Chelsea 3-2 Brighton | HIGHLIGHTS | Premier League 2023/24

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Matchday 14 - Highlights from Chelsea's intense 3-2 Premier League win against Brighton at Stamford Bridge. Goals from Enzo Fernández and Levi Colwill...
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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club is an English professional football club based in Fulham, West London with Stamford Bridge as the home of the club. Competing in the Premier League - the top division of English football, the club has had many successes, winning five Premier League titles. The club won their first major honour, the League championship in 1955, followed by the FA Cup in 1970, their first European honour, the Cup Winners' Cup in 1971, and became the third English club to win the Club World Cup in 2022.
As the Pride of London, Chelsea FC is one of the most success clubs in terms of overall trophies won. They are the only club to have won all three major European competitions twice and have taken the crown domestically, winning six league titles, eight FA Cups, five League Cups, and four FA Community Shields. Internationally, Chelsea have won the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and the UEFA Super Cup twice each, and the FIFA Club World Cup once since their inception.
The Chelsea ID-tv channel provides access to all the build-up, training and behind-the-scenes moments and matchday action along with all the unseen edits and player focus from Reece James, Thiago Silva and Enzo Fernandez to Sam Kerr, Fran Kirby and many more. It’s the only channel where you’ll get an authentic look at this great club including memorable nights with world-class heroes such as Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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  • Thank you for this competitive spirit

  • Mudryk played very well.

    • Yh even tho he couldn't really convert his chances properly, he was the reason why we got the penalty. The best is yet to come

  • Mudrky master class 💙⚡

  • awakenbeerus hit the best parlay in football history, the guy is insane.

  • great position on the field for Enzo, today he plays better and produces much more. He participates more in the game, touches the ball more, helps with creation and rarely misses a pass. What a player!!!

    • dirty premier league officials, adding 10+ mins to give us a hypertension for what? only to check for a penalty that didnt last 5 mins and an injury that didnt take more than 3 mins i'm glad brighton didnt equalize........

    • @@I-LOVE-SOCIAL-MEDIA yeah we always the the ref against us, but they cant take us down

  • Let's appreciate Enzo mentality and brilliance

    • i thought it was over mudryk placed well today...i personally think he should be on the starting XI vs manchester utd..(i mean his crossing has improved and he is outpacing every one quite often) his pace is special

    • he is so bad. Slower version of Jorginho who cant defend

    • @@ckecikarloyou’re a bit challenged aren’t you

    • He was so slow and tired through out the game. Don't be in your feelings but rewatch the match

    • Yes he is awesome !🎉

  • Well done Chelsea, incredible happy to see Enzo grab 2 goals today! Let’s perform even better against United. COYB💙

    • he deserved that goal a long time ago, great day

    • @@chelseanewstoday-YT He definitely did bro

    • @@chelseanewstoday-YT enzo looks like a man that can score bangers(idk why he cant tho) i hope he scores atleast 7 goals, at the end of the season coyb 💙

  • Well done Chelsea. Mad respect to Fernandez for scoring his first two premier league goals and an amazing performance by Mudryk💙💙💙

    • and still won the game with -1 player

    • ​@chelseanewstoday-YT Yh bro, Chelsea really made us proud, but Gallagher again shouldn't have tackled Gilmour like that. It was unnecessary

    • Impressed ? This should be normal for a club like Chelsea…

    • @@victorywuddivira2435there is reason Connor is our best player this season . Passion but you’re right he should tone it down just a little bit

    • ​@slicceddy6229 Yh I get what you're saying dw and the fact that both Gilmour and Gallagher grew up in the Chelsea academy together.

  • I loved when sanchez realeased the ball early,bc of the pace of jackson,sterling and mudryk we can go on easy counter attacks

    • Yh bro, they are ridiculously quick especially Mudryk. He is the fastest in Chelsea rn

  • When Enzo finds his football again, Chelsea goes simply insane!

    • Because he is your best player in the club

    • @@knowyourplacefool sterling and cole palmer>>

    • listen chelsea fan, y'all need a win vs manchester utd if you guys win that game we can go up to 8th place in the epl table, if spurs beat west ham and brentford beat brighton in those upcoming fixtures you guys can do this, COYB (let's pray onana gifts you guys 1-2 goals) i'm rma fan btw

    • @@I-LOVE-SOCIAL-MEDIA close but No

    • enzo is bad player

  • I knew a Enzo goal was coming before the end of the year simply MOTM 👏🔥

  • We’re not talking about Badiashile’s assist enough 😮‍💨👏🏽

    • absolutely class

    • honestly

    • Absolutely spectacular

    • Cause it was lucky , unintentional pure luck

    • @@allanjbara2382 and sometimes you just need that in football. But he could have played it out and he didn’t so I’ll take the luck

