Chris Weidman details the recovery from his leg injury at UFC 261 | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

Dipublikasikan tanggal 5 Mei 2021
Chris Weidman joins Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss the leg injury he suffered against Uriah Hall at UFC 261, his recovery and hopes to return to fighting again.

0:00 How he’s feeling after surgery and the pain he’s experienced in the days after.
3:10 The complications he had from thumb surgery after the Kelvin Gastelum fight.
10:05 Reflecting on the thoughts he had immediately in the cage after the kick.
14:50 “I can’t describe the pain” while backstage.
17:03 How could this happen to Anderson Silva and I?
20:12 What happened once arriving to the hospital.
23:00 Recapping the surgery to repair his leg.
25:52 His hopes of returning.
32:12 His plans to document his recovery.

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  • Hope you get better soon 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 there are a lot of people praying for you and your family

  • The so called medical profession is a toal digrace. A true free market economy would have provided service to you on the same day.

  • Is his career over, people will attack his weak points

  • Remember the stunt he tried to pull in the gegard musasi fight...... Universe has spoken

  • I wish Ariel would've asked Chris what his KD ratio was in COD, lol

  • He is a legend and with all due respect - He should retire.

  • Poor guy he is awesome and strong to go through this. It doesn’t happen to everybody

  • Okay, you gotta love a guy who's first thought is "prostethics have come a long way"

  • No matter what he's still my boy!!

  • Keep crying chris i hope you snap that shin again . Guys a joke how acted towards silva . Got what he deserved.

  • Just saw your 1st walk so happy for you! Keep going champ!

  • Get well soon Chris. You need to move up to heavyweight and knock out Francis. I believe in you ! Get that heavyweight champion 🏆belt, it belongs to you Chris.

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  • Chris is tough at nails

  • It's over walk away dude

  • Seems like a good Man I hope he gets well soon

  • Chris Weidman is a savage. Prayers are with you champ.

  • Helluva interview 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Broke my radial on a curb 19 years ago. 7 plates and screws and they gave me a nerve block during the surgery and some drugs so I was awake for most of it. It is the strangest thing hearing yourself being worked on like a car in a body shop. Good luck Mr. Weidman, the recovery is in the rehab.

  • What a way to make a living....

  • Poor Chris he’s like one of the best fighters he just had so many surgeries if he was a 💯 percent he would be champion


  • Weidman is a real man. A fighter, father, husband, and so much more. Not afraid to show emotion or talk about his hardships. Gotta respect that. Also just the way that he treats his son when he came up and sat by him. That's a real father who loves his family. Great dude

  • Hang in there i broke the same bones twice... you've done a lot in the sport... time to move on and be content with your accomplishments and live a better life

  • That's still my boy

  • Chris, Please stay strong. You are an amazing man, father, husband, friend... and fighter! You are very well regarded. You are not finished. With your platform, knowledge and success you will always be successful. Don’t let the climb defeat you. Please know as a father and a former athlete I’ve lost so much. I’ve lost my family and friends. I had a sever back injury that went misdiagnosed. If aight through the pain until it was too late. Dilaudid was dispensed like tic tacs and then taken away cold Turkey. I lost my freedom and sanity. After 9 years I’m proud to say I’m back to myself being the man I can become. Please medicate with prayer and be careful. You will be ok! Please reach out to me if you would like to hear my story. It can be an education for those who struggle. Love you man! Stay strong for your next generation!

  • you got this chris!

  • big fan of Chris the guy is a warrior great attitude

  • I was so shocked by ljknjj

  • God I'm like almost in tears with them when they are talking about how his kids reacted

  • Chris is a true Champion! What a warrior! 25 surgeries. This Man has no quit in him. Your blessed with a wonderful family and this too shall pass. Other doors will open up to you as you continue to heal, there will definitely be a silver lining. We are sending our love

  • His honest expression of his pain and emotions through the whole experience is the epitome of real unabashed manliness. Blessings on a fast recovery, to this great and gentle warrior!

