day.

  • That man was so good to test the integrity of that hotel room window. We need more people like him in the world.

    • I love how the police officers don't even get nervous or worried. Just a legitimately confused "Where are you going...?"

  • I really enjoyed that video! I bet the police were thinking, 'well, that was a dumb criminal' I have been able to travel to some of the most amazing places on earth because of Mighty 🙏🏼 Travels 🤲🏽 Premium.

  • No way in hell that the cashier and customer don't know each other. Seemed genuinely good vibes there.

    • @Atomicash247 I get u tryna be funny but them jokes not rlly funny nomo only to certain ppl who still behind that *activates trap card* shit old

    • Set up tik tok content. Shocker I know

    • ye

    • Indeed

    • yeah definitely something my friend would say to me too

  • I love how cop didn't just charge at him when he ran, he just stood there and asked where is he going lol

  • Aww, rescuing that squirrel was so sweet! I love people who care about all animals, because they're the ones you know you can trust.

    • I just rescued a dog, can I borrow a thousand dollars til tomorrow?

    • Squirrels aren't so cute when they start eating your house and cause thousands of dollars of damage. Then it's war.

  • That cashier seems like a chill guy, wasn't easily offended like many might've been and laughed at the end

  • This was such a good video thanks for making all of our days a little bit brighter! I'm so exited when I get on ID-tv and I see you posted I always call for my sister and my Mom and we have the best time watching your videos! I've given myself so many headaches from laughing so hard from these videos we love you and your channel thank you so much have a great day!!!

  • Those self driving trucks have the most innocent face a vehicle can have

    • @Lokirox1234 SK suuure, on the streets because they can't afford a roof over their heads. also worth mentioning the government has been creating regulations and policies making it harder and harder for truck drivers to work independently of a major big business. this cuts down on available people which benefits the company building the selling this product. what do you want to bet that we have politicians investing in this?

    • Because there is evil intent behind them.

    • @Lokirox1234 SK the thing is is that truck drivers have been in demand for quite a while. Even pre pandemic. Now the demand is higher than ever. People simply don't want to fuck about in a truck for hours.

  • That cashier seems like a chill guy, wasn't easily offended like many might've been and laughed at the end

  • Love the baby camel!! Thanks again my friend, for badly needed smiles!!

  • That in itself, put a smile on my face. Thanks for what you do. I hope you have good day.

  • That in itself, put a smile on my face. Thanks for what you do. I hope you have good day.

  • That cashier seems like a chill guy, wasn't easily offended like many might've been and laughed at the end

    • @Eric Harper "work on attaining critical thinking skills" 🤓 If imma be completely honest the original comment was an experiment to see if commenting early (sub one minute after the vid was posted) and referring to a random clip in a ddoi vid was all I needed for a ton of likes. I did know it was probably scripted but I put a generic comment that loads could agree with even if not entirely accurate. I'm not stupid. 5.3k likes ain't bad if I say so myself.

    • Idk how you can't tell it was a skit amongst on attaining critical thinking skills.

    • Reply 70

    • @Naggyed _123 Nah. I granted their wish, and did not read what they had to say.

    • @BeachioSand -Formerly DoomPerson89- you clicked on their pfp

  • That in itself, put a smile on my face. Thanks for what you do. I hope you have good day.

  • we must keep daily dose of internet alive at all costs.

  • That in itself, put a smile on my face. Thanks for what you do. I hope you have good day.

  • "Hello guys this is YOUR daily dose of internet" that intro makes me happy everytime 😊

  • _"Who said you were going anywhere?"_ Said that like a damn supervillain LMAO

    • @Cetties When did I say “Well”?

    • @BeachioSand -Formerly DoomPerson89- You are saying “Well?“

    • @Xavier Luke time to go back to sleep jimmy, you have school tommorow

    • @unfaithfulevil 🅥 nah

    • @unfaithfulevil 🅥 ehh- one video☠️💅🏽

  • That sinking sharkDoge and his laughing owner got me crying every time 😂😂

  • Love how he tried to escape by jumping out the window, trust me it's not easy breaking a window lol.

