Catchin' Up w/ The Dobre Brothers

Dipublikasikan tanggal 11 Jun 2019
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Catchin' Up w/ The Dobre Brothers
Cody Ko


  • I wish the dobre parents had a channel. They're so cute. Plus the dad has a better screen prescence than the boys

  • Im such a fucking idiot, i thought they were rating their shows at 3:56 but they were fucking dates, what the fuck

  • noel and cody : and that's why we are talking about today's sponsor... *honey enters the chat* *seatgeek enters the chat*

  • I can't stop staring at the reflection of your computer screen and the back of your head in the ID-tv plaque on your wall. Can you cover it in a thin layer of petroleum jelly, then a coating of baby powder so it stops.

  • I love how the 80" TV has a massive 65' written on the side, that poor dad is gonna be so upset when he gets that small piece of shit home

  • love how that guy couldve chosen ANYTHING in the world and decided to get some fucking flip flops...

  • He’s a fucking giraffe

  • “NO! NO! NO! nO 🖕🏻nO 🖕🏻 nOoO🖕🏻”

  • "Mucas"....I literally lol'd

  • Spins it to free BUY ME AN ISLAND

  • They cool af,right....quirky,relatable and latina.3 ticked boxes.

  • cody be stealing drews video idea and his video name like a year later lol

  • 5:40 everyone- that dads nipple- and I opp

  • r a z z a m a t a z z

  • You know damn well they went to a close lambo dealer 😂😂😂

  • I was amazed that one of them actually had a real talent. That clip with the break dancing is the probably the peak of what they can do, besides exaggerating the prices of what they didn’t buy, of course.

  • “I’m just gonna call you...mucus” Edit: thanks for no likes

  • i watched the whole ad for you

  • Can some ethnic Romanians please just disown them? Thanks- an annoyed Serb

  • yoohh I'm cracking hard 10:26.

  • They are so boring


  • okay but anyone in maryland knows they ain’t shit they fuck around in urbana

  • cody in the supreme doe

  • The parents are really cute though

  • did anyone else notice the way he counted w/ his hand at 7:18

  • At 16:05 the TV box says 65 inches. They be lying.

  • 7 letter word "planet"

  • When the 11 letter word came up I immediately though of Lamborghini. and it turns out it IS 11 words...

  • 10:25 for a sec I though that I was watching THAT'S CRINGE

  • 11.18 - "spin dat reel" how come these boys got Chinese accents?

  • Bro wasn’t the lambo place closed tho? Like 😭

  • “Ur gonna turn into a flip flop “😂😂 such a dad joke

  • cody spitting has me wet i-

  • “Mucus has to make a couple of calls” 😂

  • I fucking died laughing when he said he wanted a razzmatazz

  • I think I am gonna be sick...

  • Didn’t they have to spell it and not say it

  • 5:38 did the dobre brothers really just use a fucking tf2 sound effe- ok please kill me.

  • I got a 4 letter word: Stfu

  • The dobre tour Fuskduebi What a fucking tour that was😂

  • Nie dobre brothers

  • She gets a shiny new husband

  • The doberman bros

  • Mate they rent em all.. They actually Rollin on 98 Honda civic

  • It should be the Dobre Parents, not the Dobre brothers

  • Just now finding out that the Dobre brothers and David Dobrik are different people... wtf

  • Anyone know what t shirt Cody is wearing

  • 14:30 this is a rear moment on the internet that gets a laugh every time I see it

  • Why did I wait this long to subscribe??? You're fucking hilarious dude.

  • They also never spelled any words and that bothered me

  • I kept not clicking on this because I thought you were LITERALLY catching up with them. And I was like ew no.

  • If this is real, I fucking hate them. Jesus Christ they are complaining about a LAMBORGHINI tf. I can barely afford food

  • cody spitting made me open my mouth oop

  • Y’all ever really looked at the click bait, foo looks like a giraffe

  • “Woah that’s a beast” sounds like she met mandingo

  • Mucous 💀

  • You know what to do *Plug the merch, mom*

  • Man I started watching your videos just yesterday, and I love em lol you're a funny dude

  • i'd clap that mom