  • Proud of the boys for digging in and playing as a unit to claim all three points. Special shout out goes to Enzo, Badi, Mudryk, Thiago Silva and Sanchez. Such a nail-biter of a match 😅

    • It was a critical moment, but overcoming it was breathtaking

    • Disasi also made some good interceptions

    • :) also see what a guy said in the comments "my reaction was hilarious, i watched the game with my dad(we havent watch chelsea games together for a month now)when lewis cowill's head (sorry if i butchered his name) hit the ball in the last mins of the game, ppl thought it was a handball , so the reff went to the VAR monitor to have a look then the reff's hand movments felt like he awarded a pen kick, bcuz of the brighton fans roar,brighton fans and i thought it was a penalty for brighton, i screamed out loud with rage saying "WHAT THE F*CK REFF?!!, (screaming involved) "and i almost punched my 80' inche TV in my living room. when i realized, the ref didnt award a penalty kick.......but he actually awarded a corner kick for brighton , i was relived and my DAD was laughing so hard lol we needed that win tbh😅, coyb" you chelsea fans really love football, LOL i hope chelsea get better (i'm a rma fan)

    • @@OluwolePeter-zp6yr also cole palmer

    • Enzo ,Madryk,Thiago these guys were in form for sure

  • So happy for Enzo finally scoring in the pl United on Wednesday COYB💙

    • the peak of happiness seeing that moment of the goal was insane

  • That Badiashile assist🔥🔥🔥

  • Enzo had played so well by his soul and heart for Chelsea.💙💯💯

  • Great Job by Enzo today, He was unbeatable. Our defense was outstanding the whole match and made sure we got the three points. I love how we had such little chances and we made the most out if it which shows how we are growing as a team! UP THE CHELS! 💙💙💙

    • Defense was concrete Thiago ,Dasasi weldone boys

    • I know, our best defense in a while

  • TS6!!! Legend!

  • What a win 💙🔥

    • Enzo finally drank coffee to play a game like that...

    • @@chelseanewstoday-YT He needs to play like this in each match.

  • Im happy for the lads💙. Never thought they will hold onto it after that red card. Well done

  • Colwill needs to learn to defend on his inside and close players down quickly. That's how we conceded the 1st goal

  • Finally, he will win three points after time has passed due to the setbacks, and the coach must give confidence to the players and the players as well who do not have a fighting spirit on the field.

  • I was waiting for the upload 😅

  • It's been a long time Chelsea actually grinded out a win like this. So much Enzo hate and he scored 2 goals today including the Pen that made up for his miss vs West Ham. We still are getting to many cards but i can see the fight and effort from the team today. well done chelsea. now go beat United please.

    • Enzo overated. Jorginho 2.0.

    • Really it's kinda like your just waiting for that 3rd goal to go in nowadays!!!!

    • So happy it didnt😂😂😂😂😂

    • @@ckecikarloyou don’t have any football knowledge

    • Enzo needs to Score 40 more penalties if he wants to fix the miss va West Ham

  • Enzooo. He's back🇦🇷

  • Perfect Win for us today, We will surely bounce back to the Top Four very soon... Come on Blues 💙💙💙

  • We have a big, big problem with the discipline the players are showing on the field.. Gallagher could’ve been sent off earlier, Caicedo could’ve been sent off too, Jackson and Sterling are collecting yellows like they are pokemon cards… A real problem, which has been present in all of Pochettino’s teams.. We’ll be seeing a lot more red cards in the future if he doesn’t work on this and he gets to stay..

  • We love seeing Chelsea winning

  • Great game❤❤❤❤🎉 Congratulations to Chelsea 🎉

  • Mudryk was awsome. But everyone appreciating enzo instead..

  • Happy about the win and how we managed to hold on. Good one lads let's hope we get the victory against man Utd it's been long 🤙🙂💙💙

  • Let's keep it up Chelsea. It's brilliant to see this kind of performance and at this rate, we might rise and even beat United 💙💙

  • Proud of my team tonight

  • What a performance

  • Brilliant game by all standards, nice video as well

  • What a great performance from Chelsea.. Have a nice day.. :-)

  • Enzo score 2 goals 🔥🔥🔥 vamos

  • Enzo 💙

  • We got the win. But consistency is what we need. And the defense is really shaky. We conceded 13 goals in the past 4 matches. Attack is good but defense needs attention

  • They really compared that “deccers” guy to Enzo Fernandez.

  • Chelsea still has time to qualify for the League we just have to put faith in it and when each game comes wear the Chelsea shirt like there is a good "THE BLUE" and when they score a goal kiss their beautiful shield just remember this.