  • Weidman has been riddled with injuries and still has had a decent career. I remember thinking that Silva looked pretty much untouchable even though he started goofing around a bit in the cage, then when I watched Mark Munoz get absolutely decimated by Weidman I thought he could take down the champ. Every single person I said that to looked at me like I was stupid. Even though Weidman is not my favorite fighter he still has an exceptional skillset. I hope your recovery goes good and you have a few wins to finish your career.

  • Imagine how powerful that quick was in order to break the leg in half.

  • this guy want to fight again... its super dumb

  • Warrior bro, Thank You Weidman for you’re sacrifice to this sport ❤️

  • They should ban leg kicks. Only lames do them. They ruin a lot of fights imo

  • Still a loser.

  • Weidman is mentally so strong. Inspiring.

  • How you put ads on this video

  • Chris ..I hope you get well. I don't know what it will take to make mma fighters realize that what they are paying them is not worth the permanent damage to their bodies even when they win.

  • Wishing you a smooth recovery, Chris! No one deserves this but in the end, your still an amazing fighter and a warrior! You got this! Stay strong! 🎸✨

  • that last bit was out of order, you looked like a vulture waiting. disgusting

  • Never had it That bad, but I lost my ability to ever go back to the path I was on to be a pro baseball pitcher when I torn several ligaments down my right ankle/leg (because I didn't stretch before an early morning game). I tried coming back but it was a loss of coordination/strength/flexibility that was too much to regain for pushing off the mound hard. It was probably what made me so strong that right ankle for snapping off the mound. I thought I was indestructible cause I'd had no injuries before beyond a simple sprained ankle up until 16 yrs old.

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  • that's the realization that no matter how tough you are you can still be brought down to the hard place where you have to fight to get back up and that's what that emotion was because this guy is obviously hard to crack.

  • I’d like to see Weidman come back from this for his own mental health but at the same time all of his past injuries and age will be catching up to him. GSP talks about health being the most important thing, i agree.

  • I was in pain watching this video 😂

  • Wonder why he was still in so much pain with the morphine?

  • All the best Champ, hope you have a speedy recovery

  • God bless you, Chris!! Get well soon. Great interview, Ariel!

  • THANK THE LORD CHRIS, AND YOUR BUETIFUL FAMILY . cage fighting WIN OR LOSE for maybe a chunk of your living, is over. top warrior x , live long and be prosperous . You can definitly finD or have a spot in UFC COMMENTATING.

  • I saw the leg kick. It seems like he kicked him so hard with his leg instead of his foot and Uriah checked the leg kick by turning his leg which made Chris's leg make contact with Uriah's shin.

  • Seems that the medics fell short on pain management. Urrgh!

  • God bless you Chris. Great interview Ariel!

  • The lord will grant you peace and prosperity through this recovery!

  • Fighting is not about proving yourself- that's an issue of insecurity most likely from parental relationship

  • Just curious... Why wouldn't they put him in a leg Halo... Like what Alex Smith had? You think it help with the healing process... If anyone knows leave a comment.

  • All the surgeries and injuries he has had just shows what these guys put themselves through fighting for a living. This is why they need a fair pay. Also this whole interview my shin felt weird. Horrendous injury to think about.

  • Chris try acupuncture, it helped me after my injuries.

  • The smart may undoubtedly interfere because army correspondingly post around a psychedelic eggnog. sordid, past octagon

  • What a journey (leg break & hospital), man. This is the best MMA podcast so far - puts everything in perspective

  • beautiful check by uriah

  • Godspeed recovery 🙏🙏🙏

  • Chris you are a warrior. We are all supporting you brother and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • He is a brave man, and he needs to process his reality. Somehow he got a message related to what happened to Anderson Silva 16:50.

  • I wish him a fast and strong recovery. I hope to see him back in the fights.

  • Chris you gotta retire.... I will always be your fan....

  • Just imagine living in a time when there was no pain medication.

    • Theres always been alcohol 🍸🙄

  • He's a nice man and really needed to get it out of his chest which is totally understandable. Heal fast and well since we want you back.

