Chocolate lipstick! || Weird Ways To Sneak Candies Into the Movies and To Not Get Caught

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  • Nice now I can get a teaspoon of chocolate into the theater for an hour of work

  • Literally who wants to go through this long process for 1 bite🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Garud:you cant go with snacks

  • Así si me como un labial 😅 aunque una vez me lo comí en serio 😂 me trae malos recuerdos

  • Every second i watch her my respect raises for Thanos

  • Wait what he scanned her was a Metal detector I think and Candy is not metal so that makes NO SENCE

  • wow a detector which detects snacks Amazing and why just why in a lipsticks there are rules ok dont break them

  • Seriously bro🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️u can bring any food in party

  • Her dress is ❤️💗

  • One 💡 idea m.s.m chocolate chain earrings ring and more jewelled 🙌

  • It's not a mistake ✨it's a MASTERPIECE✨

  • Wait a minute I think you would still get caught cause that is a candy detector so if it detects candy the guard checks your purse the candy detector will detect or peep again the the gaurd will check you supplies using the detector then he will find out your lipstick is candy

  • Noss ctz vou usar olha 👌

  • Your videos are amazing

  • Vcs só come bala?

  • Wow I love the movies too

  • after the girl is done with the treat

  • Curious fact, here in Brazil, we can enter the cinema with sweets, snacks, soda, because when we pay the ticket, we don't have to pay for food at the cinema, otherwise it would be considered a crime, something called "Sale married"

  • Bu kadar saçma videolar videosunun Allah aşkına bunu çocuklar izlemez Bu çocuklara göre bir şey değil Hem ben olsaydım ben bunu falan izlemez BİM😔

  • When you feel useless. Come here and watch this video🙃