  • I am glad in this entire world, we have people like you making contents like this!

  • That “hiii” from that camel made my day. 💕🐪

  • I totally thought the first clip was going to be intense but the way they both laughed was just wholesome.

    • @Jagar Tharn Currently have 5 rental properties which make me enough money to never have to work again. The prank money is a bonus as I love pranking people like the succesful show Just for Laughs. That prank show Just for Laughs was sold to over 100 countries. Have fun in your 9 - 5 ouch

    • @Chris de Vos seeing it written out like that really makes it seem pitiful you make prank videos for a living. ouch.

    • @JKi Not really lol it was a joke

    • @Jeff Pienta They only thing they did was laugh and you conclude they are high as if everyone that laughs is high lmfao The one who is reading too much into it is you buddy. I make prank video's for a living, can tell from a mile away when its fake.

    • @Chris de Vos yall tripping, they sounded high af. It was a harmless joke stop reading so much into it

  • Cashier is a legend. My dad has worked at a gas bar for 21 years and its made me respect people like him because of rude customers they deal with.

    • I love how cop didn't just charge at him when he ran, he just stood there and asked where is he going lol

  • The one at 1:46 had me laughing SO hard man X'D Also the first part. OMG what a guy! Bring the karma!

  • Always posting great videos! I have yet to see a single bad one so far. Love from Washington state!

  • Even the cop laughed when he tried to jump through the window.

  • The police officer who laughed after the dude tried to escape the hotel room got me laughing so hard lmao

    • @Dragon YOOOOOOO 😂😂

    • @agent 47 it isn't specifically listed I can only assume it would be in the link that says "rest of videos" which is a link to whole channel with thousands of vids and we have no idea what the name of the original vid was. Unless I am just missing it which is a possibility.

    • @HunterCool22 ok

    • the 'where u goin'

    • @DarrenTh3Great read the description

  • You can just here the cops laughing as he slams against the window 😂

  • I like how you never clickbait us by putting the video first according to the title

  • A moment of silence for the guy locked with the cashier 😂

  • So now we know exactly why they were so stern on forcing truck drivers to try new things

  • One thing I like about this channel, no click bait! Keep up the good work.

    • There definitely is clickbait when the uploader titles videos something and is totally wrong about the context of that clip.

  • That guy who tried to run away just imagined the coolest action sequence of his life and then was hit by reality.

  • This video made me laugh all the way 🤣😂

  • That camel never ceases to make me smile

  • Legends says that Carl is still thinking where'd he got the information

  • Hotel guy must’ve been watching a lot of movies in that hotel room 😂

  • Can we just take a moment and respect the fact that he always starts with the thumbnail?

  • Seems to me kidnapping is pretty severe reaction to rudeness!

  • I love your voice, you are just chill. I have been watching you and i love your content ❤

  • I love how the police officers don't even get nervous or worried. Just a legitimately confused "Where are you going...?"

    • @DrNanard That was literally one town. The police aren’t run by every town in America. They are all different departments

    • @EST 1981 actually it's counter intuitive, but it's also partially the police having guns that pushes criminals to use guns to be able to hopefully get away. For example, in Ireland, the gun law is very strict and most police officers don't have guns (some do but they're only sent out on special occasions like an armed robbery) because of this, very few criminals actually use guns, because if they do they'll be up against the armed forces, but if they don't they'll be up against batons

    • @Dan R top causes of death for delivery (yeah, the stats aren't just about pizza delivery guys, it includes truckers and other workers) is accidents and overexertion. Police are more likely to get killed by violent means. And statistically, more people die of accidents than murder. Who would've thought, huh? In my native country, Maldives, there is not a single pizza delivery driver's death yet. But two cops have died by violent means, and four accidentally.