  • I had a similar break of my leg. That pain that comes from a level change when you get up and pooling of blood is 1000x worse than the actual break. It took me a year to fully recover.

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  • What a guy, best wishes on a full recovery man…

  • I broke my finger mail the other day ,but 3 days later I’m golden so Chris u can get through this 👍

  • The dude is real, bless him! What a legend!

  • UFC please give this man some kind of position or job when he retires. He deserves a giant pension or some kind of security for everything he has given to that company. This man is not just a warrior, he is a knight.


  • When Chris described the numbness and nerve damage he's experienced I couldn't understand why he would continue fighting. Chris needs to retire and focus in his health and his family.

  • Get well soon champ! You’re built to overcome stuff like this. When you get through it, help someone else down the road get through their struggle.

  • Man your strong I pray for your healing brother amen

  • God bless you champ you are healed in the name of Jesus quick recovery full feeling and blood flow to the bone🙏🏻👊🏻💪🏻

  • Chris, you’re still my boy!!

  • I've always been a huge fan of you Chris. I've actually been a paraplegic from an accident in 97', t-5 complete when I was 18. There is life after man. Keep warrior strong. I hope you heal up w/out a hitch. Mental fortitude is so key in this life.

  • God Bless Chris Weidman and his family through this time. I know he will find the mental fortitude to get through this... Rest and recover, you have a beautiful life to live...

  • Chris has got me in the feels right meow. Especially when Ariel asked about his children. That hit home for me, im just a normal guy and they literally think im a demi god super hero. Thats gotta be tough. If he makes it back to fight that would be amazing, if not chasing the kids and wife around the house is a win in my book.

  • Wish Chris a speedy recovery, all the best. Let's also spare a thought for the unimaginable physical pain and suffering all servicemen and women experienced who were injured by land mines, bullets, shrapnel etc during warfare. What a heavy price they paid. God bless.

  • That was a terrible thing to watch

  • Watching from hospital on day 25 now after 13 hour surgery, you have helped me here, I feel for you, you will be back Chris, keep the spirits high one day at a time, good days and bad days will come, thank you for this interview Ariel.

  • Bone death is no joke

  • Get well Cris take your time and heald

  • I’ll never forget where I was at when Chris won the UFC title! I hope he makes a come back one day! We’re praying for you Chris!

  • Chris. Unfortunate broski.....get well ,,, come back and fight once and win....just to bury that metal caca. Then retire and race cars or mine gold or something non violent and prone to injury! Get well broski. We’re all pullin for ya ...!

  • Best of luck to you Chris. Such a fantastic guy.

  • I liked Chris from day one that I first seen him fight. Real, hard, tough and honest. I think the Rockhold fight was a fluke and he just got caught which happens to the best. He was a true Champ and what a champ should be in the eye of the people. I hope it all works at for the best and the way YOU want it too Chris. I know if the fight thing ends your career as a sports commentary professional is just starting.

  • What a tough guy man I’d be so pessimistic.

  • I have prayed for Chris and his family many times. My first prayer started the before the referee waved the fight off. This was so much worse than the two other leg breaks I saw in the UFC. Chris tried to stand back on the broken leg and that's what made this worse. I hope Chris finds peace and makes a good decision on how to proceed.

  • Great interview, Ariel.

  • I had a similar injury with my knee the pain is so bad at times it feels like your going to pass out it's very very painful that's real. I'm so sorry this happen to you Chris the lord has a plan theres good in your situation trust in god threw it all I promise you Chris there's good in it. Listening to your story it brings back so many memories that pain is the real deal I wouldn't want to wish this on my worst enemy. Trust in god and his plan . See you sooner than later in that octagon. God bless.

  • I’ve experienced this exact same injury. Happened in a Muay Thai fight. The pain he’s talking about is real. My shin still hurts. It’s a rough injury. I kept training but... wheeling myself up hills in my wheelchair. That’s how I mentally coped with it.

  • .. say what you will about Helwani least he allows the interviewee to talk .... unlike most .