  • Where does Brighton keep on finding these talents? Buonanotte is class

  • thank u leds we need that

  • ➤ Today he led Chelsea's victory against Brighton. ➤ Today he scored his first double as a professional. ➤ Today he was elected MVP by the fans. ENZO FERNÁNDEZ'S SUNDAY.

  • Who else is here early for ENZO'S first Chelsea goal.🙋♥️♥️

    • His 1st goal came came vs Wimbledon.. These were his 1st n 2nd in the PREMIER League

    • Sorry, I meant his first epl goal.

  • Jackson is willing to assist relevantly this is it. Great play. He is so clever and tricky

  • We also have an issue defending set pieces. That's a real problem

  • Yessss 💙🏆

  • Get Hazard in to personally coach Mudryk, Mudryk has all the tools to become a genuine world-beater, just needs some intense hands-on coaching.

  • When referee stopped the game for POSSIBLE hand ball by Colwill, I was like No! No! Not today! 😁

  • So happy for Enzo. Up the Chels

  • We need discipline, how the hell we collect too many cards every single game. Good fight and this is a spirit of Chelsea.

  • Ohhhh Chelsea we love you

  • What a great win from Chelsea

  • There is something wrong with Chelsea midfield and defence this this days

  • awakenbeerus you are a G! I was a fool before denying your predictions but posting the correct score of

  • This match almost got me hypertension 😢

  • COMMENTATOR: "Come on Ref blow your whistle😅😂"

  • Beautiful

  • what a game! Can't notice bad players in this match besides Gallagher. But my favourites were Enzo, Misha Mudryk and Sanchez

  • Kind of satisfying watching De Zerbi lose after all his arrogance and getting carried away at the start of the season.

  • Fantastic Enzo!!!

  • Recall angelo in January just to scare Madueke a bit maybe he will work harder

  • We always make things difficult for ourselves.... but a win is a win 😎

  • Next time Silva could sent off😂😂 ( C)

  • Colwill was about to go berzerk but then remembered he played for Brighton 😂😂

  • Comon the blues we can save this season 💙for Life!

  • Good one boys ❤❤

  • This commentator is funny😂 but great to see Chelsea slowly coming back to top where they used to be.

  • no te aburrís nunca con un partido del Chelsea.

  • We love u Chelsea! As always! 💙💙💙💙

  • Chelsea tem que melhorar sua defesa , Thiago silva sozinho nao da

  • Blue love button 💙

  • Great game

  • Blue is the color Football is the game

  • Its about time we put brighton at their place. But 2 consecutive red card from our captain and vice captain is concerning.

  • Badiashilit calmness in the first goal is impresive

  • Our line up for Manchester United Sanchez 2. 6. 4. 26 Disasi Silva badiashile colwill 20. 25. 8 Palmer. Caicedo. Enzo 7. 15. 10 Sterling. Jackson. Mudryk Subs : cucurella chalobah maatsen broja N'kunku James

  • The counter attack was like a flash though

  • We all missed Badiashile + T.Silva's partnership 🤝

  • I wish you all the best, Awakenbeerus may the lord give you everything you deserve. Youve made us small, pure people rich with your predictions.

  • I nearly had a broken 💔 heart after the red card 😂😂by the way I'm happy on the win 🎉🎉😊❤ blue all the way

  • Game of the month right here 🔥 Well done for our boys in blue

  • Chelsea 🥶💙✨

  • Рад за вас !!!

  • Well deserve victory

  • We should not let them come back but doesn’t matter good win

  • Nice to see Enzo started scoring.

    • Yh bro, he has many more to come for the club by the grace of God🙏

  • Good job blus🎉

  • Badiashile and disasi ain't traditional cbs like silva, they're goal scoring cbs, i used to watch them at monaco

  • congratulations Chelsea 💯👍

  • yess great Chelsea 10 man win and frist goal enzo Fernandez in the premier_league 💙💙💙💙

  • After the red card I thought is was gonna be something like the arsenal game where we bottle a beauty 2 goal lead with 10 men, but we fought back and got the result

  • Congratulations 🎉🎉

  • Well done you Blues! A nail-biter of a game! Congratulations to Thiago Silva for officially being the oldest defender, in the world, who is still actively playing football 🥳 Big respect to this man! Proud to have him at Chelsea 💙💙🎊🎊

    • Pepe is older than thiago silva

    • @@calvinedwards2799 is he still playing? I was going by what commentators mentioned in the last game against Brighton.

  • Come on Chelsea 💙

  • Enzo 🔥🔥

  • Thank you lads 🔵

  • Back to win🎉

  • Great fight from the boys, not easy playing with 9 men from the first half and still getting a win