    • They were on the 6th floor. The cop didn't anticipate the immense stupidity he was dealing with. _"The moment a suspected rapist tried to jump from a 6th-floor hotel window when confronted by police was captured on the officer's body camera. Onjre Damon George, 20, was being questioned by officers at the Quality Inn hotel in Blue Ash, Ohio when he tried to flee on Sunday. When 1 officer tried to handcuff George, the suspect ran back into the room & jumped into the closed window, bouncing off the glass & landing on the floor. George then returns to his feet & warns the officer that he is going to jump. However, when the suspect realised the officer had drawn a Taser & was pointing the device towards him, George said he did not want to be shocked & began complying with the officer's directions."_ said the Mail Online

  • Honestly this is exactly what I needed rn, some nice laughs. I was watching a bunch of technoblade stuff including the goodbye video and although I didn’t watch him much I watched enough to learn he was a good person and just one of the greater kind of people in life, I kept asking myself "why do bad things happen to such good people" and I cried a ton but this video cheered me up more than I could ever imagine, thank you!

  • Love these videos man. Keep it up. i binge watch these videos in work :0 :)

  • 0:50 Man being a truck driver really do be a thankless job. Their job already shafts them constantly and now they’re gonna be put out of a job soon enough..

  • I'm so happy that squirrel was rescued ♥️

  • I love how the police officers were asking him “Where are you going?”. They knew he couldn’t go anywhere and even laughed when he hit the window. Edit: Thanks for all the likes, most I have ever gotten. I really appreciate it!

  • Damn, Carl got caught being a liar and a welch.

  • The cop was so chill about that guy trying to run off 😂

  • "Who said you were going anywhere?" Most coolest line I heard today +Bread 🍞👍

  • The way he said “who said you were going anywhere?” and Lock's the door look so badass

  • Sometimes I wanna see how these clips continue like that guy who tried to jump out the window and then came back with his tail between his legs.

    • @No Way right whatever, I'm sure the millions of people who've been wrongfully imprisoned and executed throughout history thought authority would never turn on them either. I guess just keep hoping you stay lucky enough to never get on anyone with authority's bad side.

    • @Knight Acedia That's a lot of words to admit that you're a criminal who is salty about being held accountable for your crimes. Stop being a criminal and society will lovingly accept you

    • @No Way so he was guilty after all that's too bad. I think one day you'll realize that authority is like a monster that appears to have good intentions and protects the people from other monsters until one day YOU get chosen to be the sacrifice and the monster you thought was your benevolent protector suddenly becomes your insidious butcher but even if you escape no one will ever believe you. I've never been arrested in my life because I never attracted any attention to myself but I've seen that people ALWAYS abuse the authority their given, from incompetent adults when I was a child to officers that frame, threaten and manipulate people they don't like, to incompetent managers who abuse everyone and then relish in using their tiny insignificant authority to shield themselves from the consequences. Either only the malicious and sinister chase authority or authority has a way of making whoever holds it a shit person but either way authority isn't your friend, it's an enemy that hasn't decided to attack you yet because it's busy attacking somebody else.


  • That cop was genuinely confused when he asked, “Where are you going??”

  • 0:46 Don't you love it when they make inventions that will interfere with human workers?

  • I’m like that man in the first clip when I get to leave a few hours earlier than my workmates😂

  • I like how calm the cop was, he didn't even try to run after the guy, he just stood there and said "where are you going???" while genuinely confused lmaoooo

    • Probably because they are on the 5th floor. He's lucky they use strong glass.

    • @TheJadeFist good point lmao

    • @Delayed Creator If you don't play you can't win.

    • I mean even if he broke through the window, they don't look like they're on the first floor, so if broke through, he'd probably be pretty messed up from the glass and the fall, if alive.

    • ​@Desmond same xdd

  • The cashier actually said that they’re friends and he’s a regular that’s why he did it. Not because he was rude

  • You always make my day never give up!

  • This is the first time I’ve actually seen a video before you put it into one of yours. It was the squirrel video I saw it a few days ago. I love your content dude keep up the great work

  • That guy that tried to jump out the window was hilarious!

