Dipublikasikan tanggal 26 Nov 2017
album Meadows,, 2017
Music: Clarinet Factory
Text: Vojtěch NÝDL
Guests: Grunik - choir, Daniel Šoltis - drums, percussion
video: Flying Factory


  • O my god, such a precious, borderless music streams over to us, opening doors to this difficult instrument called clarinet. Clarinet Factory is no doubt a jewel among the stars up there in the sky, so full of sensitivity, so well handled and performed, and so wide open for the young voices of this girls choir! I can only say wow, I'd like to have this music over in Berlin here ... Thank you so much for sharing THIS! ❤️ 🙏🏽 👌🏽

    • Thank you for such beautiful words! We are to have a concert in Jazzclub Tonne in Dresden this Saturday (Oct 17th). I know it is not Berlin, but it is closer :). At what venue would you like to hear us in Berlin? Our manager might try to manage it. :)

  • I would love to know the English translation! I just heard this on the radio program, "Higher Ground" on Wisconsin Public Radio. This sounds so similar to Carl Orff's "Street Songs." How great this would sound for a choir of 100 children from all over the world singing together. The melody is so contagious and happy-sounding. I trust that the lyrics are too. Bravo! The world needs to hear more of your music!

    • @Tomáš Jakl ❤️

    • Dear Michael, the part in the middle is definitely children chorus part played backwards. And there's a sentence in Polish language repeated twice as well.

    • @Mike Mitchell You're welcome. I love this piece of art a lot.

    • @Tomáš Jakl Thank you Tomas for this kind gesture. Namaste.

    • But in the middle there is a part I cannot understand.

  • excellent track and video

  • A Slavic language. Ich weiss nicht. I don't know this . Clarinet factory?

    • Its Czech