Charlie Puth - I Don't Think That I Like Her (Official Audio)

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  • This has been my most anticipated one of his yet, and he did not disappoint in the slightest. Thank Charlie for all your music, it’s helped me through a lot and has been the music I always listen to when I’m feeling down.

  • This will be good if you turn this masterpiece into an official music video, Charlie. This song deserves to be a official music video. Don't you guys agree?

  • Never doubt Charlie, he works really hard making his music. But he doesn't show how much he puts on all the hard work he does to finish all the songs for the album Charlie. He released 5 songs with then 3 months. He barely gets to relax, all he cares about is finish the songs for the fans and what we want so we can listen to them. All these songs are emotional bc he rarely expressed his feelings for us or he doesn't talk about it at all. That's why he makes these music about his feelings from the past. Give him credit and respect for the hard work that he does to make his music for us so we can listen to it. I honestly feel the same with Charlie bc I delt with so many relationships and they always cheats on me and break my heart. That's why I always listen to Charlie Puth music bc it makes me feel better and focus on myself and not worry about my ex's in the past and just worry about me and be happy and focus on myself and not worry about my ex's anymore and I won't think about them anymore. I will just focus on me and my future and my family and friends that are there for me all the time. Thank you Charlie for making this music, it inspire me to just be happy and proud to be around the people that actually loves you and be there for you. I really appreciate it🔥

  • It’s crazy how Charlie Puth makes songs around the exact same time you’re going through something similar in the lyrics. What a legend! 😪💤💔

  • OMG. This song is one of his best. The back ground beat and music goes so amazing with the lyrics and the feel of the song. Charlie is one of my favorite artists of all time!

  • This man is a musical genius. Everytime he comes up with a song there's always a guarantee that the song will be sick, loopable and instant hit.


  • He never fails to amaze his fans with his works. The way Charlie conveys his emotions in his songs is incredible. I get "aesthetic chills". Thank you so much for sharing it! ❤️

  • The song is so addictive just like left & right and hilarious. Love it. Very talented Charlie!

  • I can't stop listening to this song! I love your music Charlie!

  • The lyrics to this are really good, I love it. Charlie really opens up, shares himself to his fans about relationships. I don’t think the chorus is quite enough for me. It plays too similar to his other songs. I mean, he clearly knows tune and he knows how to convert it into a really great moving story. I like that even though he is hurt Charlie still acknowledges that it isn’t all her fault, . . .”it was just bad timing.”❤❤❤it says a lot when we can grow even in songs and the written word.

  • Having talent isn't about the most followers or recognition, this man here is pure talent, he's never had made a bad song the lyrics the music always on point, love him

  • Charlie's voice is a medicine to the people suffering from depressions and stress.❣️


  • This song is an absolute jam! Thank you Charlie, for consistently creating absolutely crazy amazing songs! Can't wait for October 7th!

  • Amo a esta canción ✨ Charlie cómo siempre dándonos arte 💗💐💐

  • I absolutely love that chorus!

  • Lyrics:

  • Man Charlie has been crushing the songs recently, every song since light switch has been an ABSOLUTE BANGER! Thanks Charlie

  • Charlie never disappoints❤️