  • I love the officer's bewildered "Where're you goin'" and then audible amusement as the suspect runs into the window

    • Bro though this was a movie

    • @DesroQc i was looking for someone else who noticed that XD

    • @DesroQc that's the sound of gas leaving his body

  • Man really went full on Jason Bourne on that window 😂

  • 2:03 best way to escape from the cops

  • You know after technos death I needed something to make me smile. Thank you

  • I was prepared for that 2 litter coke bottle to put a huge dent in the car 😂

  • That cashier did some poetic justice

  • 0:23 I had that moment but worser than that a bulldozer fell off to my house and literally broke down my entire living room

  • “THIS DOOR TO REMAIN UNLOCKED DURING BUSINESS HOURS” is what the sign over the door reads. Doubt you youngins ever saw it, but I guarantee you it’s there. What he did should bring a charge of false imprisonment, and the loss of his job.

  • Customer: **being rude** Cashier: “Who said you were going anywhere?” *Locks door* Customer: **pushes door** 😨 **Doom music kicks in**

  • he wasn’t rude he’s just a frequent customer

  • the intro always makes me smile :)

  • "WHO SAID YOU ARE GOING ANYWHERE? " The funniest line I heard XD

  • It's how the officer just laughed at the guy for trying to jump out the window.

  • Carl just made my day.

  • Cashier is a legend. My dad has worked at a gas bar for 21 years and its made me respect people like him because of rude customers they deal with.

    • @Thatwatermelon yeah, i don't think anyone would "Brag" about not having to work lol, unless they're teasing their friend who is currently working all night

    • Yup, a guy on welfare mocking someone who pays for his welfare.

    • The guy wasn’t even that rude they both were probably friends

    • The guy didn’t even seem rude. Seems like he was just joking

  • Damn, that cashier went villain mode REAL quick.

  • You can hear the cop laugh 😂

  • Lmao that Cashier & Customer interaction is so funny

  • 'What's your name and occupation?' 'Carl.' Sounds about right. AlsoI feel like we'll soon get these self-driving cars get hacked and stolen lol

  • I feel like I should point out the first dude is not being rude, he’s just joshing the cashier *very* hard. The cashier actually managed to josh him harder, though. Good play 😂

    • @Rucker Brady zoomer thinking

    • @Mr Apple banter

    • @Ucmh huh didn't notice my little typo lol, you know there's multiple words that share the same meaning or similar ones. Joshing has been around for ages, it's just banter. People seem too sensitive to even comprehend it these days, really unfortunate you feel the need to feel so easily offended

    • @Nokutori First, that wasn't English. Second, I'm not talking about how old the word is... I'm talking about how you replace another word with it.

  • Dang, the way he said,”Who said you’re going anywhere?”

  • 1:04 got me dead on the floor💀

  • I’m so confused by the Carl video. At first I thought maybe his name started with a k. But I really think he was just planning on lying about his name after telling the guy his name, 🤣

  • I have a feeling the cashier and the other dude were buddies. Their interaction was way too chill

  • Guy: *Tries to jump out of the window* The extra strong glass: *_You shall not pass_*

  • The same happens with me when I try to look at my phone with sunglasses.

  • For what it's worth, it would've been badass if he escaped like that :D

  • “who said you were going anywhere” HAHAHA DUDE that boy probably saw life flash before his eyes in that moment! I love it

    • @Eric Harper I mean...why do you think so? I watched the whole clip and, for starters, the creator of the clip likes to prank ppl occasionally so its in character for them. the other person also sounds and acts like a real person

    • it's clearly fake

  • I like all the cop was like "where you going?" as he crashes into the window

  • I love how confused the cop was and laughed when that man’s master plan failed.

    • I give the dude mad props, that strat was insane.. If only it worked.

    • @EGRJ if thats the case than man had a death wish. 6 floors up is a long way down.

    • I read they were on the 6th floor too.

  • 0:52 Yup, people are gonna steal from those vehicles for sure.

  • Customer: attempts to flex on cashier. Cashier: YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE.

  • _"WHO SAID YOU ARE GOING ANYWHERE?"_ I feel an evil vibe there.

  • Dude got a taste of his own medicine

  • The squirrel is so tired as if he worked a 22 hour shift. 😂